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The Troop's navy is looking for two small trailers for its fleet of boats. One is a 12' wooden skiff with an inboard motor. The boat has a flat bottom and a 4.5'
beam. The other boat needing a traile is a 14' "Bluejay" sailboat. It also is flat-bottomed and has a 4' beam. Contact Mick Cochran at 423-0943 evenings or 277-7260 days.




All Alumni

Troop 1, Jamestown is 51 years old! In putting together a history of the troop, we'd like to find our where all of our alumni Scouts are located.  So if you know a name and adress of our older alums, give us a call or drop us a line (see below).

Troop 1 has many Eagle Scouts who not only have performed unselfish Eagle projects for the town, but have gone on to become great leaders in the community, state and nation. Please help us find our Eagles and document their past adventures and present lives.

Troop 1 memoribilia
There must be some old shirts, badges or flags out there that belonged to Troop 1 Scouts. We'd love to at least make a photographic record of those artifacts for a virtual display on the website and possibly for a display at our meeting place.

If you have any information to contribute, please contact Mick Cochran, Troop 1 committee chairperson at:

9 North Main Road
Jamestown, Rhode Island 02835
(401) 423-0943




Interested in helping the youth of Jamestown find their way in an increasingly complicated world?

Check out the Troop 1, Jamestown Scouting program. It's an exciting outdoor adventure filled with hiking, canoeing, skiing, swimming and good clean fun for boys ages 11 - 16.

The Troop needs adults for Assistant Scoutmaster positions as well as volunteers to serve as drivers, committee members and special event coordinators.

Contact Scoutmaster Debbie Richards or Committee Chairperson Mick Cochran for details and a FREE enrollment form.

Or, drop in on a meeting and check things out. The Troop meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Jamestown Community Center on Conanicus Avenue.