Substance Abuse Prevention
Task Force

Investing In Our Community

The Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force is an organization dedicated to preventing the problem of substance abuse in our community.

The Task Force represents a cross-section of the community volunteers including parents, teachers, youths, seniors, business, professionals, law enforcement, and clergy. Funding for the Task Force is provided by the Department of MHRH, as mandated by the 1987 Substance Abuse Prevention Act (i.e. The Bramley Bill).

The central mission of the Task Force is to support and initiate community based programs designed to discourage and prevent substance abuse in Jamestown.

In community partnership, the Task Force works cooperatively with community organizations including the PTO, the Jamestown Philomenian Library, the Jamestown schools, the North Kingstown High School, the Jamestown Police Department, and the town government.

The Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force welcomes suggestions, inquiries, and participation by any concerned person who is either a resident of Jamestown or works in the community.

Individuals or groups interested in starting a new program, or continuing an existing one that promotes the health and vitality of our community, are encouraged to contact us at the number below:

Laura Hosley, Coordinator Telephone : 423-3581

email :
Send Mail to Laura Hosley