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September 2013 Health Updates and Happenings

Welcome back to another school year! Highlights of what is required for school entry/sports, upcoming screenings and health events, and new laws that have been passed will be topic of this month's page. Any time your child will not be in school for full day or will be tardy, it is required you call in and notify the school whether it is an illness, doctor appointments, vacation or family issue. Illnesses are tracking method for me to let you know what the “illness of the week” in Warrior has been and RIDE tracks absences in general.

All students in Pre-K must be age appropriately immunized against the following- 4-diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTaP),3-poliomyelitis (IPV), 1-measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), 4-Haemophilus influenza type B (HIB), 3-Hepatitis B, 1-Varicella/chickenpox (VZV)* or signed statement by provider that your child had disease, 4pneumococcal disease PCV 7 & and one dose of PCV13. Students new to Pre-K should also have a lead screening and a physical examination (PE).

All students in K must be age appropriately immunized against the above diseases above required – DTaP 5 doses, IPV 4 doses, MMR 2 doses, Hepatitis B 3 doses, VZV 2 doses * or signed statement by provider that your child had disease, lead screening results, vision examination and a physical examination (PE).

All students entering 7 th and new to 8 th grade are required to provide K series, Tdap booster, 2 nd Varicella, and Meningococcal vaccine in addition to a physical examination (PE) with scoliosis screening.

All new students entering RI schools must follow the regulations with series/PE coinciding with grade level. Forms are located outside RN offices at Lawn and Melrose

Students at Lawn who are considering trying out for sports must submit a current PE.

Medications policy dictates that only students who have submitted a new doctor's order form stating that medication needs to be given during the school day – inhalers, ADD/ADHD medications, Epi-pens or antibiotics ordered 4 times a day may be given during the school day. Students at Lawn with parental permission may be administered Tylenol or Ibuprofen. No students are given Tylenol or Ibuprofen during the school day. No student is to carry medications on their person or self administer unless cleared by the RN (inhalers and Epipens). Cough drops are permissible but remind your child not to share as some children have allergies to dyes.

The health screenings that will be scheduled for your child are:

Heights/Weights if not noted on a PE, Vision screenings in grades 1-5, & 7, Audiological screenings in grade 6, RI Hearing Center screens Grades PK-3, Scoliosis screenings if not noted on PE grades 6-8 (permission notices will be sent home prior to scoliosis), and Dental screenings if no dentist listed grades K-6.

Head lice screenings will only with classes who have an active case of head lice. Parents should be performed review good hair hygiene practices with their child.

Students, who are exempt from vaccine preventable diseases and have submitted a form, will be excluded from school if there is an outbreak of a disease they are not vaccinated against. This list will be shared with Principals, School Physician- Dr. Joseph England, and the Superintendent as required by RIGL.

Governor Chaffee has signed into law this June, bills H 5376 and S 318. The American Heart Association and Department of Education have created a curriculum requirement for high school students to receive CPR training and AED overview prior to graduation. Formal certification will not required but hands on practicing to support cognitive learning will be.

CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics are changing entry requirements for August, 2014 for Pre-K, K, and grade 7. At next visit, speak with your provider about these vaccines as some need time to deliver the entire series.

Pre-K will be required to have doses of Rotavirus and Hepatitis A.

K will be required to have dose of (polio) IPV after age 4.

7 th graders male/female will be required to have 3 doses of Human Papillomavirus vaccine (HPV).

Weekly, in Jamestown Warrior, I submit snippets of upcoming events and “illnesses of the week”.

Upcoming Event: FLU CLINIC will be held on OCTOBER 10 th , from 4-6:30 in Melrose School, MMPR. Forms will go home closer to the date to register online. If you forget to register online, forms will be available at clinic. Insurance cards must be provided.

I can be reached @ either building via phone - Melrose ext 109 and Lawn 209.

Renie Sullivan, RN



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