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March 2015 Legislation

Legislative sessions have resumed at the State House. Currently

there are 2 bills being discussed that will impact all RI School Nurse-

Teacher’s practice.

The first bill is H-5047 which is related to Opioid antagonists

(Narcan) kits in the school setting, grades 6-12. With the recent increase

of overdoses in schools with children and staff, the proponent of said bill

feels this is vital to have in nurse’s office. This was proposed end of

January 2015, but has been tabled for further discussion. This kit may

not be available for this year, and recommendations for all school nurse-

teachers to be trained in utilizing this drug.

The second bill is S-0084 which is related to the administration of

Epi-pen on an emergency basis to students who do not have prior written

authorization of a health care provider or the parents of an unidentified

allergic student. Discussions are being held as it should to be a witnessed

event and/or assessment by school nurse-teacher, covered under RI

Good Samaritan Act, concerns of an allergic reaction to the Epinephrine


School nursing practice, like all nursing practice, is guided by

evidence. Over the past ten years, there has been growing evidence that

questions the efficacy of routine screenings of students for scoliosis. RI

is one of the 15 states that still require scoliosis screenings.Consideration

of repealing this mandatory screening is just in beginning stages of


There is no legal action being taken at this time, but discussions

have been had regarding religious exemptions for vaccines. With the

recent outbreak of measles occurring at Disneyland, California and

Chicago day care centers; parents are calling for stronger measures.

Measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) is administered between

ages of 12 -15 months of infant’s life. Parental concerns are being heard

from those who utilize daycares, or are traveling that their babies are too

young to be vaccinated and are at high risk for catching measles virus.

There is talk about withdrawing religious exemptions and only accepting

medical exemptions or having the religious leader sign off on vaccine

exemptions. Ensuring vaccination compliance is an endless pursuit of

this school nurse-teacher.

Upcoming Screenings: Dental screenings with Dr. Jennifer Kuchar, our

new school dentist.


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