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Important Message to Parents with Children Entering 7th Grade
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June 2014 Signs of Possible Eye Trouble in Children

Students entering Kindergarten are required to have an eye examination by provider prior to entering school. The school nurse-teacher does screenings annually, but a screening is not the same as a full eye exam. There are some early signs that may warrant an eye appointment to rule out any vision problems. Your child may still have an eye problem even if he or she does not complain or has shown any unusual signs.

What does your child's eyes look like?

Do they line up, does one eye appear crossed or looks out?

Are eyelids red-rimmed, crusted and or swollen?

How does your child act?

Do they : rub eyes a lot, closes or covers one eye, tilts head or thrusts head forward, has trouble reading or doing close-up work, blinks more than usual, things re blurry or hard to see, are they sitting in front of the TV, squints or frowns.

Amblyopia is also knows as lazy eye. It is the loss of vision in eyes that is not corrected by glasses. Crossed eyes or eyes that don't line up or one eye that focuses better than the other can cause Amblyopia.

Astigmatism may result when the front of the cornea, the transparent window of the eye, has an irregular shape. Children with astigmatism usually see vertical lines more clearly than horizontal lines.

Children with color blindness are not blind to all colors, usually reds and greens are not identifiable.

Farsightedness (Hyperopia) is the condition when the eyeball is too short for the normal focusing power of the eye and the images of near objects may appear blurred.

Nearsightedness (Myopia) is the condition when the eyeball is too long for the normal focusing power of the eye and images of distant objects appear blurred.

Strabismus is a word for eyes that are not straight or do not line up with each other. If not treated, it can cause Amblyopia.


Have a wonderful summer vacation!

Students who will be entering Grades PK, K and 7 th in September, call for your physicals and immunization series now. Students entering Grades 6 and 8 and are interested in participating in Fall sports season, obtain a physical exam as well. Mail the forms in to the school your child will be attending c/o R. Sullivan, RN.


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