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January 2015 Health and Wellness

January The beginning of another New Year and resolutions. Set your sites on what you hope to achieve and set goals to get there. One resolution you may wish to consider is getting active in the winter months.

Wear protective gear such as hats and sunscreen, layers of clothing are a must. Bring a water bottle to avoid dehydration in winter months. Healthy snacks such as apples, dried fruits/nuts, or carrots to munch on as you go for a hike in woods. Have a sledding party. Hoofing it up the hill is great exercise while sledding down is lots of fun. Lace up your ice skates and hit the rink for a great cardiovascular workout. Get outside and shovel the snow. Know your limitations and do not over exert yourself.

Healthy nutritional lifestyle changes could be part of the exercise lifestyle changes. Recipes galore are available on many web sites and exercises do not need to be at a gym or exercise club. Start out slow and add to your progress. Eliminating a dessert, eating from a dessert plate vs. a dinner plate, and walking daily are ways to start a lifestyle change. Increase water intake to stay hydrated.

By beginning a healthier lifestyle change resolution will help you in preventing heart disease.

Vision rescreens will be held this month at Melrose. Permission letters will be going out late January regarding scoliosis screenings for students in grades 6-8; those who's providers noted they had done a screening on their physical will not be rescreened.

FLU is now in RI and the RIDH next free FLU and Tdap (this vaccine includes Pertussis) will be offered at Westerly Middle School on TUESDAY, JANUARY 13 th from 5 8:00 pm. No cost involved, no insurance required but if you have an insurance card, they ask for it. You will not be billed.

Students entering Gr 7 in 2015 -2016 school calendar year will need a Tdap as one of the immunizations to enter.

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