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Lawn School, along with 30 other Rhode Island middle/junior high schools and 25 high schools, has a Student Assistance program. The Jamestown Student Assistance program is funded by the Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force, School Department Title IV Federal Funds, and as part of the Rhode Island Foundation Teen Center grant.


The goals of the Student Assistance Program are to prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and to improve school performance. To accomplish these goals, the program provides school-wide awareness and individual and group services designed to teach skills to identify and resist social and situational pressures to use substances.


Susan Davis is the Student Assistance Counselor at the Lawn School. She is available at Lawn School Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Ms. Davis has a Master's Degree in Social Work, previous experience working with adolescents, and specialized training in prevention and early intervention strategies with young adolescents.


In addition to conducting prevention and education services, Ms. Davis is available to see students who are using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, or have personal, school, or family problems that could lead to alcohol, drug abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors .


The Student Assistance Program has helped many students make responsible choices; it has educated students about the dangers of drug use, and has helped others get outside help. Please feel free to contact Ms. Davis with any additional questions, concerns, feedback, and/or ideas for this year.

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