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Confidentiality Guidelines:

When meeting with Ms. Davis everything you tell her will stay confidential. There are only three times that she has to break confidentiality due to safety reasons. The three times are:


What do I do if I want to meet with Ms. Davis:

  1. Stop by her office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

•  Ms. Davis' door is always open when she is not meeting with a student.

•  Ms. Davis can be available before, during, and after school.

  1. Drop a Note

•  There is paper and a pencil outside Ms. Davis' office on the wall for you to use to drop a note. Please include your name and a word or two about the situation you'd like to discuss. Drop the note into the green locked mailbox .

•  Ms. Davis will send a pass to you as soon as she gets your request. Expect the pass to be sent to your homebase teacher in the morning of your appointment.

•  Please note that you must check in with your classroom teacher before going to your appointment with Ms. Davis. You must have your teacher's permission.

Who Can Refer Students to Ms. Davis??

Anyone! Teachers, Teachers Aides, School Administrators, School Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, School Psychologists, Parents, Peers, Local Police, etc. You can also always refer yourself!



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