Jamestown PTO Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2008


In attendance: Lisa Tuttle, Sue Fay, Jill Ball, Sheryl Atwood, Karen Rafanelli

The meeting began at 6:40pm.

The minutes from the 9/10/08 meeting were approved.

Principal's Report: None.

Treasurer's Report: Christine Moffet reports $11,683 in checking and $8325 in savings, for a total of $20,008.

Teen Center Coordinator: The Teen Center is collaborating with the fire department to throw a Monster Bash on Halloween night until 10pm. Debbie Tungett, Teen Center coordinator, is looking for adult volunteers to chaperone the event, especially during the later hours. Donations of money and/or goods to support the event would also be much appreciated. Anyone who is willing to help in any way should contact Debbie at 423-7261 or jamestownteens@yahoo.com .

Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa K. reports that the volunteer fair held on 9/22 brought a few new faces and that volunteer sign-ups at the fair and at the open houses were successful. She will make a volunteer list and distribute to Board members and event chairs. (Since the meeting, Lisa K has distributed the volunteer list by e-mail.)

We briefly discussed possible ways to bring more people to future volunteer fairs, perhaps by changing the day of the week or adding some fun twist. We agreed that having it on Monday morning might keep some people away and makes it more difficult for the PTO to issue reminders.

Room parents have been chosen, and letters went out today to the parents and teachers. There was an attempt to include as many volunteers as possible. Thanks to all of those who volunteered.

Cultural Arts & Enrichment: The Boston Museum of Science programs on 9/23 (grades 1, 2, 5 & 6) and 9/25 (grades 3, 4, 7 & 8) were excellent. BMOS can adapt their programs to fit our curriculum, so we should consider them again for next year. The presentation on 9/25 by Lawrence Washington to the 5 th grade was also very well received and tied nicely into their time capsule unit.

Upcoming programs:

Lizzie Congdon is waiting to book any further events until our budget for the year is finalized.


Meadowbrook Farms began on 9/22 and ended on 10/7. Susan Baccari is chairing this event. There are not very many orders to date; we should have final numbers next week.

Membership Drive: Sue reports that we have received 135 membership forms to date, with $2975 collected so far. Forty-two (42) blankets have been purchased. Sue is coordinating the manufacture of the blankets with our vendor and is tracking down a few outstanding membership payments. We discussed the possibility of ordering extra blankets now for sale later (e.g. at Young Shoppers' Club) as well as the logistics and cost of placing a second batch of orders later, if we decide to sell them at an event or if more membership orders trickle in. Sue will look into this.

Harvest Celebration at Escobar's Farm on 10/24: Ticket orders are a bit slow so far, but we are still more than two weeks from the event. Sheryl passed out a reminder sheet of volunteer duties for the event. Sheryl: bottled water, set up; Robin Tregenza: hot dogs, treats from open houses; Carol Velivlis: baked goods; Lisa Kerr: baked goods, help with games; Jill Ball: baked goods; Lisa Tuttle: arts and crafts table; Wendy Rafferty: baked goods, arts and crafts table; Katie Lowell: sell hot dogs/concessions; Karen Rafanelli: side dish; Dolores Bauer: cookies; Sally Keelty: face painting. Anyone who would like to attend should send in their ticket request form ASAP; forms can be found online in the Warrior .

SCRIP: Bev Rudman has ordered Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway gift cards that can be purchased directly from her. She will offer another order date closer to the holidays.

New Business:

School directory: Robin and Christine have collected the information forms and are producing the directory.

Teacher allotments: We discussed whether to distribute the same amount per teacher as last year ($100) or to decrease it slightly (perhaps to $75), which would leave more money available for field trips and other important funding requests later in the year. We tabled this discussion and vote until the November meeting, when more people will be in attendance.

Movie nights: The first movie night will be held on Thursday, December 4 th . This will coincide with the Young Shoppers' Club, which will be open during the movie night.

Scholastic book fair: Lisa T has secured the Melrose multi-purpose room for an evening event on the Thursday night of the book fair, which runs the week of 2/9-2/13, with a teacher preview the Friday before. Lisa also attended a Scholastic workshop last week to learn about their various book fair programs and tips for conducting a successful fair.

PTO Café: Robin informed the Conanicut Arts Association that the PTO will not be participating in the craft show this year.

Young Shoppers' Club: Karen is purchasing items for this event and encourages people to keep a lookout for very inexpensive ($1.50 or less) items that children might want to buy as gifts. The event will run on 12/4 (including the evening to coincide with movie night) and 12/5.

PTO web site: Lisa K has been updating the web site and will soon add recent meeting minutes, a tab for teacher fund request forms, and photos. Continue to send any web site additions or edits to Lisa by e-mail.

Miss Teen RI program: Sheryl gave a brief presentation on the Miss Teen RI program, a part of the Miss America program, the largest source of scholarships for women. Although there is a beauty component, Miss Teen RI focuses more on academics and talent. Girls age 13-17 are eligible to participate. If you know any girls who might be good candidates, please contact Sheryl for more information.

Health and wellness event: Sheryl proposed an event in which local health and wellness service providers (e.g. chiropractors, masseuses, gyms, dance/karate studios, etc.) pay a small fee to set up a booth to advertise their business and talk with attendees, either at one of the schools or at the community center. Meanwhile, demonstrations could be conducted on stage. This may or may not tie into a sports equipment swap. Sheryl will call Bill Piva at the community center to discuss logistics.

Pilates for Pink: Kristen Michalik will be holding a Pilates class at Lawn on Saturday, 10/18 at 10am to benefit cancer charities. There is a $10 minimum donation for this one hour class. All ages and ability levels are welcome.

St. George's begins public skating this week. Robin wondered if we should post an announcement in the Warrior or in school. After some discussion, we decided that any announcement of St. George's services should be done by them or by a parent, not by the PTO.

PTO meeting times: There has been some discussion about whether to continue to alternate afternoon and evening meeting times. Several Board members have conflicts with evening meetings, and the evening meetings generally have not brought in new attendees. The decision has been made to keep to the alternating schedule for the remainder of 2008 (Nov. 12th: 3pm at Melrose ; December 10 th : 6:30pm at Lawn) and reassess in early 2009.

Funding Requests:

The next meeting will be on Weds, November 12 th , at 3:00pm at Melrose .

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

Lisa Tuttle, PTO Secretary