Minutes of Jamestown PTO Meeting

November 12, 2008 at 3:00pm

Melrose School library

In attendance: Lisa Tuttle, Sue Fay, Robin Tregenza, Sheryl Atwood, Karen Rafanelli, Wendy Rafferty, Katie DeMieri, Susan Baccari, Christine Moffet, Katie Lowell, Luigina Vecchione, Bev Rudman, Carrie Melucci, Regina Cox.

As there were several new attendees, introductions were made.

The minutes from last month's meeting (10/8/08) were approved.

Principal's Report: Carrie Melucci noted that the PTO-sponsored assemblies that have taken place so far this year have been successful; all are looking forward to the assembly on bullying this Friday.

A technology committee has been formed for the two schools and is deciding how best to incorporate technology into the curriculum. This will be a focus for this year and beyond. The committee is looking at acquiring more Smartboards. There is currently one at each school (in the computer lab at Melrose and in Mr. Alfred's room at Lawn), and the faculty is being trained on their use. Carrie is taking data on how often the Smartboard is used at Melrose. The schools are planning to purchase a few more Smartboards with budget funding.

The next Kids' Corner will appear in the Jamestown Press on 11/13.

Treasurer's Report:  Christine Moffet reports $16,500 in checking and $8300 in savings, for a total of $24,800. These figures do not reflect the approximately $3900 that the PTO will be paying to the Meadow Farms fundraising organization on 11/18.

Christine has sent in the application for PTO insurance, which will provide our organization with a $1 million general liability policy. This will cover PTO events that take place on or off school grounds. The cost is $364 per year.

Cultural Arts & Enrichment:  The Shakesperience program on 10/29 for grades 5-8 was a success again this year. In order to receive a discount, we have already booked them for the same date next year.  Total cost will be $700.

Upcoming programs:


Meadow Farms : Susan Baccari reports that orders will arrive on 11/18, and volunteers are in place to sort and distribute orders to students that day. A total of $7343 in orders were received.

Membership Drive : Sue Fay reports that we have received 145 membership forms to date, with $3445 collected.  Forty-eight (48) blankets have been purchased.  The blankets will be delivered on 11/14. Sue ordered 4 extra blankets.

Harvest Celebration at Escobar's Farm :  This was a huge success and a very fun outing! Thank you to all of the volunteers and attendees. Approximately $525 was raised. The Harvest Celebration will be held again next year, with a possible change of venue.

SCRIP : Bev Rudman has ordered Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Dunkin' Donuts, Panera, and Subway gift cards that can be purchased directly from her.  She will place another order as the holidays get closer. This is a great holiday shopping opportunity that also serves to benefit our schools . Contact Bev at 423-1528 with questions or to purchase .   

New Business: 

School directory : This is in the very final stages and will soon be printed.

Teacher allotments : The decision was made to distribute allotments as we did last year, with $100 for each classroom teacher and $200 for the “specials.” Allotments will be distributed at the next faculty meeting on 12/1.

Movie night :  The first movie night will be held on Thursday, 12/4 in the Melrose multipurpose room.  Movie TBA. This will coincide with the Young Shoppers' Club, which will be open during the movie night.    

Scholastic book fair : Lisa Tuttle and Bev Rudman report that the book fair will be held at both schools for a full school week, 2/9/09-2/13/09, with a teacher preview day the Friday before. The fair will be open the entire school day, after school each day, and the evening of Thursday 2/12, in conjunction with an a cappella performance in the Melrose multipurpose room (Slapdash Graduate; see above). There will be no evening event at Lawn, but some of the Lawn books will be moved over the Melrose for the evening. There was discussion of adding an ice cream social to the evening event. This will be decided at a later date.

Young Shoppers' Club : Karen Rafanelli is purchasing items for this event, which will run on Thursday, 12/4 (daytime and evening) and Friday, 12/5 (daytime only). Karen passed around a volunteer sign up sheet. Volunteers help the children select gifts and cash them out. Contact Karen if you are interested in volunteering .

PTO web site : Lisa Kerr has been updating the web site and will soon add recent meeting minutes, a tab for teacher fund request forms, a tickertape for upcoming events, and photos.  Robin Tregenza has come up with a draft for a new PTO logo (a series of stars with the PTO mission statement printed around them). She will continue to work on this. The new logo will be put on the PTO web site and on PTO letterhead.

Pennies for Patients : This fundraiser involves the collection of loose change and benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It is held at Lawn in March and will now be expanded to Melrose. Robin wondered if the 4 th grade committee might want to run it. Carrie will look into this.

Health and wellness events : Regina Cox has volunteered to chair some health and wellness events this year. She is working on coordinating a trip to the RI Rock Gym in February for 7 th and 8 th graders. If this is successful, a March trip may be planned for the 5 th and 6 th graders. The trip would involve use of a school bus. We would like to keep the cost per student to under $20.

Other ideas for health and wellness outings:

· Ice skating at the Sovereign Bank outdoor rink in Newport. This was done two years ago. We would like to do it again, but this time with families in charge of transportation (i.e. no school bus). This would be geared towards grades K-4.

· Open swim at URI/Boys & Girls' Club/YMCA.

· Roller skating at the Narragansett Ocean Club rink.

Regina will look into prices and tentative dates for these outings, with the goal of one event every other month.

Funding Requests:

The next meeting will be on Weds, December 10 th , at 6:30pm in the Lawn School library.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Lisa Tuttle, PTO Secretary