Jamestown PTO Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2009 at 3:00pm; Melrose school library


In attendance: Lisa Tuttle, Sheryl Atwood, Karen Rafanelli, Wendy Rafferty, Suzy Parris, Bev Rudman, Christine Moffet, Lisa Kerr, Teresa McNeil, Lizzie Congdon, Carrie Melucci

The minutes from the 12/10/08 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Christine Moffet reports approximately $8000 in checking and $8300 in savings, for a total of $16,300. The golf tournament held in June 2008 raised about $11,000.

Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Kerr reminded everyone that a volunteer list has been distributed by e-mail. Let Lisa K know if you require her help finding volunteers for any projects or events.

Cultural Arts & Enrichment: Lizzie Congdon reviewed upcoming PTO-sponsored programs for the remainder of the school year:






Weds, Jan 28

Len Cabral

both schools

African-American storytelling


Fri, Feb 27

Everett Dance Theater

both schools

performance about conflict resolution

$1130 (PTO paying $250 of this)

Fri, March 13

Skip Gorman

Melrose only: one show for grades 1-3 & one for grade 4/possibly grade 5

Music & stories from the American West & the prairie frontier

Approx $600

Fri, April 3

Keith Munslow

Melrose only, pre-K through grade 2

humorous songs, stories, & tongue twisters



(date TBD)

RI Philharmonic

both schools

jazz quintet

$1600 (PTO paying approx $300 of this; JEF and RI Foundation grant paying for the rest)


(date TBD)

Slapdash Graduate

Lawn only; grades 6-8

acapella workshop & performance

Approx $2500 (PTO paying approx $650 of this; JEF and RIF paying the rest)

The suggestion was made to send a letter through the school offices to island homeschoolers, inviting them to these programs.


SCRIP: This fundraiser is not netting much money and at this point is mostly just a service for our school community. We discussed whether this is a good use of our time and resources and may discontinue this program next year.

Golf tournament: We discussed whether to hold this event in June or September this year and decided on September. We will need to begin planning in March and try to have most of the work done before the summer vacation. We will determine committee chairs for this event at our March meeting.

Calendar fundraiser: We discussed holding a calendar fundraiser this spring. We would sell calendars, with purchasers entered into daily prize drawings. There was much discussion about whether this is a good use of our time, since (1) it is unlikely to make much money, especially if we are giving out cash prizes and (2) if we are planning our golf tournament this spring, it might be best to focus on that and avoid asking for money and donations for two fundraisers at the same time.

New Business:

Pen Pal program: Julie Bailey will be leaving the island after this school year and will no longer be able to run the pen pal program. She is working on finding someone to replace her. This program establishes pen pal relationships between Jamestown students and new students coming into our schools. If you are interested in coordinating the pen pal program, please contact Julie at Julie@baileypeople.com. Thanks to Julie for doing such a wonderful job during her years in Jamestown !

Scholastic book fairs: Lisa Tuttle and Bev Rudman are in the midst of planning our book fairs, which will run at both schools the full week of Feb 9-13, with a special teacher preview day on Fri, Feb 6. There will be an evening family event – an ice cream social – on the Thurs night of the fair. The fair's hours will be 9am-3:30pm daily, plus 5:30-8:30pm on that Thursday. A letter was distributed to school faculty this week, publicizing the book fair and introducing the new programs we are implementing. Lisa and Bev will be doing much more publicizing to the faculty, students, families, and the community over the coming weeks. We need volunteers to staff the fairs. Please contact Lisa at Lisa46xx@yahoo.com to volunteer at Melrose or Bev at mom2benicca@cox.net to volunteer at Lawn.

School directory: The directory is finished and is available for purchase in the offices of both schools.

Movie night: The first movie night was very well attended, and Carrie received lots of positive feedback about the Thursday night time. The next movie night is being planned for February. Date and movie TBD.

Walking Club: Wendy Rafferty will continue to run this program at Melrose for grades 1-4. It will start after April vacation.

Health and Wellness Activities: Regina Cox reports that the ice skating night was successful, with 40 people participating. The next events will be a swimming night at URI and a RI Rock Gym trip. We again discussed having a fitness night (perhaps in April) during which health and wellness service providers would pay a small fee to attend, advertise their businesses, hold demos, etc. The event would be free for students and families.

School Spirit Week: This will be held the week of Feb 9-13 th and will coincide with the book fair. The themes for each spirit week day will be:

Monday – dress like your favorite book character (this will also help kick off book fair week)

Tuesday – crazy hat day

Wednesday – occupation day (dress like the worker of your choice)

Thursday – pajama day

Friday – school color day

There will be a food drive during spirit week. Students will get raffle tickets for their food donations. Two raffle winners from each class will have the opportunity to participate in a student/faculty Knock the Pin game on Friday afternoon of that week. The “Pennies for Patients” change drive will also be conducted during Spirit Week at Melrose .

PTO Web site: Lisa Kerr is finding it difficult to update the web site as regularly as she would like, since her home computer is a Mac and is not compatible with the school's web site software. Contact Lisa K. at kerrcrib@yahoo.com if you have a home PC and would be willing to take on this job (a few minutes per week) for next school year.

PTO meeting times: Again we discussed the issue of night meetings and whether they are worth continuing. Most of the people who regularly attend meetings prefer the afternoon time. We will keep our evening meeting time for next month, as scheduled. At that meeting, we will determine whether to discontinue night meetings or at least reduce their frequency. Some people thought having a quarterly or semi-annual night meeting would be a good compromise.

Funding Requests:

** Colleen MacIntyre has requested $10.50 to cover the cost of 2 students for an upcoming field trip. Request approved.

** Karen Rafanelli spoke on behalf of the 8 th grade and requested a donation towards their class trip to Washington DC in June. We decided that the PTO will give $1000 to defray the cost of the trip.

The next meeting will be on Weds, February 11 th at 6:30pm in the library at Lawn.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.

Lisa Tuttle, PTO Secretary