Jamestown PTO Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2008 at Lawn Ave school


In attendance: Lisa Tuttle, Sue Fay, Jill Ball, Sheryl Atwood, Karen Rafanelli, Wendy Rafferty, Suzy Parris, Katie DiMieri, Bev Rudman, Julia Lloyd

The meeting began at 6:45pm.

The minutes from the 11/12/08 meeting were approved.


SCRIP: Bev Rudman has placed the last order for the school year, but she still has some $10 and $25 gift cards available for sale. If you want to purchase a gift card for TGIFriday's, Land's End , Panera, Subway, Barnes & Noble, or Dunkin' Donuts, please contact Bev.

New Business:

Holiday gifts for staff: In the past, the PTO has given $25 Jamestown Chamber Checks to the school maintenance staff. We agreed to do so again this year, and to also give the same gift to administrative assistants Isabel and Maggie.

Scholastic book fair: Due to financial considerations, the musical group booked for the book fair's evening event on Thursday, 2/12/09 has been cancelled. We are looking for a more economical alternative. We discussed having a pizza night, Bingo, and/or an ice cream social. Most people thought an ice cream social was a good idea, preferably with free ice cream for either all students, all children, or everyone. Bev Rudman and Lisa Tuttle will work out the specifics of the event, with a budget of approximately $300. The event will be family-oriented with an emphasis on the book fair. Drop-offs will not be allowed. Bev and Lisa will start publicizing the book fair (which will run at both schools the week of 2/9/09-2/13/09) after the New Year.

Young Shoppers' Club: This event was a success with positive feedback and most items sold. Specific sales figures will be available at the next meeting. Thanks to all of the volunteers who staffed the “store” last week and to Karen Raffanelli and Wendy Rafferty for chairing this event.

8 th Grade Field Trip: The 8 th grade will be going to Washington DC from June 4 th -7 th . About two-thirds of all 8 th graders are signed up so far. There was some discussion about whether and how much the PTO should contribute towards the 8 th grade trip; members were generally in favor but decided to defer a decision to the next meeting. The 8 th grade will be continuing their fundraising efforts until at least March. Right now the cost per person is $590, but hopefully their fundraising efforts will lower that figure.

School Attendance Programs: Jill Ball asked if our schools have any incentive programs to encourage and reward regular school attendance. She described a program at another school in which each class marks the number of days that every pupil is present and earns a class pizza party once they reach a certain goal. We discussed other possible programs, including a monthly award for individuals with perfect attendance that month.

The next meeting will be on Weds, January 14, 2009, at 3:00pm at Melrose .

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Lisa Tuttle, PTO Secretary