Jamestown PTO Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2009 at 3:00pm; Melrose school library


In attendance: Lisa Tuttle, Sheryl Atwood, Karen Rafanelli, Robin Tregenza, Wendy Rafferty, Teresa McNeil, Christine Moffet, Jen Black, Lizzie Congdon


The minutes from the 4/8/09 meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Christine Moffet reports $8342 in savings and $5196 in checking for a total of $13,538. 


Cultural Arts & Enrichment:  The cultural arts programs for this school year concluded with performances by Len Cabral, the RI Philharmonic, and the Everett Dance Theater.   Thanks to Lizzie Congdon and Dori Hirsch for organizing another year of interesting and inspiring programs!! 


Since Lizzie and Dori would like to step down, Jen Black has agreed to serve as Cultural Arts & Enrichment coordinator for the 2009-2010 school year.  Lisa Tuttle nominated her for this position, and she was unanimously voted onto the Board.  Welcome, Jen!  Lizzie Congdon will work closely with Jen as she learns her new position.


As far as programs for the next school year, Lizzie has already compiled a list of some of the “greatest hits” of the last several years – Boston Museum of Science, Wind Over Wings, Bubblemania, Project Wolf, etc. -- and she and Jen may choose some of the programs from this list.  One program for next year is already booked: Shakespearience on Oct 29. 


The administration has requested that no cultural arts programs be scheduled in September or early October. 




Golf tournament:  We are holding the golf tournament, the PTO’s major annual fundraiser, on September 26.  Volunteers are still needed for this event, which pays for many of our programs and events throughout the year.  We need YOUR help!!!  An organizational meeting will be held soon.  Date TBA.  


Tile fundraiser: Robin Tregenza suggested holding a fundraiser in which families would pay for a tile that their child would design.  These tiles would be framed and join the other tiles in the school hallway.  This fundraiser was last done 7 years ago, so this Fall would be a good time to do it again.  This fundraiser plus the golf tournament could potentially cover all of our funding needs for 2009-2010. 


Yankee candle fundraiser: This is another possible fundraiser for next school year, but people seem to prefer the tile fundraiser option. 



New Business


Scholastic book fair:  Lisa Tuttle reports that last week’s Buy One Get One Free book fair went very smoothly and had sales of about $3000.  Unlike the regular book fair held in February, the PTO does NOT profit from the BOGO book fair.  Instead, all profit is passed on to the consumer in the form of free books.  Thanks again to all of the book fair volunteers! 


Teacher appreciation day & luncheon: Thanks to all of the room parents and to volunteer coordinator Lisa Kerr for arranging the flowers for teacher appreciation day on May 5 at Melrose.  Thanks also to Wendy Rafferty and the set-up/baking volunteers for putting together the teacher appreciation luncheon at both schools last Friday. 


Health and wellness activities: 

Walking Club: Wendy Rafferty is coordinating the walking club, which will begin Monday, May 18 and will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for grades 1-4.  She is looking for volunteers to come on walking club days (during recess) and help the children keep track of their laps.  If you are able to help with this, please contact Wendy at 423-8080.


Board & member recruitment:  We discussed ways to encourage greater participation in the PTO and are implementing the following ideas:

  • Membership coordinator Sue Fay will write a letter to encourage new members.
  • The principals will write a letter to families encouraging participation in the PTO.
  • Sheryl Atwood and Robin will make signs for the front of the school advertising the PTO and inviting new volunteers.
  • Each Board member will directly appeal to friends to participate in the PTO.
  • Lizzie would like to write a letter to the Press about her PTO experiences.


We are also working on increasing teacher attendance at PTO meetings.  The vast majority of our meetings have no teachers in attendance.  Next year, we request that at least one teacher attend each meeting.  Carrie Melucci and Tara Higgins are working on promoting this. 


Memorial Day parade:  We discussed whether PTO reps should march in the Memorial Day parade with a banner advertising the date for the golf tournament.  The decision was made not to march. 


NKHS Wish List:  North Kingstown High School has a teacher wish list on their web site.  We are investigating adding our Jamestown schools’ faculty to the wish list and adding a link to the Jamestown Schools web site. 


Funds requests:  

  • Karen Rafanelli has requested $200 for 8th grade graduation events.  Request approved.  Karen will return any unspent funds to the PTO. 
  • Peggy Wark has requested $130 for T-shirts for her 41 students for their Celebration Day in June.  Request approved.
  • Dori, Lizzie, and Robin have requested $156 to cover refreshment expenses for the Arts Alive reception and for the teacher appreciation luncheon.  Request approved.
  • Carrie Melucci and Mr. Kent have requested $310 to cover a 4th grade field trip to the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket.  There was some discussion about whether the 4th grade team has used up their field trip allotment for the year and whether 4th grade families have been charged for any field trips yet this year.  In the end, we agreed to approve a cap of $310 for the trip, but Robin will ask Carrie to consider imposing a small charge for the field trip ($5) to lessen the cost to the PTO. As always, the PTO will cover the expense for any family who can not afford to pay it. 


Old Business


School directory: The directory is available for purchase ($3) in the offices of both schools.


Jamestown Press Kids’ Page ad: The PTO will continue to run an ad on the Kids’ Page through the end of the year. 


PTO cabinet: Items are missing from the PTO cabinet at Melrose.  These items include: tablecloths, vases, and an empty cash box.  If you know where any of these items are, please let us know or just return them to the office anonymously. 


PTO web site:  Please bookmark the PTO web site (www.jamestownri.com/school/classes/pto/ptohome.htm) and don’t forget to check it for info on upcoming events, fundraisers, meeting minutes, etc.  Please send any web site additions to Lisa Tuttle (Lisa46xx@yahoo.com). 


The next meeting will be on Weds, June 10th at 3:00pm in the library at Melrose.   


Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.



Lisa Tuttle

PTO Secretary