Minutes of the April 28, 1998 meeting

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held at the
Jamestown Town Hall 93 Narragansett Avenue.
      The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 7:02 P.M.  The
Stenographer called the roll and noted the following members present:

Catherine Finney, Chairperson 
Richard Allphin
Rolf Knudsen
Thomas Ginnerty
Guy Settipane
Dennis Grieco
Don Wineberg
Raymond Iannetta

Also present:

Fred Brown, Zoning Officer 
Mary Jo Carr, Counsel 
Jane Fitts, Stenographer

A letter from Karen Elsworth concerning
memorandum filed in the Connanicut Yacht Club appeal, offering copies of
memorandum to the Members of the Jamestown Zoning Board.

Minutes of March 24, 1998:
Seated:  Richard Allphin, Rolf Knudsen, Thomas Ginnerty, Don Wineberg, Guy

A motion was made by Rolf Knudsen, seconded by Thomas Ginnerty.
      Motion carried 5-0

Old Business:


Variance application of Michelle Pillon.
      Seated:  Dick Allphin, Rolf Knudsen, Tom Ginnerty, Guy Settipane,
Don Wineberg.

Motion to accept request to withdraw made by Thomas Ginnerty, seconded by
Richard Allphin.   Motion carried 5-0


Hammett Court Properties Appeal from the ruling of the Building Official.
     Seated:  Kathy Finney, Richard Allphin, Thomas Ginnerty, Guy
Settipane, Ray Iannetta.

Motion made to continue to the June 23, 1998 meeting made by Richard
Allphin and seconded by Thomas Ginnerty.  Motion carried 5-0.


Special Use permit of Hammett Court Properties.
Seated: Catherine Finney, Richard Allphin, Thomas Ginnerty, Guy Settipane

Testimony taken by James Hyman from Edward Holland, owner.

Testimony taken by John Murphy of John Caito, Engineer;  Peter Merritt,
real estate expert; Dr. John Bush, abutter.

Testimony taken by James Hyman from Scott Olsen, abutter; Paul J. Hogan,
real estate expert .

Attorneys to submit memorandums May 12, 1998 with an additional week to
reply, May 19, 1998, and hearing continued to May 26, 1998 for argument
and decision.

New Business:

Variance application of Bryce & Lesley Muir.
Seated:  Catherine Finney, Richard Allphin, Rolf Knudsen, Thomas Ginnerty,
Dennis Grieco.

Presentation made by Attorney Turner Scott.

Motion was made by Dennis Grieco and seconded by Thomas Ginnerty to grant
the request of Bryce & Lesley Muir, whose property is located at 19
Wallcott Avenue, further identified as Tax Assessor' s Plat 9, Lot 574 for
a variance from Article III, Section 302 to construct an addition to a
garage and dwelling unit, reconfiguring the lines to the dwelling unit to
accommodate single family dwelling, two family use to be abandoned.  Front
setbacks of 30 feet are required and a corner setback of 20 feet is
required.   Variances for 24 feet,  20 feet, 14 feet, and 5 feet are
requested.  Coverage of 25 percent is allowed and 31 percent coverage of
the lot is requested.

The Board has determined the application does satisfy the requirements of
Article VI, Section 606 and 607, Paragraph 23.
     This variance granted with following restrictions: 

1.   The right to use the property as multi-family dwelling or two-family,
or duplex.

The motion is based upon the following finding of facts:

1.   Said property is located in R40 zone, contains 13,700 square feet.

2.  The addition causing the applicant to request the variances is needed
to accommodate the growing family, with exception of addition to the

3.   The remainder of the addition not to encroach on the setbacks more
than the present structure already does.
      No one objects to the application.

Motion carries 5-0.

Motion made by Thomas Ginnerty and seconded by Richard Allphin to adjourn
the meeting at 10:35 P. M.