These minutes have not yet been aproved by the Board.

                   JAMESTOWN ZONING BOARD OF REVIEW                       

               Minutes of the January 28, 1997 Meeting

A  regular meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held  at 
the  Jamestown  Town Hall,  93  Narragansett Avenue.  The  meeting  was 
called  to order by the Vice-Chairman at 7:30 p.m.    The clerk  called 
the roll and noted the following members present:

                      Rolf Knudsen, Vice-Chairman                         
                           Catherine Finney                           
                            Richard Allphin
                            Thomas Ginnerty
                             Dennis Grieco
                             Guy Settipane
                             Don Wineberg

Also present were:

                       Jane Fitts, Stenographer
                       Pat Westall, Zoning Clerk                
                     Fred W. Brown, Zoning Officer
                    James Donnelly, Town Solicitor


A  motion was made by Richard Allphin and seconded by Catherine  Finney 
to nominate Rolf Knudsen Chairman.

Rolf turned down the nomination and asked that his name be removed from 
any slate of office due to business and teaching commitments.

A motion was made by Richard Allphin and seconded by Thomas Ginnerty to 
nominate Catherine Finney Chairwoman.

The motion carried unanimously.

A  motion was made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Thomas  Ginnerty 
to nominate Richard Allphin Vice-Chairman.

The motion carried unanimously. 


 December 17, 1996 

A motion was made by Dennis Grieco and seconded by Richard Allphin to 
accept the minutes of the December 17, 1995 meeting as written.

The motion carried unanimously.


A letter from the Town Clerk re: Bed & Breakfasts.

Seated: Rolf, Catherine, Tom, Dennis, and Guy.

A  motion  was  made by Rolf Knudsen and seconded by Guy  Settipane  to 
correct  two previously granted continuations of special use permits to 
Mary W.  Murphy and Ernest M.  & Karen K.  Montoya to specify the  term 
being for two years.

The motion carried by a vote of 5 - 0.


Seated: Rolf, Catherine, Richard, Thomas, and Dennis.

A  motion was made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Thomas  Ginnerty 
to grant the request of John R. and Natalie W. Wright whose property is 
located  at 20 Whittier Road and further identified as  Tax  Assessor's 
Plat  8,  Lot 412 for a variance from Article 3,  Section 302 (District 
Dimensional  Regulations) to make alterations to an existing  residence 
as shown on plans submitted.  

This  Board  has  determined that this application  does  satisfy  the 
requirements of Article 6,  Section 606,  Paragraphs 1 through 4,  and 
Section 607, Paragraph 2.

In  particular reference to Article 6,  Section 606,  Paragraph 1,  the 
hardship is due to the unique characteristics of the subject structure.

This motion is based on the following findings of fact:

1. The property is located in a R20 zone and contains 16,157 +/- sq. ft.

 Wright cont. 

2. The proposed change in roofline reflects  the applicants  desire  to 
   bring  the  second  floor living area to modern  standard  and  into 
   compliance with the building code.

3. The proposed alteration does not increase the existing ground floor 
   footprint of the residence.   The location of the residence predates 
   the current zoning ordinance and setback requirements.

4. The next door neighbor spoke in favor of the petition.  No one spoke 

The motion carried by a vote of 5 - 0.


Rolf and Catherine recused themselves.

Seated: Richard, Thomas, Dennis, Guy, and Don.

A  motion  was made by Guy Settipane and seconded by Dennis Grieco  to 
continue  the application of Conanicut Yacht Club to the  February  25, 
1997 meeting at the request of James Hyman, attorney for an abutter, so 
that he may bring a real estate appraiser to the meeting.

The motion carried by a vote of 5 - 0.

 ADJOURNMENT : 11:10 p.m.