Minutes of the June 11, 1996 Meeting

A special meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held at 
the Jamestown Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue. The meeting was 
called to order by the Chairman at 7:30 p.m. The clerk called the roll 
and noted the following members present:

                        Maurice Vandal,Chairman 
                             Rolf Knudsen 
                           Catherine Finney 
                            Richard Allphin 
                            Thomas Ginnerty
                             Dennis Grieco

Also present were:

                       Pat Westall, Zoning Clerk
                     Marcia McDonald, Stenographer 
                     Fred W. Brown, Zoning Officer
                    James Donnelly, Town Solicitor

Seated: Maurice, Rolf, Catherine, Richard, and Thomas.
 Hammett Court Properties, Inc. 

The land subject to the Building Official's decision is owned by 
Hammett Court Properties, Edward N. and Sharon G. Holland are corporate 
officers. It is located on 2 Hammett Court and further identified as 
the southernmost portion of Plat 9, Lot 201. Hammett Court Properties 
has appealed a ruling of the Building Official that orders Mr. Holland 
(or his agent) to Cease and Desist parking or storing major 
recreational equipment on this portion of lot 201 because it is in an 
R8 zone. Applicant disputes the R8 zone designation.

A motion was made by Richard Allphin and seconded by Rolf Knudsen to 
deny the appeal by Hammett Court Properties of the Zoning Officer's 
Cease and Desist order.

This motion is based on the following findings of fact:

1. The property (southernmost portion of lot 201) contains 
   approximately 5,220 sq. ft.

 Hammett Ct. Prop. Appeal cont. 

2. The official Jamestown zoning map prior to 1982 clearly depicts the 
   subject lot to be in the R8 zone.

3. There was no evidence presented that demonstrates that it was the 
   intent of the Town to change the zoning of this property from R8 to 
   CD prior to the adoption of the 1982 zoning map. 

4. The 1982 zoning map is less detailed than the previous map and the 
   zoning designation of the subject property is unclear.

5. The evidence presented regarding the interpretation of the 1982 
   zoning map did not clearly demonstrate the changes that the 
   applicant contended.

The motion carried by a vote of 5 - 0.

 Hammett Court Properties 

A motion was made by Richard Allphin and seconded by Rolf Knudsen to 
continue the variance application of Hammett Court Properties to the 
next regular meeting on June 25, 1996 due to the time.

The motion carried by a vote of 5 - 0.

 ADJOURNMENT :11:32 p.m.