Minutes of the September 19, 2000 meeting

   A special meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held at
the Jamestown Library, 26 North Road.

   The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson at 7:10 p.m. The
Chairperson called the roll and noted the following members present:

Catherine Finney, Chairperson
Thomas Ginnerty
Dennis Grieco II
Don E. Wineberg
Richard Boren

Also present were:

Fred W. Brown, Zoning Officer
Christopher Zangari

 1.   Variance application and special use permit of Conanicut Marine

Colloquy among Mr. Cleary, Mr. Jones, and the Board in regards to a motion
to strike Mr. Salem's testimony taken at a previous meeting.    Whereupon
Applicant's Exhibit 15 is entered into the record on the issue, as well as
objector's 3.

Mr. Cleary introduces Objector's Exhibits 4 through 6.

Mr. Anthony introduces Anthony's Exhibits 1 through 12.

Examination of Mr. Brown, the Zoning Officer, by Mr. Anthony on Anthony's
Exhibits 1 through 12.
     In addition, Anthony's Exhibits 13 through 15 are entered into the

Cross-examination of Mr. Brown by Mr. Murphy.

Inquiry by Chairperson Finney of Mr. Brown.

Examination of Mr. Brown by Mr. Cleary on Anthony's Exhibit 7A.

Mr. Anthony and Mr. Cleary rest.

Public comments are given in support and in opposition to the application.

Some questions and comments are addressed by Mr. Munger.

Mr. Brown raises an issue of encroachment and clearing by Mr. Munger.

Mr. Anthony makes the point that he believes that a new dimension has been
added to the petition that all patrons of CMS will be required to use
Taylor's Point.
      Also, Mr. Anthony discusses the issue of an expert's opinion by

Mr. Murphy addresses the issue saying that Mr. Merit's affidavit was based
on their application and addresses the issue of mandatory parking at
Taylor's Point.

Approximately 25 letters are read in the record by the board members from
those whom are in support, in opposition, and indecisive on the

Motion made by Mr. Ginnerty to adjourn and continue meeting to October 3,
and seconded by Mr. Grieco.
Adjournment 10:50 p.m.