A meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held at the Melrose
School, 76 Melrose Avenue on July 13, 2000.
The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson at 7:40 p.m. The
Chairperson called the roll and noted the following members present:
Catherine Finney, Chairperson
Thomas Ginnerty
Dennis Grieco II
Don E. Wineberg
Richard Boren

Joseph Also present were:
Andrea Tedesco, Stenographer
Fred W. Brown, Zoning Office
Christopher Zangari, Solicitor
Ray Iannetta was recused from sitting on the matter of Conanicut Marine
1.  Variance application and Special Use Permit of Conanicut Marine

Gordon Cleary requests James Salem's testimony be stricken and to
discredit Mr. Salem's qualifications.  A copy of a decision from the
Ethics Commission from July 1996 is given to the Board in support of Mr.
Cleary's request.
Don Wineberg was not in agreement to strike his testimony and stated it
would require a lot more reflection and the hearing should go forward as
planned with Mr. Munger's witness.
Catherine Finney agreed that a number of issues have been raised regarding
some of the witnesses and testimony that has been presented and one of the
obligations of the Board is to decide the facts to whatever is submitted. 
Also that it bears more investigation.
Objector's document was marked Exhibit 2, which consisted of two pages;
one, copy of curriculum vitae of James Salem; and two, copy of the
complaint 94-16,

Testimony was taken of Victor Calabrelta.
Applicant's Exhibit 14 was marked for CMS.
Cross-Examination was taken by Mr. Cleary
Cross-Examination was taken by Mr. Anthony.
Mr. Cleary makes a Motion to Strike Mr. Salem's testimony.
Mr. Grieco stated that this is an ethic's opinion from July of 1996 and he
would like to know the current status before a decision is made about
striking     testimony.
Mr. Cleary makes a Motion to Dismiss on the basis of the Doctrine of
Administrative Finality, discussed in two Rhode Island Supreme Court
cases. A 1967 case and a 1988 case, Audette vs. Leddy.
Mr. Anthony joins Mr. Cleary's Motion to Dismiss based upon the Leddy
Testimony was given by Lauren Jones.
Motion made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Don Wineberg to continue
the petition of Conanicut Marine Services to September 19th and also for
the Zoning Board to view the premises at the Tyler Point Yard that is to
be utilized for off site mariner parking on the same date, September 19th
at 6 p.m.
Motion carried 5-0
An additional hearing is scheduled for October 3rd.
Motion to adjourn made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Richard Boren.
Adjournment at 10:42 p.m.