Minutes of the January 18, 2000 meeting

A special meeting of the Jamestown Zoning Board of Review was held at the
Jamestown Library, 26 North Road.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson at 7:04 P.M. The
Stenographer called the roll and noted the following members present: 

Catherine Finney, Chairperson 
Richard Allphin 
Thomas Ginnerty 
Dennis Grieco II 
Guy Settipane 
Don E. Wineberg

Also present were:

Jane Streeter., Stenographer
Fred W. Brown, Zoning Officer
Turner C. Scott, Special Solicitor
A. Lauriston Parks, Solicitor

Richard Allphin recused himself from sitting on all matters involving
Conanicut Marine Service.

1.   Appeal of James Estes

A motion was made by Dennis Grieco II and seconded by Guy Settipane to
sustain James Estes' appeal regarding the Zoning Officer's response to
item #1, Connanicut Marine Services, August 4, 1999 request for a zoning

The above appeal pertains to Lots 354 and 791 on Tax Assessor's Plat 9,
and Lot 602 of Tax Assessor's Plat 8, in the Town of Jamestown, and the
proposal of Conanicut Marine Services to construct additional piers /
wavescreen and off-site seasonal marina parking lot.
      The basis for my motion is essentially incorporates everything we
have been discussing, but in some way I believe that Section 301 and
Section 1202 of the statute can be reconciled, and can be read in harmony
as I suggested.

For that reason I don't believe that we need to conclude that Section 1202
somehow is superceded by Sections 301, and I think that Catherine made a
useful point about what we can presume to be the intent of the Town
Council, specifically that in many of the issues that have been raised
here tonight, it would seem to me that it would be the intent of the Town
Council to have to view this Board with some oversight as to issues
affecting the ability of marinas in this town, particularly marinas
located in the downtown area to expand, and therefor issue parking.
      That is the basis of my motion, along with everything we discussed
here this evening.

Motion carried 4-0.  Don Wineberg voted against the motion.

2.   Appeals of Conanicut Marine Services

3.   Variance application of Conanicut Marine  Services

Presentation made by John Murphy and Lauren
Jones representing Conanicut Marine Services.

Exhibits #1 through 13 for CMS and exhibits A through P for Mr. Estes,
previously introduced, were accepted as exhibits.
      Also exhibit #14 accepted as exhibit for CMS.
      Presentation made by Gordon Cleary, Esq. For Mr. James Estes.

Testimony was taken of William Munger.
      Testimony was taken of Victor Calabretta.

Motion made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Thomas Ginnerty to
continue the hearing on the appeal of CMS to points #2 and 3 of the
decision of the Zoning officer to request zoning certificates relating to
lots 354 and 791 for deliberation and decision, and variance application
of Conanicut Marine Services to the next regular meeting January 25, 2000.
      Motion carried 5-0.

Motion to adjourned made by Catherine Finney and seconded by Guy

Adjournment 11:02.