Jamestown Planning Commission

Robert H. Lambert, Jr., Chair
Gary A. Girard, Vice Chair
Mary M. Brennan, Secretary
Laura M. Aibel
Sue L. Barker
Victor V. Calabretta
Betty L. Hubbard (Chair 1996-2001)
Michael Schnack
Dennis H. Webster

Jamestown Town Council

Guy J. Settipane, President
David A. Swain, Vice President
Kenneth G. Littman
David J. Long
Norma B. Willis

Departments, Committees, Boards and Commissions

All Departments and Department Heads of the Town of Jamestown
Affordable Housing Committee
Chief Arthur Christman
Deputy Chief Bob Bryer
Conservation Commission
Harbor Management Commission
Jamestown Housing Authority
Library Board of Trustees
School Committee

Special Contributors

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner
Cinthia Reppe, Planning Clerk
Crystal Fonseca, Planning Intern
Richard Allphin, Internet Support
Dureen Bryer, Camera
Steve Ostiguy, Church Community Housing Corporation
Edwin W. Connelly
Darcy Magratten, Cover

Special thanks to all the citizens of Jamestown who have participated in the Citizen Survey, the public hearings and the compilation and review of this document.