Whereas: Narragansett Bay is Rhode Island’s premier environmental resource, with improving water quality, important fisheries, and extensive recreational uses, all of which provide substantial economic benefits to Rhode Island.

Whereas: The large, high-volume container port concept under consideration would require significant filling, deep dredging, and port operations that would be detrimental to the health of Narragansett Bay and its current uses.

Whereas: There is no consensus within the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors or within the State of Rhode Island that Quonset Davisville should be home to a high volume container port, even one that might be economically and environmentally feasible. Indeed, there has been strong and widespread opposition to all container port concepts advanced to date.

Whereas: A decision to proceed with permitting will result in almost certain construction of a port if permits are granted. It is questionable whether the people of Rhode Island would have a chance to decide on the desirability of a port after completion of the Environmental Impact Statement.

Whereas: Serious questions have been raised about the credibility of the economic feasibility studies completed for a high volume container port.

Whereas: Any high volume container port serving the Midwest, New York, and New England markets would result in a substantial increase in truck and rail traffic, with resulting noise, pollution, and congestion.

Whereas: The experiences of other communities near container ports make it clear that a high volume container port will not "…respect the quality of life of the host community and other neighbors" as stated in the Economic Development Corporation’s Vision Statement.

Whereas: Both the Stakeholders and the RK Johns reports show that noise impacts on Jamestown would be substantial and impossible to mitigate successfully.





Whereas: The residents of Jamestown have expressed to their elected and appointed officials vehement and nearly universal opposition to a high volume container port at Quonset Point.

Resolved: That the Town of Jamestown urge the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation to abandon its single-minded pursuit of a large, high volume container port at Quonset Davisville, and to explore in good faith a full range of new waterfront uses to determine their potential for economic feasibility, as expressed in their Strategic Guiding Principles.

Resolved: That the Town of Jamestown ask the General Assembly not to provide taxpayer funding for an Environmental Impact Statement until a range of waterfront uses is developed in sufficient detail to be evaluated for environmental and economic feasibility, and until some consensus is achieved on the desirability of the projects proposed for the waterfront.

Resolved: That a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to Governor Lincoln Almond, the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation, the members of the General Assembly, and the Boards of Directors of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the Quonset Davisville Management Corporation.

Resolved: That a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to Jamestown’s sister cities and towns requesting their support for Jamestown’s position against a high volume container port at Quonset Davisville.


By Order of the Jamestown Town Council



David J. Long, President

In Witness Whereof, I hereby attach my hand and the official seal of the Town of Jamestown this Twenty-fourth day of April, 2001.



Arlene D. Kalooski

Town Clerk