September 1, 1999
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm and the following members were
Betty Hubbard       Mary Brennan
Gary Girard         Rob Lambert
Arthur Milot        Sue Barker
Dennis Webster      Michael Schnack

Also present: Lisa Bryer, AICP - Town Planner
     Larry Parks, Esq. - Town Solicitor
     Kimberly Turcone - Recording Secretary

The Chair introduced the Town Solicitor, Larry Parks.
      Mr.  Parks gave an overview to the Commission regarding Zoning
Ordinance amendments.

Commissioner Smith arrives at 7:43 pm.

I.   Old Business
1.  Zoning Ordinance Amendment Related to Accessory Buildings/Structures
The Planning Commission reviewed the Town Solicitor's letter.
      The Chair stated that with the Solicitor's review of the ordinance
that the Commission should proceed to forward it on to the Town Council.
      Some Commission members stated that they would like to see a revised
copy of the ordinance per the Solicitor's suggestions before they vote to

2.  Ordinance Amendment Related to Municipal Uses
The Commission reviewed the Solicitor's letter and discussed the amendment
with the Solicitor.
      They agreed to take the Solicitor's comments under advisement and
revised their amendment accordingly.

     The Planning Commission thanked the Solicitor for his input and he
departed at 8:30 pm.
II.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from August 18, 1999
A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to approve the minutes from August 18th as amended.  The amendment
appears on page 1 & 2 with the correction of Commissioner Schnack's name.
      So voted: 

Betty Hubbard  - Aye         Mary Brennan  - Aye
Gary Girard - Aye         Rob Lambert - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Smith  - Aye         Dennis Webster - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion carries by a vote of 9-0

III. Correspondence 

1.  CRMC Finding No Significant Impact to Earle Bennett, 144 West Beacon
Street, Plainville, Ma RE: replace roofing and siding at 6 Arnold Street
located at Plat 12/Lot 133.  Received & Acknowledged

2.  CRMC Residential Assent to Dr. John Yasher, 76 Highland Avenue to:
perform buffer zone management consistent with approved plans and
conditions of the assent located at said address, Plat 9/Lot 792.
      Received & Acknowledged

3.  CRMC Residential Assent to Louis Moriorenzi and Priscilla Szneke, 84
Bay View Drive to: Reduce 125' wide coastal buffer zone required by CRMC
to 62.5'.  Also, to establish view corridor within the buffer zone, a 6'
wide shoreline access path, 10'x20' seating area and 20' long by 4' wide
bluff walkover structure located at said address Plat 8/Lot 271.
     Received & Acknowledged

4.  CRMC Full Council Decision RE: Donald & Ann Muir.  Received &

5.  CRMC Assent to James Bishop, Sr., Trustee, 50 Bay View Drive to:
construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4' wide fixed
timber pier which extends approximately 155' from MHW and 105' from MLW.
      The terminal 12' of the pier will be of a lower elevation to provide
boating access without the need of a float, located at said address Plat
8/Lot 268.  Received & Acknowledged 

IV. Citizen's Non Agenda Item
With nothing at this time move on to reports.

V.   Reports
a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report
The Planner stated that she met with the owner of McQuade's came to see
her today.
      He stated that because of the fire the market needs to be renovated.
 The Planner asked the owner to submit formal plans to the Planning
Commission of Development Plan Review.
      The Commission agreed that if needed, would hold an extra meeting to
accommodate the owners.

The Planner also stated that the Narragansett Indians have requested an
archaeological dig when DOT revamps Narragansett Avenue.

b.  Town Committees - nothing at this time
c.  Sub Committees - nothing at this time

I.  Old Business (cont.)
3.  Comprehensive Community Plan - Update
The Planner passed out the most recent and up to date materials and asked
the Commission to read through it and have comments and input for her at
the next meeting.

1.  Accessory Structures (cont.)
Commissioner Lambert stated the reasons why he is against the ordinance
amendment and the Commission discussed the issue.  
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Webster to accept the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment related to
Accessory Structures (dated August 1999) with the modification that Lot
Building Coverage remains but an additional definition be added as the
Town Solicitor recommended for Lot Coverage.
      Also, to amend item #3 prohibiting the lighting of tennis courts
(instead of by special use permit).  So voted: 

Betty Hubbard  - Aye         Mary Brennan  - Aye
Gary Girard - Nay         Rob Lambert - Nay
Arthur Milot - Aye        Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Smith  - Aye         Dennis Webster - Aye
Michael Schnack - Nay
Motion carries by a vote of 6-3 in favor of the motion including
prohibiting the lighting of tennis courts

IV.  New Business
With no New Business at this time the meeting adjourned at 10:07 pm.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary