July 7, 1999
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm and the following members were
Betty Hubbard       Michael Smith
Gary Girard         Rob Lambert
Arthur Milot        Sue Barker
Dennis Webster

Also present: Lisa Bryer, AICP - Town Planner
     Kimberly Turcone - Recording Secretary
I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from June 16, 1999
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Smith to approve the minutes from the June 16th meeting as written.
      So voted:
Betty Hubbard  - Aye         Michael Smith - Aye
Gary Girard - Aye         Rob Lambert - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Sue Barker - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye
Motion carried by a vote of 7-0

II.  Correspondence 
1.  CRMC Notice of Modification to Robert & Marcia Gallucci, 52 East Shore
Road to conduct modifications to an existing residential boating facility
to consist of adding on 5'x24' float, facing in an east/west orientation.
      The terminus of the dock will extend to 84'  beyond mean low water.
      2 variances will be required from section 300.4, a 34' length
variance and 120 sf float variance.  Received & Acknowledged
2.  CRMC Corrected Residential Dock Assent to the Estate of Anne Ewing,
c/o Joseph Neff Ewing, Jr., 1109 Lincoln Drive, West Chester, PA to:
maintain a private residential boating facility located at 90 Racquet
Road, Plat 9/Lot 330. Received & Acknowledged
3.  CRMC Finding No Significant Impact to Judith & Peter Twombly, 43
Marine Ave.
      RE: Replace existing open deck and c/m stair to grade level located
at Plat 9/Lot 428.
4.   CRMC Finding No Significant Impact to Regina Gagne, 14 Seaview Dr.
RE: replacing the existing siding with vinyl siding located at Plat 7/Lot
135. Received & Acknowledged
5.  CRMC Agenda Tuesday, June 29th at the Administration Building in
Providence at 7 pm, Semi-monthly meeting - Full Council.
     Received & Acknowledged
6.  CRMC Cease & Desist Order to Donald & Ann Muir, 44 East Shore Road RE:
placement of riprap along a seawall within 200' of a coastal feature
located at Plat 7/Lot73. Received & Acknowledged

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item
With nothing to report move onto Reports.

VI.  New Business
1.  Downtown Improvement Project - Discussion with Consultants
Randy Collins of Gates Leighton & Associates discussed the proposed
project and suggested how the workshop should be handled.

V.  Old Business
1.  Meeting with Town Council
The Planning Commission discussed meeting with the Town Council.
      The Planner was asked to invite the Town Council to meet with The
Commission on August 18th.

2.  Municipal Zoning
     The Commission discussed the Planner's memo and a motion was made by
Commissioner Lambert and seconded by Commissioner Milot to approve the
Planner's memo (dated 7/1) except to change the last bullet to read "Town,
State, and/or Federal uses".  So voted:
Betty Hubbard  - Aye         Michael Smith - Aye
Gary Girard - Aye         Rob Lambert - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Sue Barker - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye
Motion carried by a vote of 7-0

After some discussion a motion was made by Commissioner Webster and
seconded by Commissioner Girard to change the Zoning map to rezone Fort
Wetherill Garage to OS II, Taylor Point to OS I (Town owned land south of
Freebody Dr.), Federal Half of Gould Island to OS II and the portion of
the Toll Booth Plaza to OS II.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard  - Nay         Michael Smith - Nay
Gary Girard - Aye         Rob Lambert - Nay
Arthur Milot - Nay        Sue Barker - Nay
Dennis Webster - Aye
Motion does not carry by a vote of 2-5

IV.  Reports
a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report
b.  Town Committees - none
c.  Sub Committees - none

With no more business the meeting adjourned at 10:35 pm.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary