January 6, 1999
7:30 PM
 Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 pm and the following members were
Betty Hubbard       Michael Smith
Gary Girard         Rob Lambert
Mary Brennan        Sue Barker

Also present: Lisa Bryer, AICP - Town Planner
     Kimberly Turcone - Recording Secretary
     James & John Quattrocchi - Mackerel Cove Heights
     Frank Angelli - Mackerel Cove Heights
     George Gifford - Mackerel Cove Heights
     John Caito - Asselin Subdivision
     Lucien Asselin
     Ray Iannetta
I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from December 16, 1998
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Barker to approve the minutes from December 16th as amended.  The amended
is as follows:
  page 4: 1st sentence, change to read as "The Town Solicitor stated that
the Town 
Council does have the right to rezone Town owned property, however not at
their own whim." 
So voted:
Betty Hubbard  - Aye         Michael Smith - Aye
Gary Girard - Aye         Rob Lambert - Aye
Mary Brennan  - Aye       Sue Barker - Aye
Motion carries by a vote of 6-0

II.  Correspondence 
1.  FYI - To State Planning Council members from Statewide Planning RE:
Schedule of regular meetings for 1999.  Received and Acknowledged
2.  CRMC Assent to Walter & Diane Wallace, 148 Smoke Ridge Drive, N.
Kingstown, RI; to: construct a (4' x 160') fixed timber pier with a (6' x
10') fixed access deck attached to the seaward end.
      The residential dock will be serviced by water and electric
utilities, and the terminus of the dock will extend to 75-feet beyond mean
low water, located at 32 Orient Avenue, Jamestown; Plat 2, Lot 102.
      Received and Acknowledged
3.  CRMC Notice to Stephen Evangelista, 29 Decatur Avenue, Jamestown; to:
construct and maintain a residential boating facility to consist of : a
(3' x 37' +/-) fixed bank walkover structure, leading to a: (4' x 170'
+/-) fixed timber pier with a (4' x 24') fixed access deck at the terminus
of the dock.
      The dock will extend to 115-feet beyond mean low water (mlw) and be
serviced by underground water and electric.
      A 65-foot length variance is required from the 50-foot mlw standard;
located at 368 East Shore Road, Jamestown; Plat 4, Lot 33.
      Received and Acknowledged
4.  FYI - Copy of January 26, 1999 Zoning Board Agenda.  Received and

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item
Ray Iannetta asked to read a letter regarding the Highway Barn into the
      The Planning Commission took his letter under advisement and is
attached to the minutes.

IV.  Reports
a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report
b.  Town Committees
 Commissioner Hubbard stated that the Planning budget was presented last
night and all 
 the Planning Commission's requests remain in the proposed budget.
 Highway Barn Committee - Commissioner Brennan reported that the Committee
has made
 there final recommendation to the Town Council unanimously recommending
the Transfer
 Station site.
      The Planner stated there is potential for another site between Bill 
 Munger's Taylor Point site and the Newport bridge.
      She added that it is up to the Council 
 to pursue the site that is owned by the Bridge and Turnpike Authority.
 Parking Committee - Commissioner Girard reported that the Committee will
meet in 
c.  Sub Committees
 Telecommunication Tower Committee - Commissioner Barker reported that the

 Committee will meet with a representative of the engineering department
at URI before 
 spring classes begin.
V.  Old Business
a.   Mackerel Cove Heights - Continued Preliminary Discussion
James Quattrocchi reviewed the revised plans and introduced George Gifford
for further details.
      Mr. Gifford reviewed the concerns and/or agreements that were made
at the last meeting regarding Mackerel Heights Subdivision, found in the
minutes from December 2, 1998.  

The following is a list of agreements between the Planning Commission and
the developers for Mackerel Cove heights:
* The developers agreed to go with a gravity type sewage system;
* trees will be planted in the northwest corner and on the west side of
lot 3 (if it can be done);
* a specific open space maintenance plan will be drafted in time for the
next meeting in February;
* language concerning homeowners owning the Open Space as a corporation
needs to be prepared;
* a letter from the Electric Company determining where the easements will
be placed;
* Planning Commission agrees to create a stump dump but restricted to
construction of the road and utility (initial construction) only - the
dump should be capped by the time the road is completed;
* Planning Commission agrees to strike the defeasible easement;
* the developers meet with Steve Goslee, Director of Public Works and
Warren Hall, Town Engineer to seek other alternatives for drainage

Commissioner Hubbard stated she hoped to see the developers back for the
February 3rd meeting and have the public hearing in March.

VI.  New Business
a.   Asselin Minor Subdivision - Preliminary Review
John Caito presented the proposed plans for Mr. Asselin's subdivision in
the Shores area of the island. 

After some discussion a motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and
seconded by Commissioner Girard for the Planning Commission not to give
their approval for the Asselin's subdivision.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard  - Deny     Michael Smith - Deny
Gary Girard - Deny        Rob Lambert - Deny
Mary Brennan - Deny       Sue Barker - Deny
Motion carried to deny the subdivision by a vote of 6-0.
      This motion was denied by the following findings of fact:
1.  The subdivision made a non-conforming lot more non-conforming which is
in conflict with zoning;
2.  The Groundwater Study findings, by Dr. Veeger indicated that the high
density within the Shores area is the major reason for groundwater
problems and that study recommended 1 acre lot sizes to mitigate the

Meeting adjourned at 10:21 pm


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary