November 5, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.
The following members were present:
Betty Hubbard    Richard Waters
Arthur Milot        Anthony Travisono
Michael Smith    Thomas Foley
Mary Brennan

Also present:    Jane Weidman, Town Planner
        Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        Sterling Graham, Parking Committee
        Richard Allphin, Zoning Board
        Ed Connelly, Conanicut Battery
        Mr. Webster

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of October 15, 1997.
A motion was made by Commissioner Milot and seconded by Commissioner
Brennan to approve the minutes as written.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye    Richard Waters - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye     Anthony Travisono - Abstain
Michael Smith - Aye    Thomas Foley - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye

Motion carries 6-0.

1.   CRMC to the Town of Jamestown Notice of a Public Hearing  RE: Public
Right of Way   Meeting to be held on the 19th of this month at the Melrose
2.   Memo to Local Planners and Planning Contacts from Statewide Planning
Program RE:    Draft paper on local zoning and land development
ordinances.  Commission asked issue   be reverted to the Planner
3.   Copy of report from Planning Clerk RE: 10+ acre parcels of land on
island.  Move to    Old Business #2.
4.   Copy of letter to the Town Council from the Town Planner RE: Letter
from Alma    Davenport de la Ronde.
      Commission asked Jane to write a cover letter to Ms. Davenport    de
la Ronde along with a copy of the Town Council's letter.
5.   Copy of letter to the Town Council from Lisa Bryer RE: Resignation
from Planning    Commission.
      Commissioner Foley discussed his concerns with the Commission.
6.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT RE: Repair existing seawall and
repair  sidewalk per approved plans, located at Conanicus Avenue,
Jamestown: to RIDOT, 2    Capitol Hill, Room 229, Providence, RI.
      Received and Acknowledged
7.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT RE: Install roof shingles over
existing    roof: to Francis Merciol, 3 Grey Gull Rd., Jamestown, Plat 12,
Lot 85.  Received and   Acknowledged
8.   CRMC Notice of Application of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde B. Bryerly, 68 East
Shore Rd.,    Jamestown to construct and maintain 80-linear feet of
(reenforced concrete) seawall,   shoreline protection, as per attached
plans to Plat 7, Lot 86.  Received and Acknowledged
9.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT RE: replace windows and doors,
outdoor  shower, relocate shed, repair/replace fence: to Donald Muir, 44
East Shore Rd.,  Jamestown; Plat 7, Lot 73.  Received and Acknowledged
10.  Copy of background information regarding Dennis Nixon's concerns on
proposed zoning    ordinance changes.   Received and Acknowledged
11.  Copy of Planning Commission Stipends for 1997.  The Clerk recommended
that the   Commission request a stipend raise in writing at this time due
to budgeting reasons.
12.  Copy of letter to Kenneth Froberg from the Planner  RE: Buoy Street
Subdivision.    Moved to the Planner's Report    

With nothing at this time move on to Reports.
1.   Conanicut Battery Discussion with Ed Connelly
Mr. Connelly addressed the Planning Commission regarding the Battery off
of Battery Lane.
      He stated a meeting will be held in the Library's public room
concerning the issue in further detail and the Commission is more than
welcome to attend.   
  a. Town Planner's Report 
* Buoy Street Subdivision - The Planner reported that the Fire Chief would
prefer the street to remain Buoy Street.
      If the street were to become a private one then both the Fire Chief
and Town Solicitor were not sure if the name has to be kept.
      The Planner was asked to communicate this preference to Mr. Froberg.
  b. Subcommittees
  c. Town Committees
* Parking Committee - Commissioner Travisono stated he could not attend
the last Committee meeting.
      Sterling Graham reported the Committee did not meet for a formal
      Informally some members including Mr. Graham met to discuss parking
under the new Jamestown Bridge.
      Mr. Graham reported that the Town Administrator will need to call
the DOT requesting parking in that area.
      At the informal meeting beach stickers for Head's beach were
discussed along with a recommended budget for the Committee.

* Commissioner Hubbard reviewed the Town Administrator's letter regarding
lighting (from the 10/15/97 packet).
      Commission Hubbard asked the Commission to give their feed back to
the Clerk so a letter can be written to the Town Administrator concerning
this matter.

Mr. Webster reported that 80% of the new lighting is up on the Newport
Bridge but it is still white lighting.

* Commissioner Hubbard reported that the October 27th Town Council meeting
decided to advertise for a Highway Barn Committee and created a charter
for them.

* Commissioner Hubbard stated the new ordinance changes have gone to the
Town Council and Town Solicitor.
      Mr. Allphin suggested to "modify" a motion that the Planning
Commission made in April 1996 (see attached).
      Commissioner Hubbard asked for the Commission's input and a vote.
      The majority of the Commission agreed that the motion should stand
as is and not be changed.

* Commissioner Hubbard reported that the Town Council will advertise for
only one vacancy on the Planning Commission at this time.
1.   Continuation of discussion on aquaculture; Planner's proposed
ordinance changes.
Commission discussed proposed changes. 

A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard to refer to Section 600 of the
Zoning Ordinance and eliminate the Planner's recommended A, B & C on page
1.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Richard Waters - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Anthony Travisono - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye       Thomas Foley - Aye
Mary Brennan - Nay

Motion carries 6-1.

(Commissioner Waters states there is a Groundwater Study meeting on
November 17th before he leaves) 
A motion was made to approve the amended document for aquaculture.
      So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Anthony Travisono - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Thomas Foley - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye       Mary Brennan - Aye

Motion carries 6-0.

2.   Comprehensive Plan Survey  
  a. Discussion of prioritized questions for questionnaire 
  b. Suggestions for Comprehensive Plan Survey
Commission discussed both (a) and (b).
      Any further discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

A motion was made by Commissioner Foley and seconded by Commissioner Milot
to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 pm.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary