SEPTEMBER 3, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall  

Meeting was called to order at 7:37 pm.
Roll was called and the following were present:
Betty Hubbard, Chair      Arthur Milot            
Michael Smith       Thomas Foley
Mary Brennan        Lisa Bryer

Also present: J. Weidman, Town Planner
        K. Turcone, Recording Secretary
        K. Froberg, Froberg Subdivision
        J. Caito, Froberg Engineer
        D. Allphin, Zoning Board

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of August 6, 1997.
A motion was made by Commissioner Milot and seconded by Commissioner Smith
to approve the minutes from the August 6 meeting as written.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye    Arthur Milot - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye    Thomas Foley - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye     Lisa Bryer - Aye

Motion carries 6-0.

Commissioner Butterfield and Commissioner Travisono arrive at 7:39 pm.

1.   Copy of letter to Chief Tighe from Chair RE: Parking Committee 
Received and  Acknowledged
2.   Copy of Memorandum to the Town Council, Town Administrator, etc. from
Chair RE:  Comprehensive Plan Survey  Received and Acknowledged
3.   Copy of Municipal Tax Rates  Received and Acknowledged
4.   CRMC notice to Edward F. Burke, 10 Reservoir Road, Wayland, MA, to
construct and    maintain a residential boating facility at 30 Collins
Terrace in Jamestown, Plat 2, Lot 94.
5.   CRMC CORRECTED NOTICE to Edward F. Burke.  Received and Acknowledged
6.   RIDEM to E. Dorsey Milot, 93 Blueberry Lane, Jamestown RE:
Application #97-0116  INSIGNIFICANT ALTERATION to a freshwater wetlands.
      Received and Acknowledged
7.   CRMC to Edward F. Burke CORRECTED NOTICE  Received and Acknowledged
8.   CRMC to Nicholas Schaus, 57 Walcott Avenue, Jamestown RE: CRMC
Maintenance    Certification M97-7-62, to construct maintenance repairs to
an existing vertical concrete    and riprap seawall, located at 57 Walcott
Avenue, Plat 9, Lot 322.  Received and    Acknowledged
9.   Copy of letter to Jane Weidman from Gerard M. DeCelles  RE: Mackerel
Cove Heights   Subdivision  Received and Acknowledged
10.  RIDEM to Ellicott Wright, POB 54, Jamestown  RE: Application #97-0059
  INSIGNIFICANT ALTERATION to freshwater wetlands.
      Received and Acknowledged 
11.  Copy of letter to Chair from Chief Tighe  RE: Parking Committee
Meeting, 9/3, 8 am.
        Meeting time was changed to 7 pm.  Refer to Town Committee Report.

The Planning Clerk stated there is a draft copy of the Water Supply
Policies for Rhode Island on the table for the Commission's review.
      If anyone would like a copy she will make them available.

With nothing at this time move onto Reports.

  a. Town Planner's Report 
* Jane has approved a duplex across the street from Cumberland Farms on
North Main Road.
        The property owner will need to go to the Zoning Board for a

* Another approval to Zoning was given to the West's, a minor subdivision
off North Bay View    Drive.
      The property owners will create 2 lots which have 2 houses on them
now.  There are    legal problems with the property.  The former Town
Planner had worked with the West's and    agreed to waive all planning
  b. Subcommittees

  c. Town Committees

Ground Water Study Committee -  Commissioner Butterfield reported a
summary will be presented around the end of September to the Town Council.
      The formal presentation will hopefully be in October.

Parking Committee - Commissioner Travisono reported he attended the first
meeting of the Parking Committee at 7 pm that night.
     The Committee still needs 2 or 3 members of the public.
      The Committee was unsure about what areas they are to cover on the
island so a letter will be written to the Town Council to address this
situation.  The Committee will meet the first Tuesday of every month.

Commissioner Hubbard reported that Mary Webster has talked the Bank of
Newport into replacing their lighting to non-sodium lighting.

Commissioner Hubbard stated the form for the Aquaculture conference is on
the table if anyone should like to attend.
      Also, there is a Rhode Island Rural Lands Coalition meeting on the
8th of September in Warwick.

Commissioner Hubbard suggest the Commission move onto New Business first.

1.   Froberg Subdivision
Mr. Caito stated that his client, Ken Froberg, is here for preliminary
review for a 3 lot Cluster subdivision off Buoy Street, Plat 15, Lot 343.
      Lot 343 is approximately 3.33 acres and separate wells and septic
systems will be installed1.
      Mr. Caito reviewed the documents in the Commissioner's packets.

There were questions from the Commission regarding Open Space ownership.
      Mr. Caito stated that the legal documentation is not yet prepared. 
The 3 homeowners will own and maintain the open space.
      Mr. Froberg is looking to sell one lot and keep 2 for his children. 
Mr. Froberg's intentions are to put in the road now.

Commissioner Butterfield, concerned about the road width, asked Mr. Caito
to contact the Fire and Rescue Department to make sure 18 feet was wide
enough for emergency vehicles.

The Town Planner asked if bounds would be placed on the lots and the
plans.  Mr. Caito stated they would.

Commission discussed tree placement on the property.
      The Commission asked Mr. Froberg to note any trees with a 6"+

Dot Blythe, lot 351 stated she has had to drill 2 wells were she lives and
is worried about the strain on her well now that 3 more wells will be dug
in that area.

Emmet Turley and his wife, representing the Jamestown Shores Association,
stated his concern about the ISDS and the problems the Shores area is
having with septic systems that have quit.

Tom Ackley voiced his concern about the private dead end road possibly
becoming a public road extending into Garboard Street.
      Mr. Caito stated the property owners will have to approach the Town
about that.

Mr. Froberg stated his subdivision is not in the Shore area but in the
Hull area.

Mr. Caito stated the existing problems in the Shores are due to poor
planning in 1947.
      There were no plans for road way design or drainage.
      This piece of property is almost 3.5 acres in size.  Mr. Froberg has
the right to develop his land.
      This property can support the engineering shown on the plan and it
is not substandard.

Commissioner Smith stated it is very difficult to put a subdivision in in
the 90's with all the and that all new systems are being installed.

Mary Greenan, lot 358 had some concern about an easement.
      Commission agreed that this was an issue Mrs. Greenan needed to take
up with Mr. Froberg since the easement was not part of the subdivision and
occupied another piece of property separate from the subdivision.

Charles DiLuglio, lot 334 asked the Commission to recommend a community
well and ISDS.
      Both Mr. Caito and Commissioner Smith stated it is not practical
because only one lot will be sold and all field work is completed.

Commissioner Brennan asked to see the site.
      Mr. Caito asked everyone on the Commission to make an appointment
with him to walk the site.

A motion was made by Commissioner Milot and seconded by Commissioner Smith
to grant preliminary approval to Mr. Froberg with details to be worked out
with Jane and the entire plan and legal documents to come back to the
Planning Commission at the applicants digression (timing).  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       David Butterfield - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Michael Smith - Aye
Thomas Foley - Aye        Anthony Travisono - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye        Lisa Bryer - Aye

Motion carried 8-0.

Tom Ackley had a Non Agenda item to address to the Commission.
      He questioned why public right-of-way users can not park under the
      Commissioner Butterfield stated the Planning Commission can not do
anything about that and for Mr. Ackley to voice his concern to the Town

Commission discussed the proposed Mackerel Cove Heights Subdivision.
      Commission agreed that the Quattrocchi's would have to pay a
preapplication fee of $100.00.  No other word has been heard from the
Quattrocchi's regarding the continuation of that application.

1.   Continuation of discussion on aquaculture; Planner's proposed
ordinance changes.
Discussion tabled to the next meeting.

2.   *Comprehensive Plan Survey; Define Issues and Review 1990 Survey  RE:
Items to Keep    vs. Change
Commissioner Hubbard suggested the Commission write a small article
regarding the survey and place it in the Press for public input.
      Mr. Allphin suggested the Planning Commission keep the majority of
the old questions as they are, so the answers can be compared to the last
survey.  Discussion tabled to the next meeting.

A motion was made by Commissioner Milot and seconded by Commissioner
Butterfield to adjourn the meeting at 10:08 pm.  


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary