JULY 16, 1997
7:30 PM
Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm 

Roll was called and the following were present:

Betty Hubbard 
Mary Brennan 
David Butterfield 
Thomas Foley
Michael Smith 
Anthony Travisano 
Richard Waters

Absent: Lisa Bryer, Arthur Milot

Also Present:  

Jane Weidman, Town Planner and Acting Secretary 
Richard Allphin, Zoning Board 
Donald Armington, Harbor Commission 
James Quattrocchi, Mackerel Cove Heights 
John Quattrocchi, Mackerel Cove Heights 
David Garrigan, Mackerel Cove Heights


1.    Minutes of the June 30th Planning Commission and Town Council Work
Session; Four corrections / additions were requested by B. Hubbard, 
motion by M. Brennan,  second by T.  Foley to approve minutes as amended. 
All in favor, D. Butterfield abstains.

2.   Minutes of the July 2nd Planning Commission Meeting; motion by D.
Butterfield, second by M. Brennan to approve minutes.  All in favor, A.
Travisano, T. Foley abstain.


Chair Hubbard reviewed correspondence on agenda, and requested that
aquaculture facility be added to OLD BUSINESS, and that term limits and
Comprehensive Plan survey be added to NEW BUSINESS.


J. and J. Quattrocchi, regarding Mackerel Cove Heights Subdivision: Chair
Hubbard questioned the Quattrocchi's presence at the meeting since they
were not on the agenda.
      They stated that they did not receive a copy of the July 3rd letter
from Jane Weidman regarding the  incompleteness of their application.
        Commissioner Foley offered his copy of the letter.
      John Quattrocchi contested the submittal requirements delineated in
the letter as well as the requirement for a filing fee.
      He also stated that he was in the Planning Office after the date of
the letter and was not informed that they were not on the agenda.
      He requested a formal vote from the Commission as to whether or not
they should be heard that evening.
     Commissioner Hubbard reiterated that they were not on the agenda.

At  Commissioner  Smith' s  request,  Jane Weidman  reviewed  the
checklist  requirements   regarding  the  missing  information.
      Commissioners Smith, Foley and Hubbard all stated that information
on  the  larger  trees  has  been  repeatedly  requested  of  the
       Jane Weidman stated that it was the applicant's responsibility to
check with the Planner, not the Secretary, regarding the status of their
application and whether or not they are on a particular meeting agenda.

A meeting between the Quattrocchis and Jane Weidman was scheduled for
Monday July 21st at 10:00 am in the Planning Office.

Following  the  applicant's departure,  it  was  suggested  by
Commissioner  Waters  that  all  future  correspondence  to  the
Quattrocchis be done by registered mail.
       There was also some disagreement as to whether the Commission had
voted to waive the preapplication filing fee.
       Jane will ask Kim to check the planning files to determine if this
is the case.


1.    Town Planner's Report; Jane Weidman gave a brief report on the
Froberg Subdivision, a proposed 3 lot cluster subdivision off Buoy Street.
      Plans have been drawn up by Engineer John Caito, but not formally
submitted.  The plans will come before the full Planning Commission for

2.   No Committee Reports

3.    Chair Hubbard reviewed her memo (distributed at the meeting) dated
July 11, 1997, to the Town Council regarding the Champlin Foundation
      She also read a public meeting notice from the Statewide Planning
Program regarding the Draft Water Supply Policy of the State Guide Plan.
      The meeting is to be held July 21st 7:00 pm at the Howard Center in
Cranston.  Commissioner Butterfield expressed his interest in attending.


1.    Ferry Service/Satellite Parking

Donald Armington reviewed his memo (distributed at the meeting) dated July
16, 1997 regarding the steel pier extension and related zoning ordinance
      There was much discussion on zoning ordinance items #1-6 contained
in the memo, particularly item #2 and whether or not approval of schedules
and routes by the Town Council is a zoning issue.
      There was discussion on cruise ship traffic and the fact that this
type of activity may not have much economic benefit to the Town.
      Some Commissioners also stated that they did not want to restrict
larger passenger special event boats like the Bay Queen (as opposed to the
larger ferries); a change in the  definition of  ferry service  was 
discussed to make  this distinction.

It was generally agreed that approval of schedules and routes, as well as
many other issues such as noise and maintenance of the ferry boats, can be
addressed in the contract that the Town Council executes has with the
owner of any proposed ferry service.

Jane Weidman distributed the latest version of the proposed zoning
ordinance amendments.  The following changes were made:

* Add to definition of ferry service to reference it as a recurring event 

* Change the frequency of ferry service from 8 to 12 departures in regards
to the minimum of 1 parking space per 2 persons capacity 

* Add a section on special conditions that requires that transport be
provided for parking areas beyond 1/2 mile; that the pier be able to
handle the loading requirements of the ferry boat, and that satellite
parking be provided 

* Add a definition for ferry terminal

Motion by M. Smith, second by A. Travisano, that the proposed zoning
amendments, as modified, be forwarded to the Town Council by July 23rd for
consideration at their July 28th meeting.  All in favor.

Motion by R. Waters, second by T. Foley to adjourn the meeting. Vote was
delayed following brief discussion of other old business:

2.   Aquaculture

Chair Hubbard reminded the Commission to review the aquaculture
      Motion by M. Smith, second by M. Brennan, that the Commission
support request from CRMC by the Town Manager for a public hearing on the
application.  All in favor.

VI.  NEW BUSINESS Items to be continued at next Planning Commission

All in favor of adjournment; Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jane Weidman, Acting Secretary

There are no tapes available of this meeting