JUNE 4, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

Roll was called and the following were present:
Betty Hubbard          Richard Waters
David Butterfield            Anthony Travisono
Michael Smith (arrived at 8:30)    Thomas Foley
Lisa Bryer             Mary Brennan

Also present:    Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        Craig Amerigian
        John and James Quattrocchi
        David Garrigan
        Lillian Jameison
        Ted Smaya
        Ron Archambault

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of May 21, 1997.
A motion was made by Commissioner Travisono and seconded by Commissioner
Waters to amend the minutes of May 21.  Amendments are as follows:
  page 3 - Section V, 1a: Change to read "The Tree Committee should be
made up of the                      Conservation Commission or a separate
                            1b: Change to read "Provision for a quick
decision for removing a tree                                  should be
        page 4 - Section V, 1d: Strike "should be" and replace with
                        Add 1e: Ordinance should add time requirements to
speed up process.
                 Section VI, 1: Change to read: "Planning Commission
Agenda - Planning next                                   2 years - A
Citizens Survey for Comprehensive Plan Review:                            
             Commission discussed a revision of the Comprehensive Plan
                                      Commissioner Butterfield stated he
felt January of 1998 would be a                                  good time
to circulate the survey.
      State mandates review every 5 years                                
and the Town is due for a review in 1999.
                                Commissioner Travisono stated the
Commission should contact the                                   Department
of Planning at URI for help.
      Agreed issue should be                                    
identified locally but survey identified by experts."

Betty Hubbard - Aye       Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye      Anthony Travisono - Aye
Thomas Foley - Aye        Mart Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Aye

Motion carried 7-0.

1.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Eleanor Churchman Smyth, 9385 
Gallbardo Street, Coral Gables, Fl 33156  RE: Shingle east side of
building located at    104 Racquet Road, Jamestown, Plat 9, Lot 329.
      Received and Acknowledged
2.   CRMC Assent Modification to Gail Bolger, 36 Fair Hill Drive,
Longmeadow, Ma  01106     RE: CRMC Modification of file #A96-7-8, to
install a stone seal asphalt driveway    impermeable with drain, construct
a boulder wall and install landscape plantings.
       Location of project is Fore Royal Court, Jamestown, Plat , Lot 501.
      Received and   Acknowledged
3.   Copy of correspondence to the Planning Commission from Commissioner
Waters  RE:  Parking Downtown.  Move to Old Business #2 for discussion.
4.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Fae & Ira Murphy, 66 East Shore
  Road, Jamestown RE: Construct an 8'x 20' two story addition.
      Replace deck.
      Expand    deck 3'x 33.6' as per the approval plan, Plat 7, Lot 162. 
Received and Acknowledged

With nothing to report at this time move on to Reports.

  a. Submitted Town Planner's Report  
  b. Subcommittees
Nominating Committee - A motion was made by Commissioner Bryer and
seconded by Commissioner Travisono to nominate the current officers, Betty
Hubbard - Chair, David Butterfield - Vice Chair, Arthur Milot - Secretary.
      So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye      Anthony Travisono - Aye
Thomas Foley - Aye        Mary Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Aye

Motion carried 7-0.

  c. Town Committees (none)

1.   Mackerel Cove Heights - Continuation of Preapplication Discussion
A presentation was given by James Quattrocchi to the Commission.
      Lillian Jameison, an abutter stated she preferred the traditional
      Commissioner Hubbard explained to Ms. Jameison that the new
Subdivision Regulations require a Cluster Subdivision design.
      Ms. Jameison stated she did not like the idea of a tennis court in
her backyard.  Several other abutter's stated the same comment.

Commissioner Hubbard asked to see the Quattocchi's site plan that cited
the existing trees on the property.
      John Quattrocchi stated the regulations do not state you need that,
so a plan was not presented.  James Quattrocchi stated he was aware of the
concern but once they have a better idea of what scheme they will use they
will then bring in a professional to see what trees will stay.

Commissioner Hubbard read the Planner's Report.
     The Quattrocchi's stated they never received a copy of the report and
asked for a copy.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated the report was for the Planning
Commission and by request only would the Quattrocchi's receive a copy of

Commission discussed the road scheme.
      Commission asked the Quattrocchi's to refer to Rural By Design, a
planning book, and the last couple of pages of the Subdivision Regulations
for any questions they may have ragarding the cluster design.

(Commissioner Smith arrives at 8:30 pm)

Commissioner Smith stated the Commission would entertain a private road in
a cluster design.
      The Commission does not want a cookie cut type design.
      Commissioner Hubbard added the base of the road would concern the
Commission but it could be a gravel private road.

Ted Smaya, abutter, asked about the grade of the land and if the property
owner could build up so the house could have a view.
      David Garrigan answered very little change will occur to the contour
of the land.
      Mr. Smaya added that he is totally opposed to the installation of
tennis courts.
      He added, abutter's have maintained the rural character of the land.

Ron Archambault, abutter, stated he liked the traditional, 1 acre lot,
subdivision better than the cluster design.
      He did not like the cluster design because; a trail ran through
backyards, the tennis courts and that the houses were close together.

Commission encouraged the Quattrocchi's to come back with plans for
another discussion.

A motion was made by Commissioner Waters to ask the Town Administrator to
hire an engineer to represent the Commission in regards to the

After some discussion the motion dies from lack of a second.

2.   Downtown Parking - Continuation of Discussion   
Commission discussed the idea of the Town purchasing Moll's Garage for
parking in the rear of the building.  

Mr. Amerigian asked how many parking spaces would the Town utilize?  The
Commission agreed it was 60 - 70 spaces.

Commissioner Hubbard stated that Dutch Harbor has a parking problem.
      Commissioner Smith stated that Dutch Harbor should move their boats
out earlier.
      Mr. Amerigian stated the problem occurs usually on holiday weekends.

Commissioner Hubbard and Commissioner Bryer agreed to join Commissioner
Travisono and Commissioner Brennan on the Parking Committee with the Town

VI.  New Business
Commission agreed to take the second meeting in August off (8/20).

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary