These minutes have not been approved.

  APRIL 16, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:36 pm.
Roll was called and the following members were present;
Betty Hubbard       Richard Waters
David Butterfield         Anthony Travisono
Arthur Milot           Thomas Foley
Michael Smith       Mary Brennan
Lisa Bryer

Also present:    Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        Richard Allphin, Zoning Board
        John Caito, Cajacet Farms
        Bertrand Parker, Cajacet Farms
        Fern Malouin, Cajacet Farms
        Patrick Hayes, Jr., Bucklin Subdivision
        David Emilita, SAI
        Mr. & Mrs. Bucklin

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of April 2, 1997.
Commissioner Hubbard made two corrections.  They are as follows:
  page 1; Change Frank Angilles to Robert Angilles
  page 2; Section IV, Add to the second paragraph: "Commissioner Hubbard
was concerned       about the creation of the access ramp." 

     Section V, paragraph 5 strike and replace with: "Commissioner Hubbard
explained     that lot 529 had been pasture land just as the present
property abutting to the     south and east.
      For that reason a cluster development would better accomplish      a
major purpose of the Subdivision Regulations: to 'maintain the community's
    traditional rural character and land use patter in which settled areas
contrast with      open space and farmlands.' (B of Section 1600, Article

1.   Letter to Commissioner Hubbard from the Town administrator RE: space
needs for   feasibility study.  Move to New Business #2

With nothing at this time move on to Reports.

Commissioner Hubbard requested the Commission hold all reports and take
New Business first.  Commission agreed.

1.   Proposed Bucklin Subdivision
David Emilita reported on the Tax Accessors's findings of more than one
dwelling on one lot.
      He explained how he broke down each property to resemble the
Bucklin's situation.
      He found 7 parcels of land, including the Bucklin property that had
a similar situation.
      He concluded that based on his brief analysis there would be few
parcels of land the Planning Commission would be faced with regarding this

Commissioner Hubbard read the Planner's report regarding the Bucklin's and
asked if Mr. and Mrs. Bucklin found it acceptable.  The Bucklin's stated
they did.

Commissioner Bryer stated she felt comfortable with Jane's recommendation
and asked if Jane could draft something for the Commission for the next
     Commission agreed to carry the Bucklin's request over to the next
meeting on May 7th.
      Commission asked that the Bucklin's present a statement of legal
provision taking care of the western portion of property without any
buildings on it. 

2.   Discussion on East Ferry parking - To be continued at next scheduled
1.   Cajacet Farms - Proposed Subdivision
Commissioner Hubbard read the Planner's report regarding Cajacet Farms

John Caito made a presentation and explained he is one of the three
partners concerning this parcel of land.
      Cajacet Farms consists of open fields, woodland and a man made
      The wetland will be restored and DEM has already approved the plans.
      The site has 61 acres of land with lot 1 having 3 acres (Caito's
property), lots 3 & 4 will be two 5 acre lots (Malouin property), and lot
2 will have 48 acres of land that will remain undisturbed and in the
future will be donated by Mr. Parker to the Nature Conservancy or the Land

Mr. Caito reported he would like to see a gravel road off of East Shore
Road and a shared common drive.
      There are suitable areas on the 4 lots for septic systems.
      Mr. Caito stated he is talking to the Town Solicitor about road
access and that the road will remain a private one.
      He asked if the Planning Commission would support a recommendation
to advance to the Zoning Board for a variance for lack of frontage.

Commissioner Hubbard stated she didn't think the Commission could give
Cajacet Farms a recommendation to the Zoning Board that night.
      Commission agreed and asked Mr. Caito to come back to the Planning
Commission with legal documentation regarding the easement for the common

Mr. Caito asked the Commission to walk the land with him on Wednesday,
April 23rd at 5 pm.

2.   Memorandum from Planning Clerk RE: Space Needs for Feasibility Study 
Commission discussed issue and agreed the Planning Office will need more
space than it currently has.
      Commission discussed the possibility of a GIS room with equipment
for the computer, a minimum of a 300 square foot space, a secretary during
the summer, and a private office for the Planner.

Commissioner Waters passed out a written proposal of the purchase of the
Central Garage and Commissioner Hubbard passed out an article about
Lobster Habitat, FYI for Commissioners.

A motion was made by Commissioner Waters to adjourn the meeting at 10:21
pm.  So voted: 9-0.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary