APRIL 2, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 pm.
Roll was called and the following were present:
Betty Hubbard          Richard Waters 
David Butterfield         Anthony Travisono 
Arthur Milot           Thomas Foley
Michael Smith       Mary Brennan (late arrival)
Lisa Bryer

Also present:    Jane Weidman, Town Planner
        Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        Richard Allphin, Zoning Board
        John Quattrocchi, Mackerel Cove Heights
        James Quattrocchi, Mackerel Cove Heights
        David Garrigan, Mackerel Cove Heights Surveyor
        Samuel Shamoon, Mackerel Cove Heights Planner
        Mr. Frank Angilles, Mackerel Cove Heights Engineer

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of March 19, 1997.
A motion was made by Commissioner Butterfield and seconded by Commissioner
Foley to approve the minutes of March 19th as written.  So voted: 6-0
Betty Hubbard - Aye          Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye         Anthony Travisono - Abstain
Arthur Milot - Aye           Thomas Foley - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye          Lisa Bryer - Abstain

1.   Copy of letter to Chief Tighe from the Planning Commission.  Received
and Acknowledged
2.   CRMC to Robert F. Tasca, Jr. & Jayne N. Tasca, 26 Highview Drive,
Hope, RI  02831   RE: CRMC Maintenance Certification M96-11-13, for buffer
zone and coastal bluff  management, located at 54 Highland Drive,
Jamestown, Plat 9, Lot 587.
Received and Acknowledged
With nothing to report at this time move onto Reports.

  a. Town Planner's Report 
Commission discussed the findings of the Town hired engineer, Warren Hall.
      Commissioner Waters asked if he could go on record stating he had
asked the Commission to hire an engineer regarding Cumberland Farms from
the beginning.
      Jane reported she would comment on minor changes Mr. Hall found with
Cumberland Farms engineer John Caito.

Commissioner Hubbard asked Jane if should would ask the Building Official
why the foundation was so high on Mr. Henderson's lot on Coronado Street.

  b. Subcommittees - Nothing to report at this time.
  c. Town Committees - Nothing to report at this time.

1.   Mackerel Cove Heights - Preapplication discussion 
Mr. James Quattrocchi introduced himself and his group consisting of Mr.
Frank Angilles the engineer who worked on the road configurations, Mr.
David Garrigan the surveyor and Mr. Samuel Shamoon a professional planner.

Mr. Shamoon explained 4 schematics.  The first one a traditional
subdivision and the last three cluster style plans.
      Each scheme consisted of a 9 lot subdivision (lot 529) with an extra
lot fronting Hamilton Avenue (lot 636) for a total of 10 lots.
      Mr. Shamoon explained because lot 529 is isolated a traditional
subdivision will work best.

Mr. Shamoon stated the design of the road configuration in the center of
the parcel creates the shortest amount of roadway.
      Other configurations would increase the road with no benefit to the
      Commissioner Smith stated there are many other subdivisions on the
island without shotgun roads.
      Commissioner Smith then went on to say that nothing in the proposed
plans shows him a cluster style subdivision.  

Mr. Garrigan stated lot 529 is too small for any other type of road and
when you change the road configuration you then decrease the size of the
      Commissioner Milot asked why there were no plans for what the
Quattrocchi's considered to be the worst plans with 8,000 sq. ft. lots. 
Mr. Shamoon stated the Quattrocchi's did not want to show that because the
lots would no longer hold any value.  

Commissioner Hubbard stated the proposed road was a definite example of an
abnormal street for Jamestown.
      Commissioner Hubbard also stated she would like to see a genuine
cluster style development plan.  

Commissioner Travisono also stated he did not think the Quattrocchi's gave
cluster style a fair chance and just seeing a very good traditional style
plan will not help him make any kind of decision.
      Commissioner Bryer also stated she would like to see different
variations of cluster plans.

Commissioner Milot asked the Quattocchi's to show him why a cluster will
not work.
      With the Commission in agreement Mr. James Quattrocchi thanked the
Planning Commission for their input on the matter.

2.   Discussion on East Ferry parking - To be discussed at a further date.
With nothing at this time a motion was made by Commissioner Travisono to
adjourn the meeting at 9:52 pm.  So voted 9-0.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary