MARCH 5, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm.
Roll was called and the following were present:
Betty Hubbard             Richard Waters
David Butterfield            Anthony Travisono
Arthur Milot              Thomas Foley
Michael Smith             Mary Brennan
Lisa Bryer

Also Present:    Jane Weidman, Town Planner
           Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
           Frank Henderson, Ivy Development
           Richard Allphin, Zoning Board
           David Swain, Ocean State Scuba
           Don Armington, Harbor Management Commission

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of February   19,
A correction on page 2, Section V; #5a omit "only" was made by
Commissioner Butterfield.
      A motion was made by Commissioner Milot and seconded by Commissioner
Foley to approve the minutes of February 19, 1997 as amended.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye             Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye            Anthony Travisono - Abstain
Arthur Milot - Aye              Thomas Foley - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye             Mary Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Abstain
1.   Letter to CRMC from the Planning Commission RE: CRMC Proposed 
Guidelines for Aquaculture Projects in Jamestown Waters.
        Received and Acknowledged
2.   Letter to the Town Council from the Planning Commission RE:    Town
Planner Position.  Received and Acknowledged
3.   Copy of APPEAL to the Zoning Board from Gerard DeCelles  RE:  
Planning Commission's decision regarding Mackeral Cove   Heights.
      Received and Acknowledged
4.   Copy of a letter to John Murphy from the Town Planner  RE: 
Cumberland Farms Development Plan Review Application.
        Received and Acknowledged

With nothing to report at this time move on to Reports.

  a. Town Planner's Report 
  b. Subcommittees
  c. Town Committees
Commissioner Hubbard requested to defer Reports and Old Business and
discuss New Business next.  Commission was in agreement. 

1.   Frank Henderson/Ivy Development - Development Plan Review   proposed
mixed use structure on Coronado Street.
Frank Henderson - Plan to build a mixed use structure containing 2 small
offices on the first floor and a 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor.
      Have approval from the Board of Water and Sewer and  will keep
ownership of the building.
      Would like to keep the appearance residential and less commercial
because it is located in between residential houses.

The Commission and Mr. Henderson discussed issues of drainage, handicap
accessibility, lighting, gutters and downspouts, landscape plans, gravel
vs. pavement for the driveway, a window on entrance doors and a window in
the rear stairwell, for Mr. Henderson to hire a registered engineer to
look at potential run off problem and address for future potential for
paving the drive.

Mr. Henderson agreed to draw up new plans that will indicate all changes
he and the Commission agreed upon and have them approved administratively
by Jane.

A motion was made by Commissioner Butterfield and seconded by Commissioner
Bryer to accept Mr. Henderson's request for Development Plan review with
Jane's administrative review of revisions.
Revisions are as follows:
  1. Address run off for gutters and down spouts.
  2. Address drainage by parking details and paving details.
  3. Address specifications for a gravel driveway and parking       lot
vs. a paved one.
  4. Address handicap accessibility.
  5. Hire a certified registered engineer to address potential      run
off problem in the rare of lot and address potential       future paving
of driveway and parking lot.
      Have the     engineer submit a signed letter to the Commission.
  6. Windows in entrance doors and a window in the rear       stairwell
will be indicated on new set of plans.
  7. A lighting spec will be provided for motion detector.
  8. Further landscaping plans will be indicated on new plans.

So voted: 9-0
Betty Hubbard - Aye          Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye         Anthony Travisono - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye           Thomas Foley - Aye

Michael Smith - Aye          Mary Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Aye

2.   Ocean State Scuba: Development Plan Review Application   commercial
swim,ming pool installation.
David Swain - Our intention is to install an in-ground pool for scuba
training and kayak lessons.
      The pool is not designed for public use in the sense that the whole
community will be using the facility.
      The pool will not be heated.  The application to the State is due
back in 2 weeks.
      Additions include the pool, deck area, fence area and shower area.
      Classes are expected to run 2-3 times per week.

Commissioner Foley expressed his concern about the pool regarding safety
for children after hours of operation.
      Mr. Swain stated there is a 6' fence that will surround the pool
with a lock and motion detector lighting.
      This is all the insurance company requires.
      Mr. Swain also stated the only way he could guarantee no one will
break into the pool would be to put an enclosure on the pool and
financially he could not do that.
      Commissioner Foley again expressed his concern for the safety of any
one that might try to swim in the pool after store hours.

Commissioner Waters expressed his concern about any additional traffic on
North Main Road.
      The Commission did not want to burden the applicant with a traffic
study so the Commission agreed to write a letter to the Chief of Police
regarding the increase of commercial use of North Main Road.
      The Commission will express in the letter their concerns about
traffic, ask for greater patrol, consideration of a set speeding limit and
advise the potential expansion of businesses on North Road.
      This letter was not made part of a motion.

A motion was made by Commissioner Bryer and seconded by Commissioner Milot
to recommend to the Zoning Board and approve Mr. Swain's application
pending the approval by the State as well as the stipulations about the
following conditions:
  1. Approval from the Public Works Director for tying to the       sewer
line for the shower and back wash for the pool.
  2. The pool be supplied with outside water source, and it be     
pumped-out rather than drained into the Town sewer       system.
  3. That no fill be added to the site for construction of the      pool,
and a letter from a professional engineer       regarding the site
drainage be submitted to the Town     prior to final approval.
  4. Any change in use, i.e. allowing public use of the       swimming
pool, be preceded by follow-up applications to     both the Planning
Commission and Zoning Board and that      the plans include the provision
of additional parking as       required.

Commissioner Foley stated the security issue he raised earlier should be
noted in the minutes and in the letter to the Zoning Board.  

So voted: 7-2 Motion carried
Betty Hubbard - Aye          Richard Waters - Nay
David Butterfield - Aye         Anthony Travisono - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye           Thomas Foley - Nay
Michael Smith - Aye          Mary Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Aye

1.   Zoning Ordinance Changes to consider RE: Potential Ferry      
Service "continuation from 1/15/97"  Discussion with Don    Armington of
the Jamestown Harbor Management Commission  (JHMC).  
Mr. Armington presented an update to the Planning Commission regarding
litigation of the East Ferry Pier.
      Harbor Management is still proceeding with the plans for the pier
extension but construction can not be started until the fall of 1997.
      If the Judge allows the JHMC to proceed then the parking issue must
be addressed.  Mr. Armington expressed his interest in a subcommittee
consisting of 2 members from Planning and 2 members from Harbor along with
the Planner.

Commissioners Brennan and Travisono expressed their interest in joining
the subcommittee.
      Mr. Armington stated he would express the willingness of the two
commissioners to the Town Council.

2.   CRMC Aquaculture Permit Application (CRMC File #97-1-14 PD)   
Proposed by William Geib, 76 Quaker Lane, West Warwick, RI.  
  (continuation from 2/5/97)
Mr. Armington of the JHMC reported he has sent a letter to the Town
Administrator asking her to comment on the aquaculture project through the
Town Council.
      Mr. Geib has applied for an outhaul at Fort Getty and is currently
on a waiting list.

Mr. Armington stated the JHMC has presented the CRMC with their guidelines
on aquaculture and that they fall short of what a policy should be.
      Mr. Armington is waiting to see what CRMC is going to do about Mr.
Geib's project.

3.   Commissioner Hubbard stated the Commission may need to utilize the
Town for engineering services for the final plans from Cumberland Farms.
      Jane stated she has already discussed the issue with the Town
Administrator and they will hire the same engineer that will be involved
with Mackerel Cove Heights.

4.   Jane reported the Technical Review Committee (TRC) has met with the
Quattrocchi's regarding Mackerel Cove Heights.
     The TRC had a problem with the road in their Cluster plans.
      They now have the option of coming before the Planning Commission
for guidance on concepts or continue with the preapplication.
      When they reach the master plan stage they have to state at the
public hearing why a Cluster does not work.   

A motion was made by Commissioner Butterfield and seconded by Commissioner
Foley to adjourn the meeting at 10:33 pm


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary