JANUARY 15, 1997    
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.
The following were present:
Betty Hubbard             Richard Waters
David Butterfield            Anthony Travisono
Arthur Milot              Thomas Foley
Michael Smith             Mary Brennan
Lisa Bryer

Also present:    Kim Turcone, Recording Secretary
           John Murphy, Attorney
           Richard Allphin, Zoning Board

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of December   18,
A motion was made by Commissioner Bryer and seconded by Commissioner
Waters to approve the minutes from December 18 as amended.  The amendments
are as follows:
  Page 2 - Section IV, change second paragraph; "minor" to          
       - b. Subcommittees, second paragraph; change to read         
"Commissioner Brennan stated the Committee has met          with the
Conservation Commission and no major changes          have occurred with
the proposed ordinance other than           an enforcement and appeal
       - b. Joint Harbor Commission and Conservation                      
Commission; after "East Ferry Pier" add the word         "extension" and
delete last sentence and add "In         Commissioner Butterfield's
opinion, it would belong         to the town."
       - b. Town Council Meeting, delete the number "3" and as         
the last sentence add "Town Administrator would          obtain cost
estimate on municipal lot."
  Page 3 - add before the motion "Some Commission members wanted          
to reschedule Cumberland Farms at an earlier date."
       - After "motion passed" add to the second sentence "He          
stated he would volunteer to deliver to the Planning           Office a
Federal Law pertaining to drainage."
So voted:  8-0
Betty Hubbard - Aye             Richard Waters - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye            Anthony Travisono - Abstain

Arthur Milot - Aye              Thomas Foley - Aye
Michael Smith - Aye             Mary Brennan - Aye
Lisa Bryer - Aye 

1.   CRMC Assent Modification to Paul R. & Sandra M. Edgerly, 163
Marlborough Street Apt.
     #5, Boston, MA 02116  RE: CRMC Request for Modification of File
#96-5-93: 1. Reorient the proposed relocated garage and construct a new
permeable driveway to it from Bay View Drive; 2. Replace the proposed
underground propane storage tank with two above ground propane storage
tanks to be located on the north side of the proposed relocated garage; 3.
Reconfigure the proposed landscape steps to be located at the west end of
the proposed pool terrace.  RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED
2.   Copy of Correspondence from The Southern Rhode Island Conservation
District  RE: Meeting January 27, 1997 Commissioner Hubbard stated the
Conservation Commission and Land Trust should receive a copy.
3.   Copy of Correspondence to the Planning Commission from Michael K.
Ahnrud  RE:  Comprehensive Plan  RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED
4.   Copy of a Correspondence from Don Richardson cc: Planning Commission 
Move to New Business
5.   Copy of a letter to the Town Council from Planning Commission  RE:
reappointment of David Butterfield to JHMC  RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED
6.   Copy of a letter to the Town Council from the Planning Commission 
RE: Commissioner Smith's expiation of term  RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED
7.   Copy of a letter to Michael A. Kelly from the Planning Commission 
8.   Copy of Correspondence from the Department of Administration to the
Town Planner  RE: TIP  Move to New Business
9.   CRMC Finding No Significant Impact to Ms. Carol Ann DiStefano, 165
Seaside Drive, Jamestown, RI  02835  RE: CRMC File # A96-12-5 Construct a
timber deck as per the approved plans -- located at Plat 5, Lot 8, 165
Seaside Drive, Jamestown, RI.  RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED
10.  CRMC Modified Assent File # 88-12-40 Assent # B88-12-40 Meeting date:
December 14, 1993 Whereas, Dr. John Yashar of 72 Highland Drive,
Jamestown, RI  02835 has applied to construct and maintain a residential
boating facility in accordance with the approved plans, located at 72
Highland drive, Plat 9, Lot 792
11.  CRMC Finding No Significant Impact to Daniel Lilly 235 Seaside Drive,
Jamestown, RI  02835  RE: Construct and Maintain new foundation, square
off dwelling and add a 8' x 35' open deck located at 235 Seaside Drive,
12.  Copy of Correspondence to the Town Planner from Airwave Ltd.  RE:
Passenger Ferry Service  Commissioner Hubbard reported the Town Council
would NOT follow up with Airwave.
13.  Application For Planning Commission from Nancy W. Bennett 

Commissioner Waters made a motion to extend the Commission meeting past
10:00 pm.
      Most Commission members preferred to wait to see how long the
meeting would last.  Motion was not seconded.

Richard Allphin reported to the Planning Commission he has sent a letter
to the Commission in regards to underground propane tanks.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated because Mr. Allphin's letter arrived
after the Commission agenda went out, it would be discussed at the next
      Commissioner Hubbard stated she would check with the Town Solicitor
about the issue.

  a. Memorandum from Chair  RE: Discussion of Planner position
Commissioner Hubbard announced the Town has hired an interim Planner for 4
      Her name is Jane Weidman and she works part time for the town of

Commission discussed the hiring of a Planner and/or Engineer and if a part
time Planner would be sufficient for the Town's needs.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated she would ask the Town Administrator to
attend the next meeting in regards to hiring a new Planner. 

Commissioner Waters stated he would like to request funds from the Town to
hire an engineer to check Cumberland Farm's plans.
      Commissioner Hubbard requested the subject be deferred.

  b. Subcommittees
Ground Water Study - Commissioner Butterfield stated the Committee will
meet with the Board of Water and Sewer next Tuesday (1/21/97).
      The final report will be given sometime during the summer.

  c. Town Committees (none)

A motion was made by Commissioner Waters and seconded by Commissioner
Travisono to request monies from the town to hire an engineer to review
the site plan from Cumberland Farms.

Some Commission members commented on the drainage plan.
      Mr. Murphy stated that the engineer for Cumberland Farms has
proposed improvements to solve the drainage problem, even on Town owned
      The drainage plan is similar to SK Properties which was engineered
by John Caito.  

The Commission agreed to hold off on the motion until they meet with
Cumberland Farms.  Commissioner Travisono withdrew his second.  
1.   Budget & Schedule for Budget Hearings
Commissioner Waters and Butterfield reported they asked the Town Council
for monies to attend seminars and workshops at last Saturday's budget
hearing.  This line item will appear in the Town Administrators budget.

Commissioner Hubbard reviewed selected portions of the town budget with
the Commission. 

1.   Zoning Ordinance Changes to consider RE: Potential Ferry    Service
(4 pieces of background information included)
Commissioner Bryer stated she had called the Planning Advisory for
Planning standards for ferry services.
      They in turn faxed her New Orleans and Calvert County, Maryland
Zoning Ordinance and an article on San Francisco ferries.

The Commission then discussed satellite parking and how far a person is
willing to walk to the ferry.
      The discussion will be continued on February 5th.

2.   Mr. Murphy stated he has a client that owns the Learning Center Day
Care facility on North Main Rd.
     who would like to add on phase II of the building.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated he should make an appointment to see
Jane Weidman.

Motion was made by Commissioner Travisono and seconded by Commissioner
Bryer to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 pm.  So voted.


Kim Turcone
Recording Secretary