OCTOBER 16, 1996   
  7:30 PM 
  Jamestown Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.
Roll was called and the following members were present:
Betty Hubbard, Chair         Richard Waters
David Butterfield, Vice Chair      Anthony Travisono
Arthur Milot, Secretary         Lisa Bryer  
Michael Smith

Also in attendance:    Mark Browning, AICP - Town Planner
              Kimberly A. Turcone - Recording Secretary
              Deirdra Storti - Planning Intern

I.   READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the meeting of October 2, 1996. 
Commissioner Hubbard corrected page 2, Section III.
      The last sentence should read as follows: "The Commission
recommended the Town Planner talk to Steve Goslee and ask if the Watson
Rd. drain is working properly.".
A motion was made by Commissioner Butterfield and seconded by Commissioner
Bryer to approve the minutes of October 2, 1996 as corrected.  So voted: 
5-0  Commissioners Travisono and Waters abstaining.
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Michael Smith - Aye
David Butterfield - Aye      Lisa Bryer - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye

Mattera of 9 Concord Street, Greenville, RI  RE: Construct a two bedroom
dwelling serviced by a private well and a DEM approved ISDS, located at
Plat 16, Lot 13, 340 Seaside Drive, Jamestown, RI.
      Received and Acknowledged
2.   CRMC to Elwin T. Gammons, 50 Nashua Street, Providence, RI  RE: CRMC
Maintenance Certification M96-9-21, to construct repairs to a failed
cesspool by replacing it with a DEM (2-bedroom design) I.S.D.S., located
at 52 Orient Avenue, Jamestown, RI, Plat 1, Lot 297.
      Received and Acknowledged
3.   CRMC ASSENT File Number 96-5-93, Assent Number A96-5-93 Whereas, Paul
R. and Sandra M. Edgerley, 163 Marlborough St., Apt. 5, Boston, MA  02116 
has applied to CRMC for assent to:  relocate a garage and construct
additions to a single family dwelling.
      Construct landscape and site improvements to the property, including
a pool with a fountain and spa, a tennis court, terraces, retaining walls,
planting beds, a relocated driveway and various stormwater management
      Demarcate the inland edge of a required buffer zone and revise the
previously approved buffer zone management plan, located at 90 Bay View
Drive, Jamestown, Plat 8, Lot 645.  Received and Acknowledged
4.   CRMC RESIDENTIAL DOCK ASSENT file number 96-9-6, assent number
A96-9-6, date issued: 9-11-96 Whereas, Marston W. Keeler, P.O. Box 596,
Jamestown has applied to CRMC for assent to: maintain a private
residential boating facility, located at Plat 10, Lot 53, Highland Drive,
Jamestown.  Received and Acknowledged
5.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT  RE: Enclose existing open porch,
install handicap ramp, reshingle garage and dwelling as needed located at
Plat 8, Lot 519 to Pickett M. Greig, 21 Bay View Drive, Jamestown. 
Received and Acknowledged
6.   CRMC ASSENT MODIFICATION  RE: CRMC Assent Modification #93-4-55 to
Mr. Spencer W. Potter, 191 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown.  CRMC has
approved assent #93-4-55 with stipulations.  Received and Acknowledged
7.   CRMC FINDING NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Ruby French Realty, Inc., 32
Bayside Avenue, Newport, RI  RE: CRMC file #M96-9-61 - Remove existing
2,000 gallon underground storage tank -- located at Plat 16, Lot 237, 381
Seaside Drive, Jamestown, RI.  Received and Acknowledged
8.   CRMC to:  John G. Catens, Restoration Coordinator
           US Dept. of Commerce
         National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration
         National Marine Fisheries Service
         Northeast Region  
         One Blackburn Drive
         Gloucester, MA  01930
RE: CRMC file #96-8-4, to construct lobster habitat enhancement project,
Dutch Island Harbor, Jamestown, West Passage, Narragansett Bay.
      CRMC hereby concurs with the determination that the referenced
project is consistent with the federally approved RI Coastal Resources
Management Program and applicable regulations.  Received and Acknowledged
With nothing to report at this time move on the Reports

  a. Town Planner - Planner reported he expects a Minor Subdivision
application December 1st meeting.
      The applicant will go to the Technical Review Committee in November
before the meeting in December.

Planner stated the GIS data base has arrived from the State.
      The base data includes roadways, wetlands, sewer interceptors, land
use, and other data.
      Deirdra is in the process of digitizing the Zoning Districts.

The Town Planner reported preliminary discussions regarding category "A"
review of a Narragansett Avenue project.

Planner also stated Steve Goslee reported that during the recent storm the
drain was working properly on Watson Ave.
      Mr. Goslee stated leaves sometimes clog the drain and the rate of
flow can also be a problem.
      In Mr. Goslee's opinion, the detention pond will mitigate the
drainage problem.

The Commission came to an agreement with the Planner that he is to write a
letter to the Hunts stating the findings of Mr. Goslee.

  b. Subcommittees
Harbor Management Commission - Commissioner Butterfield reported the
Harbor Commission will be holding several workshops on the pier extention.
      The next meeting in November will have a workshop on the parking
issues downtown.  Phase II will not happen until early  next year.

  c. Town Committees
With nothing to report at this time move on to Old Business.

With nothing to report at this time move on to New Business.

1.   Discussion on Underground Utilities by William Brennan - Mr. Brennan
presented information regarding the potential for the installation of
underground utilities in Jamestown.  

2.   Memorandum from Commission Chair - Commission discussed two topics
relating to Cumberland Farms:
1) Interior-lighted advertising signs as displayed currently in the store
windows and whether they conform to the Town's sign ordinance.
      CONSENSUS: most members would allow these signs to remain.
2) The list of Special Use Permit (1) and Variances (6) the Planning
Commission would be required to comment upon, for or against, if
Cumberland Farms were to proceed to Zoning with their plans as presented,
discussed and revised on October 2, 1996.
      CONSENSUS: members took the list under advisement but requested
further counsel from the Zoning Officer regarding parking requirements
being fulfilled by 8 spaces at the gas pumps.

3.   Budget - Commission asked the Planner what was happening with the
      Planner stated he had submitted his budget and is awaiting a meeting
with the Town Administrator and Finance Director.
      Commissioner Butterfield stated he would like to see improvements
made to the Planning Building.
      Planner stated he would pass on the wishes of the Planning
Commission to the Town Administrator.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 pm.  So voted:  7-0.


Kimberly A. Turcone  
Recording Secretary