March 20, 1996
  Multi Purpose Room

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.
The following members were present:
Michael Smith, Chairman
Anthony Travisono
Richard Waters
Betty Hubbard
Thomas Foley 
David Butterfield
Arthur Milot
Lisa Wray Bryer

Also in attendance were:
Mark Browning, Town Planner
Michelle Botelho, Recording Secretary
Christine Ariel, citizen
Chris Powell, citizen
Jim Sammons, citizen
John Caito, citizen
Steve Goslee, citizen
Dick Wing, citizen
Mark Liberati, citizen
Donald Richardson, citizen
Don Minto, citizen
Bill Brennan, citizen
Ann Veeger, citizen
Elisabeth Beaumount, citizen

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes of the March 6, 1996 minutes.
      Vote carried 8 to 0. 

1.  CRMC NOTICE to Charles and Jane Masso, 10 Seaview Drive, Jamestown, RI
 02835  RE:  to construct and maintain:  a residential recreational
boating facility, the terminus to extend a 50' seaward of mean low water.
      The facility will also be serviced by electric and water.
2.  DEM INSIGNIFICANT ALTERATION - PERMIT to Carolyn M. Mattera, 9 Concord
Street, Smithfield, RI  02917.
      Located Plat 16, Lot 13.
      After talking briefly about the current status of the property the
commission requested this be referred to the Town Administrator and
Building Official.
3.  Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from John Murphy RE: 
Application for Development Plan Review (Conanicut Marina Shower House).
      Planner reported that the joint hearing would be on April 30th.
4.  Memorandum to Planning Commission from Town Planner  RE:  Water use
5.  Copy of correspondence to Planning Commission from Town Clerk  RE: 
Appointment of Lisa Wray- Bryer.
6.  Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from Town Clerk  RE:  Re
appointment of Betty Hubbard.

The Chairman entertained a motion to accept and receive correspondence,
Motion made and seconded.

There being no citizen present wishing to speak, board moved to Town
Planner's Report.

Planner indicated that Chris Powell and Mo Vandal would be accompanying
the commission on the Island tour.

The commission deliberated on the make up of the Technical Review
      They voted to appoint members at their next meeting.
      Planner was directed by the commission to compile written procedures
on the technical review process.

Planner reported no new development on the Cumberland Farms project.
      He noted they have requested additional information on sign

Planner announced the 1st public workshop on the council's request for
recommendations is on April 3rd at the Library and the 2nd workshop will
be held at the Community Center.

--------------------------------------------   PUBLIC WORK SESSION

Joint session of the Groundwater Study, Water Study, & Planning

Water Study Committee, Mark Liberati -  In a brief supplemental report Mr.
Liberati stated that three wells have been dug.
      The first well is producing, second did poorly, and the third well
has been cited 500ft.
     south of the first.
      He noted that the water problem is not solved but we will probably
not have to purchase from North Kingstown this year.
      He open the floor to comments.

Groundwater Study Committee, David Butterfield -  An informational report
on the status of the committee's current findings was given by David
      It is the committees opinion that they have exhausted all available
data and would like to proceed with recommendations from URI.
      The proposal from Dr.
     Anne Veeger was entered into the record.
      This proposal would enable the committee obtain a water quality
evaluation, and the ground-water development potential.
     Veeger noted that this proposal would be to gather baseline
information which would provide a working basis.
      Mr. Butterfield also presented a groundwater survey which was
entered into the record.
      He noted that the committee would like to see this survey go out in
the next water bills.
      The committees' devoted considerable discussion to the impact a
municipal water system in the Shores would have on the school system.
      Next topic discussed was a retrofit program.

There was discussion on the buildout analysis in the Comprehensive Plan.  

After further discussion on the water situation the Planning Commission
suggested that an applicant applying for Development Plan Review go to the
Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners for approval before appearing
before the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Smith expressed thanks to the committee's for their reports.
      The concensus was to see an interim report on all the above
mentioned factors.         

The Motion was made and seconded to adjourn meeting at 10:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Botelho