March 6, 1996
  Town Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.
The following members were present:
Michael Smith, Chairman
Anthony Travisono
Richard Waters
Mary Brennan
Betty Hubbard
Thomas Foley 
David Butterfield
Arthur Milot
Lisa Wray Bryer

Also in attendance were:
Mark Browning, Town Planner
Michelle Botelho, Recording Secretary
John Biddle, citizen

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes of the February 21, 1996
minutes as corrected.
      Vote carried 6 to 0.  Commissioner Hubbard abstained.

1.  CRMC NOTICE to Craig R. & Gloria A. Callen, 134 Longfellow Road,
Jamestown, RI  02835  RE:  To construct and maintain a residential boating
facility.  Received and Acknowledged.
2.  Copy of Correspondence to the Planning Commission from Town Planner
RE:  CRMC registration of boating facilities.  Received and Acknowledged.
3.  Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from Town Planner RE: 
Water usage at 1 Ferry Wharf.
      Commissioner Brennan requested that this be discussed under old
4.  Appointment of a member of the Planning Commission to Golf Course
Study Committee.  Moved to new business. 

5.  Around the island tour RE:  Set date for tour.  Moved to discuss after
Planner's Report.

Commissioner Smith entertained a motion to accept and receive
correspondence, Motion made and seconded.

Commissioner Smith asked if anyone present wish to address the board on
anything other than the 5 issues the Town Council sent for commission's
      There being no citizen present wishing to speak, board moved to Town
Planner's Report.

Planner reported that he met with representatives from Cumberland Farm's
      The company is proposing renovations to the existing operation.
      This meeting was of a preliminary nature and included discussion on
what hurdles they may have to cross.
      In my opinion the following objectives will need to be addressed;
Minimum setback variance, signage, reconfiguration of parking, and design
of new canopy.
      This project appears to fall under category B, review by the
Planning Commission.
      I suggest that a joint meeting of the Planning Commission and Zoning
Board he held.

Commissioner Smith introduced the newest member of the board Lisa Wray
      Commissioner Bryer stated she lives on Clinton Avenue with her
husband and 3 month old daughter Rachel.
      Mrs. Bryer noted that she has lived off and on the island for 10
years.  Also she is currently a Planner for the Town of South Kingstown.

Commissioner Waters reminded the commission that the Groundwater and Water
Study Committees will report their findings at the March 20th meeting.

The Planner mentioned that the representatives for Cumberland Farms would
like to make an informal presentation to the commission once materials are

John Biddle:  Will Cumberland Farms submit drawings for the public to
review?  Planner:  Yes, the Zoning Ordinance has a five page checklist
each applicant must comply with under the Development Plan Review and
drawings are included in that list.

Commissioner Smith stated that the around the island tour will be March
23rd on the Beavertail leaving from East Ferry dock at 10:00 am.
      He suggested each member pack a lunch.
      Commission suggested the Chairman of the Zoning Board and
Conservation Commission be invited.  

1. Request for recommendation from Town Council -  Commissioner Waters: 
These are all minor irritations; they should be taken up at one meeting; a
packet should be supplied to each member regarding these 5 issues.
      Commissioner Smith asked the opinion of the board.  

Commissioner Butterfield:  I agree with Mr. Waters; these subjects should
be compiled into one meeting; everyone has their own opinion and the
Planner can put together a packet for board's review.
     Commissioner Brennan:  I disagree, there should be two meetings; one
for input and the other for recommendation, and should be advertised in
the Jamestown Press.
      Commissioner Smith asked the consensus of the board.
      The board decided to hold testimony at one meeting and discussion
and vote at second meeting.
      Commissioner Smith asked that the commission familiarize themselves
with item #1 - Lot 201, Plat 9, #4 - 15 foot setback, and asked the
Planner to gather information regarding #2 - Bed and Breakfast, #3 -OS1 &
OS2, #5 - input from Zoning Board and Building Official.
      The commission discussed certain areas which are to be designated
open space.
      Commissioner Smith :  We have alot to discuss, each member should
come up with suggestions to solve these problems.
      The Commission requested the Planner obtain finalized details on
open space proposal from Chris Powell and input from the Land Trust.
      The Commission voted to hold the first hearing on April 3, 1996 and
the second on April 17, 1996.
      Commissioner Butterfield noted that these will be workshops not
public hearings, that the Town Council has to hold public hearings.
      Also instructed Planner to reserve the library or multi-purpose room
at the Melrose school and put an ad in the Jamestown Press.  

Commissioner Waters move to appoint Commissioner Foley to the Golf Course
Study Committee.
      Commissioner Foley declined stating that he has a conflict of
      Commissioners' Smith and Bryer showed interest in serving and
decided to discuss who would represent the board.
      Commissioner Milot:  What is the purpose of the committee? 
Commissioner Smith:  To find different ways  to reduce the burden on the

2.  Water Restrictions at One Ferry Wharf:  Commissioner Brennan:  I was
under the impression Mr. Munger would provide us with these figures. 
Planner:  He also will.
      Commissioner Brennan stated that it is hard to base these numbers on
      Planner stated that he was not aware the new dock was only in
operation part of the season.
      The commission requested the Planner gather annual water use figures
for McQuade's Laundromat, Bay Voyage, car wash, and average household. 

The Commission requested to be notified of the joint hearing date for Mr.
Munger's project. 
The Motion was made and seconded to adjourn meeting at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Botelho