February 21, 1996

Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.
The following members were present:
Michael Smith
Anthony Travisono
Richard Waters
Mary Brennan
Tom Foley, late arrival
Arthur Milot
David Butterfield

Also in attendance were:
Mark Browning, Town Planner
Michelle Botelho, Recording Secretary
Bill Munger, citizen
Elizabeth Beaumont, citizen
Thomas Todd, citizen
Chris Powell, citizen
Cathy Feeney, citizen
Spencer Potter, citizen
Dwight Dickinson, citizen

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes of February 7, 1996 as
corrected. Vote carried 6 to 0.

1. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to Peter & Linda DiBiase, 91 Friendship
Street, Providence, RI 02903 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or
alter within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
2. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to Victor & Rose Primavera, 758 East Shore
Road, Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or alter
within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
3. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to A. Louis Mariorenzi, 216 East Shore Road,
Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or alter
within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
4. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to John R. Perez, 27 Aquidneck Court,
Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or alter
within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
5. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to W. Randall Tyson, 229 Seaside Drive,
Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or alter
within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
6. CRMC RESIDENTIAL DOCK ASSENT to Barbara M. Leonard, 276 Benefit Street,
Providence, RI 02903 RE: Maintain a private residential recreational
boating facility.
7. CRMC FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Town of Jamestown/Conanicut
Marine Services, 1 Ferry Wharf, Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: Install leak
detection equipment as per R.I.D.E.M. close tanks #l & #2. Proper erosion
control measures shall be utilized.
8. CRMC FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Town of Jamestown, Box 377,
Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: Fill existing fuel storage tank with concrete
located Plat 10, Lot 145.
9. CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION to Daniel J. Capuano, Jr., 648 East Shore
Road, Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: No permit to construct, grade, fill or alter
within 200 feet of a coastal feature.
10. Copy of Correspondence to Mark Liberati from Planning Commission RE:
Joint meeting.
11. Copy of Correspondence to Chris Powell from Planning Commission RE:
Report on Open Space definition.
12. Copy of Correspondence to Jack Hubbard from Planning
Commission RE: Invitation to attend February 21st meeting.
13. Copy of Correspondence to James Donnelly from Planning Commission RE:
Seeking legal opinion on B & B's.
     Copy of Correspondence to Bill Munger RE: Denial of any omission from
Site Plan.

The Chairman questioned whether the CRMC NOTICE OF VIOLATION'S were a
failure to register a boating facility.
     He asked that the Planner research this.
     The Chairman entertained a motion to accept the correspondence.
     Vote carried 7 to 0.

Conanicut Marine Services - Mr. Munger presented several site plans to the
commission and indicated that the shower/restroom facility would consist
of 8 showers, 2 washing machines, 6 wash basins and a one bedroom keeper's
     This building would be located on Lot 354, Plat 9 across from Bank of
     Thomas Todd: Our objective is to present as much material possible to
indicate the impact of that area and abide by the ordinance; the building
is ruffly 20 X 60; lot line ends a mean high water; parking may be an
     Mr. Munger: Taylor Point is working out for our present long termers;
there is plenty of parking at that site.
     Mr. Todd: The present ruling is any habitable structure has to start
16 feet above mean or mean high water.
     Mr. Munger stated that the plan is at the higher number. Mr. Munger
noted that the building would be constructed of white or red cedar
shingles with white trim and green lattice work along the bottom and be a
sister to the main office at 1 Ferry Wharf. Commissioner Milot: Is the
keeper's quarters just in the summer? No, year round.
     Commissioner asked if any trees would be removed. Mr. Munger:
I'm flexible with the tree issue; I would like to leave the tree line
intact and the neighbors would like it to disappear; I am open for
comments, ready to go to the next step and print final plans.
     My goals are to do a nice building around 20ft.
     wide and do it right.
     Commissioner Milot: Is any of this a zoning issue?
Munger: We will need a setback variance and parking may be an issue.
     The Commission briefly discussed the creation of a parallel parking
space on Conanicus Avenue.
     Commissioner Foley felt that a keeper's quarters would promote less
vandalism. Mr. Munger:
have found with more 2nd floor residence on buildings in the village we
find helps decrease vandalism.

Commissioner Smith suggested that because this is the first Development
Plan Review before the board we should hold a joint meeting between the
Planning Commission and Zoning Board.
     Commissioner Waters asked if CRMC has been contact.
     Elizabeth Beaumont: Mr. Munger are the showerheads automatic shut
off? Mr. Munger: The construction of the proposed facility is an
opportunity to upgrade with commercial type water saving equipment from
the start.
     Commissioner Smith tentatively scheduled a meeting on March 21st to
review the finished plans.
     Commissioner Brennan asked that water consumption figures accompany
the completed plan.

There being no citizen wishing to address the board moved onto Town
Planner's report.


Planner reported he has tentatively scheduled a meeting for a Housing
Workshop on April 23rd, this will suffice our requirement for Fair Housing
in Jamestown required by the Community Development Block Grant.
     He noted that there has not been a plan for 2 years, therefore the
Town has not been in compliance.

Planner noted that he reviewed a Development Plan Review project located
at 4 Clinton Avenue, the project is pending Zoning Board approval for
variance of district dimensional regulations, specifically minimum lot
size, percentage of lot coverage and setbacks, and minimum off street
parking regulations.

Planner mentioned he has scheduled a meeting with a representative from
Cumberland Farms and the Building Official on March 6th.
     Commissioner Milot: What are their plans? Planner: They are intending
to relocate the fuel tank, reconfiguration of parking, add a second island
and new canopy.
     This new facility is proposing 2 to 4 gas pumps.
     Commissioner Smith asked if there is any question whether this review
falls under the Planner or
Commission's review.
     The board had no objections to Planner's review of this project.
     Commissioner Smith suggested the Planner take pictures of the
Wickford Mobil station as a source of reference.

Conservation Commission - Presentation of Open Space - Chris Powell,
Chairman spoke on behalf of the commission.
     He explained that the watershed and farmland areas of the island are
top priorities for the commission.
     He noted that preserving this land will protect the land we have.
     The Conservation Commission is proposing two open space district:
Open Space 1 would be passive recreation and Open Space 2 would be for
active recreation.
     The board discussed areas of the island where these designations
would apply.
     Mr. Powell presented a map to the board which designated open space 1
& 2. The board indicated that there are some areas were there is both
passive and active uses.
     Mr. Powell pointed out that OS -1 & OS-2 would allow for more
     He noted that this map does not include conservation easements.
     The Planning Commission entered Mr. Waters submission of Recreation
Area into the record.
     Mr. Powell stated that this map is the Conservation Commission's
recommendation to the Planning Commission on open space and are open to
any suggestions from the board.
     Commission Smith suggested that the neighbors of the Fort Whetherill
area come to express their concerns before any zone change.

Dwight Dickinson: I have live here for 22 years and never objected to any
passive activities at Fort Whetherill; If you designate this area OS-2 you
will invite people; I do not want it changed from passive to active open
space; I worry more about people hurting themselves.
     Commissioner Foley recommend suggesting to the police department a
routine through Fort Whetherill to cut down on vandalism.

Mr. Powell: We want to honor the community's request. I would like to
modify the map and bring back changes to the Planning Commission.

Motion to adjourn meeting and seconded at 9:50pm. So voted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Botelho