February 7, 1996

Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.
The following members were present:
Michael Smith
Betty Hubbard
Anthony Travisono
Richard Waters
Mary Brennan
Tom Foley
Arthur Milot
David Butterfield

Also in attendance were:
Mark Browning, Town Planner
Michelle Botelho, Recording Secretary
Craig Amerigan, citizen
Richard Hutchinson, citizen
Steve Garnett, citizen

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes of January 3, 1996 as
corrected. Vote carried 7 to 1 abstained.

Commissioner Smith started the meeting by introducing and welcoming the
new Town Planner to Jamestown.

1. Copy of Correspondence from Commissioner Smith to Planning Commission
RE: adding Registered Land Surveyor to Section 1004 of the Zoning
Ordinance. The Commission voted to move the item to New Business.
2. Copy of Correspondence to Council from Planning Commission RE:
Commissioner Hubbard's reappointment. Received and Acknowledged. 
3. Copy of Correspondence to Town Administrator, Town Planner from
Planning Commission RE: Michelle's commendation letter.


Craig Amerigian, 194 Narragansett Ave: I would like to address Mr.
Murphy's comments in last week's press regarding Bed & Breakfast's;
All three stories sound nice but, there is no factual example that the
Brown's exist; I would be interested to see whom the Smith's home was sold
to; If we reflect back on the public meetings the majority was opposed to
B & B's in a residential zone except for one person; I don't feel the town
should be turn upside for one person; The decision should be based on
these hearings; my home's deed restrictions state "residential zone" this
is what I thought I bought into.


Planner reported that today he met with state officials to discuss the
relocation of the Senior Center's elevator.
     He is accepting the elevator to be installed within the next few

Planner also attended a meeting with DEM regarding the Water Supply
Management Plan.
     He excepts to complete and submit the necessary components for
acceptance within 60 days.

Planner reported that he met with the owner of Conanicut Marine Services
and discussed a potential project for Development Plan Review.
     Mr. Munger is proposing to construct a shower and restroom facility
on the lot across from Bank of Newport.
     Planner stated that he is asking the Commission's permission to omit
#12, pg. 70 of the Zoning Ordinance from his preliminary plan for board

The Motion was made by Commissioner Travisono and seconded by Commissioner
Milot to deny Mr. Munger's request to omit #12 from his proposed shower
and restroom plan. Vote carried 8 to 0.
The Commission noted that Mr. Munger is welcome to meet with the board
informally for any input on his plan.

The board requested the clerk check to see if the library has a copy of
the Comprehensive Plan for general circulation.

It was noted that on March 20th the Planning Commission has invited the
Water Study Committee to give an interim report.

There was mention of a around the island tour by boat plan for sometime in
late March.

The commission discussed and read aloud the definition of open space
submitted by Commissioner Waters.
     Commissioner Smith: The Town Council has asked the board to revisit
five items in the Zoning Ordinance; I suggested this letter and the
Conservation Commission's definition of open space be tabled until the
vacancy on the board has been filled.
     Commissioner Butterfield felt that there could be a discussion of
open space without a formal vote.
Commissioner Hubbard suggested that at the time of the open space
discussion an ad be placed in the press inviting the public to comment.
Steven Garnett: Is there a public copy available of Mr. Waters definition?

The commission discussed separating open space definition into two
segments, open space 1 & 2. Open Space l would be designated solely to
open space (passive recreation) and Open Space 2 would allow for organized
recreational activities.

Steven Garnett: I am a member of the Fort Wetherill Boat Owners
Association; if you start putting tennis courts and ballfields in an
designated open space area then these activities will take over the land
set aside for open space.
     Commissioner Butterfield: There is a lack of recreational facilities
on the island; I can not see the council voting against precluding these
Richard Hutchinson: The Fort Wetherill Study Committee published a report
in 1991; I urge the board to read this report to bring you up to speed on
the history of the property.
     Commissioner Foley showed concern over the condition of the existing
Whetherill area.
     The commission briefly discussed the misuse of the area in past years
and felt that more use may mean less destruction.
     There was a brief discussion on the relocation of the existing
Highway Barn.

Motion made by Commissioner Butterfield and seconded by Commissioner
Travisono to request legal opinion from the Town Solicitor on the
implementation of 2a & 2b ( amendments to the Zoning Ordinance).
     Vote carried 8 to 0.

The board requested that a member of the Conservation Commission provide a
presentation including maps of open space for next agenda.
     The board also wished for the Land Trust to attend this meeting.

1. Report on Groundwater Study Committee's progress: Commissioner
Butterfield stated that the committee is studying the impact of private
wells on existing water supply.
     He noted that they have been working closely with a geologist from
URI. The committee is also compiling along with 3 URI grad students a
questionnaire regarding well service on the North End.
     The Committee is expected to have a recommendation by Nov 30th.
     Commissioner Waters mentioned that URI has offered to test the iron
levels in the water for a minimum cost.

2. Recommendation to Town Council to amend Section 1004 pg. 62 of Zoning
Ordinance: The Commission discussed adding a Register Land Surveyor to
this section to be consist with the Subdivision Regulations.
     The consensus was to file and revisit this issue.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 10:00. So voted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Botelho