P.O. Box 377


January 3, 1996

Meeting was called to order at 7:45pm.
     The following members were present: Michael Smith Betty Hubbard
Anthony Travisono Richard Waters Mary Brennan Tom Foley Arthur Milot

Also in attendance were:

Town Offices - 423-7220
Planning Office - 423-7210
Fax - 423-7229

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes of December 13, 1995 and
December 20, 1995 as corrected. Vote carried 7 to 0.

Commissioner Waters asked when the subdivision regulations would be
printed? Commissioner Smith replied that he requested the clerk to obtain
a price for 50 copies GVC bond.
     The Clerk was advised to print after the Commission had approve the
changed to the minutes.
     Commissioner Smith felt that they would not be printed much before
January 17th.
     Commissioner Hubbard submitted the corrected illustrations to
accompany the printing of the completed document.
     The commission decide to discuss illustrations under old business.

1. Copy of Correspondence to Martin Hellewell from the Planning Commission
RE: SK Properties.
     Commissioner Hubbard expressed concern on the 5-2 but later realized
that Commissioner Brennan was not present at second meeting.
     She stated she would like to see reasons listed when showing
     Commissioner Smith stated that it is a good idea but will require
more work on the Commission's part.
2. Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from David Stearn Martin
RE: Jamestown Inn.
3. Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from Conanicut Island
Land Trust RE: Hammett Court.
4. Copy of Correspondence to Planning Commission from Historic
Preservation Commission RE: adoption of historical site.
5. CRMC FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to Syndey Walker, 7 Beavertail
Road, Jamestown, RI 02835 RE: To construct a second story addition and a
94 s.f. first floor addition as per the approved plans.
6. DEM Insignificant impact to Eliot W. Denault, 889 Elm Street,
Manchester, NH 03105.
7. CRMC Assent to Ellicott Wright, PO Box 432, Jamestown, RI RE: To
construct a DEM approved four-bedroom ISDS to replace an existing
     Replace an overhead electric service with an underground electric
service, existing dwelling has three bedrooms to be serviced.
8. CRMC ASSENT to RIDEM/Parks and Recreation, 2321 Hartford Avenue,
Johnston, RI 02919 RE: establish vegetation management plan for Beavertail
State Park, located at Beavertail State Park, Jamestown, RI 02835.
     Commissioner Smith noted that a map was not attached to this
     This plan is in keeping with what they had originally proposed.
     Commissioner Hubbard: It would be interesting to see the map we
should request it.
                    9. Copy of correspondence to Planning Commission from
State Planning Council RE: Technical Committee's meeting schedule.
10. Copy of correspondence to Planning Commission from State planning
Council RE: Planning Council meeting schedule.



The council approve the choice of Mark Browning for Planner.
     He has accepted the offer and I anticipated his starting time around
the 1st of February.
     Commissioner Milot suggested that copies of the Subdivision
Regulations, and Comprehensive Plan be forwarded to the new planner prior
to his arrival.

Commissioner Hubbard made mention of the Techinal Review Board noted in
the Subdivision Regulations.
     The commission suggested that they mail the incoming Planner a copy
of the Comprehensive Plan.
     Commissioner Travisono asked that a cover letter accompany the
documents welcoming him.
     Commissioner Smith added the he wrote the letter for Michelle
personnel file and will include a copy next agenda.


Commissioner Hubbard asked that the commission review drawings first.
     Commissioner Smith: I remember Commissioner Butterfield asking if
they would be drawn up on the CAD to look more professional.
     Commissioner Hubbard: That's fine; I think though it would slow the
process up; but would be willing to have David do that.
     The changes were as follows:

Illustration #l - no change

Illustration #2 - 50 foot dimension eliminated from front of ROW

Illustration #3 - 50 ft dimension eliminated from front of ROW

Illustration #4 - no change

Illustration #5 - no change

The commission suggested that Commissioner Hubbard meet with Mr. Goslee to
review the utility dimensions on the drawings.
     Commissioner Hubbard: If there are any changes I will send them
before next meeting.
     In the absence of a Planner and secretary they postponed meeting to

Illustration #6 - added 6" dimensions to curb

Illustration #7 - no change

Illustration #8 - no change

Illustration #9 - no change

Illustration #10 - no change

Illustration #11 - no change

Illustration #12 - no change

Illustration #13 - no change

Illustration #14 - no change

Illustration #15 - no change

Request for recommendation from Town Council - Commissioner Travisono: The
council wants us to conduct Public work sessions; what is the definition
of a work session? within ourselves? Commissioner Waters: Public work
session is to take comment from the public.
     Commissioner Smith: I think what they want us to do is review these
items and make a recommendation; see that the public knows about it; input
at drafting stage; still have to hold a public hearing to adopt these by
law; want a practical workable suggestion.
     Commissioner Travisono: What if we don't make any changes.
     Commissioner Smith: They can make changes and hold a public hearing.

Council wanted the ability to say yes to B & B's were there was minimal
     Commissioner Milot: Where was there A B & B with minimal objection?
Commissioner Smith: Across from the golf
course; the gist I am getting is council somehow wants the ability to say
yes but, they don't want B & B's to be allowed any place; they what us to
figure out a way to do this; that's what this minimum lot size of 30,000
sq. ft is about. Commissioner Milot: That's only incidental to the larger
issue, I don't think you can focus on the smaller lot size.
     Commissioner Travisono: In reference to number two; it would occur to
me that they want one person in this town to get a license and they know
who that person is.
     Commissioner Smith: It may be true; but I think what it means is not
only do they want that one person to get it, there might be another who
will come along with another application with that a good idea; that's
what I think that's about.
     Commissioner Milot: There will be 10 guys coming up with those
Commissioner Hubbard: I remember from discussion three suggestions kind of
allowing B & B's in a more limited way; (1) 30,000 sq. ft. (2) inquire
from abutters (3) allow so many per district; it seem to me the drawbacks
may not be possible to do; we don't not have data on lots.
     Commissioner Smith: I think the # was 76; then it would have to be a
lot by lot basis; I personally would want input from a Planner describing
the impact of each scenario; 30,000 sq. ft is too broad. Commissioner
Hubbard: I agree.
     Commissioner Milot: I think one of the objections were nothing for
the Dumplings and Shoreby Hill why single out these areas.
     Commissioner Smith: I wouldn't want to move on any of these things
until we have a planner on board; new member appointed and all the
information pertinent to these issues were on hand.
     Commissioner Milot: I think it's a much larger issue then this one
house; this is just the surface.
     The commission discussed addressing allowing B & B's in other zones.

Commissioner Waters suggested that a traffic survey be done for the
downtown and Fort Getty areas in the summer by URI students.
     This would give us an idea of how many people are visiting Jamestown.
     Commissioner Milot: I don't think that there is a question that the
market is there; I think there a fantastic market for B & B's.
     Commissioner Travisono: We could ask the three owners how many people
they refuse.
     Commissioner Smith: I would be more interested in the building
statistics from the three owners; the abutters feelings on this.

Commissioner Smith suggested that the items request by council for review
by the Planning Commission should be taken up at a later date and that the
commission should familiarize themselves with the areas in question.

The Commission discussed open space by reviewing some current definitions.
     Commissioner Hubbard asked that copies of the open space definitions
be included on next agenda.

Commissioner Smith would like to members to familiarize themselves with
the R-8 zone so we can all have a good idea on setbacks, and Newman Lumber

Commissioner Smith would like input from the Zoning Board on the request
from council regarding modifications.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 10:01. So voted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Botelho