April 20th, 2005

7:30 PM

 Jamestown Library


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. and the following members were present:

Gary Girard                                    Betty Hubbard

Victor Calabretta                            Barry Holland

Andrew Kallfelz                              William Kelly

Jean Macgregor Brown


Also present:

Lisa Bryer, AICP – Town Planner

Michael Gray – Town Engineer

Peter Brockmann – Attorney

Steven Perry

Chris Duhamel, RLS, PE, DiPrete Engineering


I. Approval of Minutes from March 16th, 2005


A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner Kallfelz to accept the minutes as written.  So unanimously voted. 


II.                Correspondence

1.        DEM – Andrea Colognese and Doriana Carella 2 Watson Ave, Jamestown RI 02835; Insignificant Alteration Permit to freshwater wetlands– Plat 16, Lot 351 Jamestown.  Received

2.        DEM – Doris Arthur 205 Trinity Street, Warwick, RI 02886; Insignificant Alteration Permit to freshwater wetlands– Plat 9 Lot 537 Jamestown.  Received

3.        Letter from Bill Sheehan Re:  Fort Getty.  Received


III.  Citizen’s Non Agenda Item – nothing at this time


IV. Reports

1.               Town Planner’s Report

2.               Chairpersons report

3.               Town Committees

a.       Harbor

b.      Fort Getty

c.       Buildings and Facilities

d.      Others

4.               Sub Committees


V.   Old Business

1.      STD Builders – Plat 5 Lot 58, Ferry Street - Review under Zoning Ordinance Section 314 – High Groundwater Table and Impervious Layer Overlay District – Sub-District A

Peter Brockmann presented for the applicant, Steven Perry, STD Builders.

The impervious cover is 7.8 percent of the lot.

Chris Duhamel, RLS, PE for DiPrete Engineering presented the application.

Commissioner Calabretta questioned that the first site plan was approved by DEM and if the Planning Commission approves this plan that is different, then does he have to go back to DEM.  Chris Duhamel said it was his opinion that he would not, but he would if it is a condition of approval.  Commissioner Calabretta asked if he could build the house without the fill.  Chris Duhamel answered that the house would still need fill to build the drainage system that is required by the ordinance, even if the house were on piers.  Commissioner Kallfelz stated a wider disturbance of surface area for infiltration is not necessarily better than a deeper area of infiltration that requires mounding.  Mike Gray explained that with the poor soils in Jamestown, a wider infiltration surface may be desirable but it has to be balanced with overall impact.


Commissioner Calabretta asked for plans that are consistent.  The foundation plan is different than the house sectional plan.  The house sectional plan shows a basement.  The foundation plan does not.  Commissioner Calabretta wanted to know why they moved the ISDS and not the pipe.  The engineer committed to changing the location of the house to keep the location of the ISDS in the same location as was approved by DEM if that was what the Board wanted.  Commissioner Girard poled the Planning  Commissioners on the issue.  There were more inconsistencies identified between the DiPrete Foundation Trench Detail and the Air-Rickki Design.  One has gravel outside the foundation with a drainage pipe and the other has gravel under the footing.  The Engineer stated the DiPrete plan was the correct foundation plan.  There was further discussion on the size and depth of the infiltration trench.  Commissioner Kelly suggested that they get consensus from the board on several key issues and then go back and make sure that their plans are consistent.  Commissioner Kallfelz stated that the infiltration design should be up to the designer in this case because there is not much difference in disturbance as far as he is concerned.  The inconsistencies made the presentation appear sloppy. 


The Planning Commission agreed to allow the applicant to get rid of sheet 5 of the Air-Rickki Design plans that incorrectly show a basement and a three-story structure.  Commissioner Calabretta wants the foundation trench detail and the foundation detail on the same plan.  The engineer provided a list of changes that he felt he received consensus on from the Board, A 10 x 20 foot trench and the location of the house at its current location is the best design, sheet 5 should be removed from the set, and the ISDS , trench and foundation detail should be consistent,

The following are comments from the Planning Commissioners on what to do tonight, resubmit with changes or act tonight?

Commissioner Holland - ready to act tonight

Commissioner Brown – ready to act tonight

Commissioner Calabretta – not ready to act tonight because they submitted a new plan

Commissioner Hubbard – agrees with Calabretta

Commissioner Kelly – go back and resubmit with changes

Commissioner Kallfelz – could act tonight but changes made would not be substantive

Commissioner Girard – Difficult area to develop. 


The Planning Commission would like the applicant to resubmit when the changes are made.



2.      Affordable Housing Plan, review of State comments and proposed amendments

This item was not reviewed at the recommendation of the Town Planner.  Since there were no policy changes



VI. New Business

1.      Evelyn F. Furtado – Pre-application Review - 2 Lot Minor Subdivision with Waivers, Plat 8 Lot 753 – Luther Street


Victor Calabretta recuses from this application.  Steven King presented the application to the Planning Commission.  


The Planning Commission felt that the applicant should get more clarification from the Public Works Department on the water issue or the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners prior to continuing with the subdivision.  No other objections to the application.  No decisions are necessary or were made. 



2.      FY 2005 Community Development Block Grant – Review of projects by Planning Commission for Consistency with Comprehensive Community Plan

A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner Hubbard to support the Community Development Block Grant because it is consistent with the Comprehensive Community Plan.  So unanimously voted.            


A motion to adjourn at 10:00 p.m. was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner Kallfelz.  So unanimously voted.





Lisa Bryer                                This meeting was recorded on 1-microcassette