March 3, 2004

7:30 PM

 Jamestown Library


The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. and the following members were present:

Gary Girard                        Andrew Kallfelz

Betty Hubbard                    Victor Calabretta

Jean MacGregor Brown    


Not present:

Barry Holland

William Kelly


Also present:

Lisa Bryer, AICP – Town Planner

Cinthia Reppe – Recording Clerk

Richard Pastore – Town Engineering Consultant

Andrew Yates – Architect

Jeff Hanson – Engineer – Caito Corp.

Star Snell

Amy Barclay – Conservation Commission

John Murphy – Attorney

Andrew Johnston – Engineer – Northeast Engineering Consultants

George Gifford – Landscape Architect – Gifford Design Group

Joseph Manning

Mike DeGidio

Dan Silva – Attorney

Chris Duhamel –Engineer – DiPrete Engineering Assoc.


I.      Approval of Minutes from February 18,2004

A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Girard to accept the minutes as written.  So unanimously voted.  Commissioner Brown Abstains.


II.   Correspondence

1. CRMC – Assent – Jean Schilling and Donna Schilling PO Box 77, Jamestown RI 02835; construct a residential boating facility to consist of a 4’x180’+/- fixed timber pier with a 4’x20’ lower access platform.  The terminus of the pier will extend to 105 ft. beyond MLW requiring a variance from the RICRMP Section 300.4.E.3.(k) 50 foot beyond MLW standard. Plat 4 Lot 123, 376 East Shore Rd. Received

2. CRMC – Assent – David and Judith Enstone 10 Holmstead Ct., Jamestown, RI 02835; construct a residential boating facility to consist of a 4’x185’ +/- fixed timber pier with a 4’x20’ lower access platform and 2 tie-off piles @ 108-ft +/- MLW.  Plat 2 Lot 60 10 Holmstead Court Jamestown, RI 02835. Received

3.      FYI –Memo to Town Council - Downtown Parking Plan  Received

4.      FYI – Memo to Town Council – Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments to Section 314 – High ground water table and impervious layer overlay district  Received


III. Citizen’s Non Agenda Item – nothing at this time


IV. Reports – nothing at this time

1.   Town Planner’s Report

2.   Town Committees

3.   Sub Committees


V.   Old Business

1.      Star Snell – 74 Steamboat St. – Plat 5 Lot 84 – Review per section 308 of Zoning Ordinance – setback to freshwater wetlands

Star Snell, owner of the property at 74 Steamboat St., presented a letter that she had written to the Planning Commission and read the letter aloud.  The letter contained some history on the property as well as her desire for the future of the property.  Architect Andrew Yates presented the plan to the Planning Commission.  A discussion ensued between the commissioners, engineers and the architect.  Town Planner Lisa Bryer clarified that the Planning Commission is reviewing this plan per section 308 of the Zoning Ordinance and that section 314 can be done administratively because it falls within sub-district B.  Amy Barclay from the Conservation Commission stated that a letter was sent to the Town Planner Lisa Bryer from Chris Powell, the chair of the Conservation Commission regarding this plan.  She stated that the Conservation Commission would like to review this updated plan, and give environmental advice to the Planning Commission.  A motion was made by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Girard to revisit this proposal at the March 17, 2004 meeting at which time we will have the Conservation Commissions recommendation.  So voted:

Gary Girard – Aye                    Andrew Kallfelz – Nay

Betty Hubbard – Aye               Victor Calabretta – Aye

Jean Brown – Aye                   

                                                                        Motion passes by a vote of 4-1


2.      Manning – Cedar Lane - 9 Lot Major Subdivision – Master Plan Review

Attorney John Murphy introduced Mr. Joseph Manning, owner of the property, Andrew Johnston, engineer, and Mr. George Gifford, Landscape architect.  Mr. Murphy wanted to comment on the Town Planners report and some of the details of the plan.  He stated that the proposed gravel road contributes to the rural character of Jamestown, and that the Conservation Commission never invited the applicant to their meetings.  Mr. Murphy also stated that this property was developed by the regulations of Jamestown’s Zoning Ordinance when it comes to the density of the subdivision.  He then introduced Andrew Johnston of Northeast Engineers who stated that there will be underground utilities and that one of the lots was pulled out of the watershed area.  Mr. Gifford explained some of the different tree types that are on the property as well.  He will provide the Planning Commission with a list of trees for the next meeting.  Mike DeGidio abutter to the property explained that 5 ft below the surface is ledge, in some areas 6’-7’ and wanted to know if they will be bringing in fill to accommodate the ISDS.  This may change the watershed boundary.  A discussion ensued between the Planning Commissioners with comments being made about the width of the street, defining the 200-foot DEM Drainage area, the level spreaders and reducing the number of lots.  Commissioner Calabretta stated that nothing has impacted his opinion of this proposal and as long as emergency vehicles can get down the street than they have done everything to comply with our regulations and if the planning commission wants the number of lots reduced than just come out and say it.  Commissioner Kallfelz agrees.  Commissioner Hubbard made a motion, which was seconded by Commissioner Kallfelz for discussion purposes to reduce the number of lots based on the fact that the 200 foot DEM drainline setback should be considered unsuitable for development.  A discussion ensued with little support and the following vote was taken.

So voted:

Gary Girard – Nay                         Andrew Kallfelz – Nay

Betty Hubbard – Aye                     Victor Calabretta – Nay

Jean Brown – Nay

                                                                   Motion fails by a vote of 1-4

A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Girard to continue the meeting past the 10:00 ending time.  So unanimously voted.

The discussion continued and Town Planner Lisa Bryer will get together with Engineer Andrew Johnston on the few issues that the Planning Commission would like to see.  A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Calabretta to advertise for the Public Hearing for the April 7th 2004 meeting.  So voted:

Gary Girard – Aye                          Andrew Kallfelz – Aye

Betty Hubbard – Aye                     Victor Calabretta – Aye

Jean Brown – Aye

                                                                   Motion passes by a vote of 5-0


VI. New Business

    1. STD Builders – Ferry St. - Plat 5 Lot 58 – High Ground water table/ Impervious Layer Overlay district review

Dan Silva attorney introduced Chris Duhamel, engineer from DiPrete Engineering Associates.  Mr. Duhamel stated that this application should be in sub district B not A.  The Town Planner and the Town Engineering Consultant stated that was conflicting information about the groundwater level but that it is clear from looking at the groundwater information that the site has a 10”, a 16” and a 20” testhole.  The ISDS was designed on the 10” verified depth to water table and therefore the application should be reviewed as a Sub-district A application.  After a brief discussion this issue was continued until the April 7th meeting at which time there will be a formal determination regarding the water table.


A motion to adjourn was made at 10:27 p.m. by Commissioner Calabretta and seconded by Commissioner Kallfelz.  So unanimously voted.




Cinthia Reppe