August 6, 2003

7:30 PM

Jamestown Library

The meeting was called to order and the following members were present:

Gary Girard Andrew Kallfelz

Sue Barker Victor Calabretta

Betty Hubbard Jean Macgregor-Brown

Barry Holland

Also present:

Cinthia Reppe – Recording Clerk

Julio DiGiando

Michaela Kennedy – Jamestown Press

  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from July 16, 2003.

A motion was made by Commissioner Calabretta and seconded by Commissioner Barker to accept the minutes as written. So unanimously voted. Commissioners Hubbard and Holland Abstain.


1.CRMC – Assent – Donald M. and Nancy A. Cloud, 109 Longfellow Rd. Jamestown RI 02835: construct a wooden bluff walkover structure, maintain a six ft. wide access path and seating area as shown on approved plans. Located at plat 12, lot 48, Beavertail Rd. Jamestown. Received

2. CRMC – Assent – Richard Melanson, PO Box 991, North Kingstown, RI 02852: construct a 3 bedroom dwelling with an attached deck, ISDS and well. Construct a gravel driveway, patio and misc. landscaping located Plat 5, lot 19 Seaside Dr. Jamestown. Received

3. CRMC – Assent – Pamila Haas, 26 Kanpton St., Barrington, RI 02806: construct additions and renovations to an existing residential dwelling, install a new ISDS (bottomless sand filter type), relocate cabana, construct porches, patios and perform landscaping as indicated upon the submitted plan. Located at plat 16, lot 231, 405 Seaside Dr. Jamestown. Received

4. CRMC – Maintenance Certification – Town of Jamestown 44 Southwest Ave. Jamestown RI: construct maintenance within an existing marina perimeter limit (MPL) by authorizing one float and tie off pile and installing one float with anchoring chains to accommodate 1 vessel. The boat count will remain the same at 20 vessels. Located at plat 8, lot 530, Narragansett Ave. Jamestown RI. Received

5. CRMC – Assent – Hugh M and Joan C. Pease Collard, PO Box 542 North Kingstown, RI 02852: construct a 3 bedroom single family dwelling, ISDS and connection to existing individual on-site well. Also install a landscaping, located at plat 3, lot 503, West Reach Dr., Jamestown RI. Received

6. CRMC – Assent – Gloria Kurz, 400 East Shore Rd., Jamestown RI: construct a coastal bluff, walkover structure as shown on the proposed plans. Located plat 4, lot *11, 400 East Shore Rd. Jamestown RI. Received

7. CRMC – Assent Modification – David M and Salley J Ryan, 101 Melrose Ave, Jamestown RI 02835: Install timber pilings anchored to ledge with steel pins to supplement deteriorated steel piles, add a 4’ x 16’ fixed L section with nine dolphin piles at the terminus of the facility to replace a previously approved ramp and float. The facility will extend 73’ beyond mean low water (MLW). Received

8. CRMC – Maintenance Certification – Town of Jamestown – construct maintenance repairs to four existing pump stations by replacing roofs, installing new exterior lighting, repairing a wet well hatch, and constructing an eight ft. by eight ft. shed. Also remove and dispose of street lighting adjacent to Potters Cove. Located at plat 9 lots 520, 601, 398 & street right of way Maple Avenue, 4 pump stations and Freebody Dt. Jamestown, RI Received

9. CRMC – Certificate of Maintenance – Town of Jamestown – replace the westerly most sewer manhole located adjacent to pump station #3 on ROW at Narragansett Ave. Located at plat 9 lot ROW, Narragansett Ave. Jamestown RI. Received

10. CRMC – Assent - Joseph Oliveira, 1046 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835: to construct modifications to an existing residential boating facility by installing a boat lift system. Received

11. CRMC – Finding of No Significant Impact – Anita Acampara, 11 Seaside Dr. Jamestown, RI: maintain "as built" 8’x10’ shed Plat 14 lot 19, 11 Seaside Dr. Jamestown, RI. Received

12. CRMC – Finding of No Significant Impact – W. Tyler Page, 228 Hull Cove Farm Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835: construct and maintain a 3 car garage with a room above; must comply to all stipulations of original assent #1994-01-006, all in accordance with plans submitted. Located at plat 12, 78; 228 Hull Cove Rd. Jamestown, RI. Received

  1. Citizen’s Non Agenda Item –nothing at this time
  2. Reports
  1. Town Planner’s Report
  2. Commissioner Girard read the report by Town Planner Lisa Bryer regarding Forge Construction. Commissioner Kallfelz would like Commissioner Girard to ask the Town Solicitor if the planning commission denies this when can Forge Construction come back, or will there be a waiting period. If it is continued or denied should the planning commission be specific.

    Commissioner Girard also informed the Planning Commission that former Commissioner Rob Lambert attended a meeting with Central Baptist Church’s representatives Charles Morton and Juan Lee to go over the architectural issues regarding the plan.

  3. Town Committees
  4. Sub Committees
  1. Old Business

1. Forge Construction Management Inc. – Plat 15, lot 102 Ship St.- Development Plan Review per Section 314 of the Zoning Ordinance, High Groundwater Table and Impervious Layer Overlay District – Sub-district A Review (con’t). Item to be continued until August 20, 2003 - continued

2. Downtown Parking Plan 2003 - Discussion

A discussion ensued regarding the Parking Plan and Downtown Parking Survey. The Planning Commission reviewed the report that Sevia Phillips completed from the surveys that were distributed to various downtown businesses. The planning commission would like a copy of the spreadsheet that Sevia created. According to the workshop that was held in April of 2003 the top 3 issues were Parking in the Village for more than 2 hours, Lack of a parking plan and buildings that cannot comply with the ordinance. Commissioner Holland stated that it was his understanding from the Chamber that one of the issues with the businesses are because they have variances the banks are less favorable to their applications. Commissioner Brown stated that the planning commission has just recently approved 2 expansions, the Baptist Church and a restaurant and parking was not an issue. Another issue discussed was the records regarding grandfathering of parking. The records say different things and it is difficult to make decisions where there are contradicting records. Commissioner Holland stated that there are 3 top priorities, parking for more than 2 hours, businesses that can’t comply with codes and enforcement. The planning commission discussed the enforcement issue. The planning commission would like a copy of the Downtown Improvement plan for the next meeting that this issue will be discussed. Some of the trouble spots that the commissioners stated were:

  1. New Business

A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Brown to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 p.m.. So unanimously voted.


Cinthia Reppe