June 18, 2003

7:30 PM

Jamestown Melrose School Multi Purpose Room

The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. and the following members were present:

Gary Girard Andrew Kallfelz

Betty Hubbard Victor Calabretta

Jean MacGregor-Brown Sue Barker

Barry Holland

Also present:

Lisa Bryer,AICP – Town Planner

Cinthia Reppe – Recording Clerk

John Murphy – Attorney

Scott Price – Engineer - Northeast Engineers & Consultants

Kevin Alverson – Gifford Design Group

Charles Morton – New England Construction

Robert Cournoyer – Land Surveyor - RCCournoyer Enterprises

Riley Lamson – Developer - Forge Construction Management

Sue Boddington – Rhode Island Housing

Sheila Brush – Grow Smart Rhode Island

Representative Bruce Long

Julio DiGiando, Jamestown Town Council

Guy Settipane, Jamestown Town Council

Michaela Kennedy – Jamestown Press

  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from May 21,2003
  2. A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner Barker to accept the minutes as written. So unanimously voted.

    Reading and Approval of Minutes from June 4, 2003

    A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Brown to accept the minutes as written. So unanimously voted. Abstention Sue Barker.

    Commissioner Holland arrives at 7:38 p.m.

  3. Correspondence
  1. CRMC – File Number 02-10-78, 10-12 High St. LLC-Retaining rather that demolishing Lt. Richard C. Derby House, Edgewater Received
  2. CRMC – JuneCalendar Received
  3. CRMC – Notice of Modification – David M. and Sally J. Ryan, 101 Melrose Ave. Jamestown, RI Received 02835:assent to construct modifications to a residential boating facility to consist of installing timber support pilings along the entire length of the fixed pier, adding a 4’x16’ "L" section and nine dolphin support piles at the terminus of the fixed pier. The seaward end of the dock will extend to 73 feet +/- beyond mean low water. Plat 8 Lot 30. Received
  1. Citizen’s Non Agenda Item – nothing at this time
  2. Reports
    1. Town Planner’s Report
    2. Town Planner Lisa Bryer stated that the Town Council would like to meet with the Planning Commission at the Planning Commissions request. Commissioner Girard would like to schedule that for the July 16th meeting. There is a walk through scheduled for tomorrow with DOT and the Narragansett tribe for the Downtown Improvement Project.

    3. Town Committees
    4. Sub Committees

Commissioner Holland reported that the Tree Committee would like the Planning Commission to reconsider the pruning height above the roads. Commissioner Girard suggested this be put on the next agenda.

Commissioner Girard asked the Planning Commission to take Old Business before the presentation until the representatives for the Affordable Housing Agenda item arrived.

VI. Old Business

  1. Central Baptist Church – Development Plan Review – Continued

Attorney John Murphy introduced everyone involved with this project. Scott Price, Engineer from NE & C showed the Planning Commission the changes that were a result of the drainage concerns by the Town Engineer. He had been in contact with Town Engineering Consultant Dick Pastore regarding the changes. Charles Morton, Supervisor from New England Construction discussed the changes that were made to the plan and presented new elevations. Commissioner Girard stated he liked the improvements made to the plan. Commissioner Kallfelz stated that this is a move in the right direction but he feels that more could be done to improve the façade with simple trim work. A discussion regarding the façade details being worked out administratively ensued. Kevin Alverson from Gifford Design Group stated that there are no changes to the landscape design. In the event that adjustments need to be made due to the location of the handicap ramp or the shrubs on the southern side, Mr. Alverson will meet with the Town Planner, Lisa Bryer and also with the abutters, Mr. And Mrs. Lopes. A motion was made by Commissioner Calabretta and seconded by Commissioner Barker to approve the Development Plan Review with the final details to be worked out with the Town Planner, Lisa Bryer. Commissioner Kallfelz stated that a discussion involving outside architectural review should have taken place on day 1 since this building is such a focal point downtown. Commissioner Brown stated she felt that they did a great job for a non-profit organization. So unanimously voted.


  1. Presentations
  1. Low and Moderate Income Housing Act- presented by Sue Boddington RIH – courtesy of Representative Bruce Long

Representative Bruce Long told the Commission and the audience that during the recent Town Council elections there was some information about the Low and Moderate Income housing law that was not being reported correctly. Representative Long said that Jamestown is one of just a few communities that has an Affordable Housing Committee. Representative Long introduced Sheila Brush who is an educator from Grow Smart Rhode Island and Sue Boddington the policy Director at Rhode Island Housing. They suggested that the Town take control and make decisions regarding profit developers building complexes and not setting aside 20 percent for Affordable Housing. The Planning Commission can work with the Zoning Board to develop procedures for review. Commissioner Girard thanked the representatives for coming.

Commissioner Girard would like to take New Business before the next item on the agenda. All the Commissioners agreed.

  1. Old Business
  2. New Business

1. Forge Construction Management Inc. – Plat 15, lot 102 Ship St.- Development Plan Review per Section 314 of the Zoning Ordinance, High Groundwater Table and Impervious Layer Overlay District – Sub-district A Review

Attorney John Murphy representing Riley Lamson from Forge Construction, introduced Mr. Lamson, the owner/developer and Professional Land Surveyor Robert Cournoyer, responsible for drainage plan and ISDS design. Commissioner Girard asked if this 2-story house has a basement, yes a full one. He also asked why the lot was cleared and the septic system looks as if it is being constructed. Mr. Lamson stated that this is his first time with the High Groundwater Table Ordinance. Mr. Lamson has built several houses in Jamestown in the shores area he stated. Commissioner Barker asked where else the developer has building projects. Commissioner Calabretta questioned if this is the least disturbance to the site. This is a 3 bedroom septic design and a 3 bedroom house proposed on this 60" x 120" lot. Commissioner Calabretta stated that if it were fewer bedrooms than it would be less impact on the site. Commissioner Girard stated that the Planning Commission can approve, deny or make recommendations. Commissioner Calabretta made a motion that was seconded by Commissioner Barker to deny this application because it does not meet the standards listed in the ordinance.

So voted:

Gary Girard – Nay Andrew Kallfelz – Nay

Betty Hubbard – Nay Victor Calabretta – Aye

Jean MacGregor-Brown – Nay Sue Barker – Aye

Barry Holland – Nay

Motion fails 5-2

Attorney John Murphy stated that they feel they did meet the requirement. He also stated that if the Planning Commission wants more information the applicant will come back. Commissioners Hubbard and Girard said they would like to see some changes made. Mr. Lamson stated that the basement could be eliminated and that crawl space would be there instead. Commissioner Kallfelz stated that there will probably be changes made to the ordinance over the next year because this is the first application and things will probably need to be fine tuned. Commissioner Girard stated that this is an important ordinance and the former Town Council president stated that it is one of the most important ordinances in Jamestown. A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Hubbard to continue this discussion until the next meeting that the applicant can attend and for the applicant to come back with more information based on the comments made at this meeting and that more directly addresses the standards in the ordinance. So unanimously voted.

The applicant requested that this item be continued until the August 6, 2003 meeting.

VI. Old Business-continued

2. Downtown Parking

Commissioner Kallfelz will take the comments from the Downtown Parking Survey sub-committee and incorporate them into the survey. Commissioner Calabretta made a motion that was seconded by Commissioner Brown to go forward with the Downtown Parking survey. So unanimously voted.

A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Calabretta at 10:25 p.m. So unanimously voted.


Cinthia Reppe