May 7, 2003

7:30 PM

Jamestown Library

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. and the following members were present:

Gary Girard Andrew Kallfelz

Sue Barker Betty Hubbard

Victor Calabretta Jean Brown

Barry Holland

Also present:

Lisa Bryer, AICP – Town Planner

Cinthia Reppe – Recording Clerk

Charles Morton – Supervisor – New England Construction

Scott Price – Engineer – Northeast Engineers

Kevin Alverson – Asst. Landscape Architect – Gifford Design Group

Peter Brockmann – Attorney

Alan Stacy – Chairman of Building Council – Central Baptist Church

Sterling Graham

Alfred Lopes

  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from April 16,2003
  2. A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner Barker to accept the minutes as written. So unanimously voted.

  3. Correspondence
  1. CRMC – Certificate of Maintenance – Joseph Oliveira, 336 Main St., Wakefield, RI 02880; replace 6 wooden deteriorated pilings located plat 1, lot 224; East Shore Rd. Jamestown. Received
  2. CRMC – Certificate of Maintenance – Remove and replace roof shingles and relocate exterior door 5 feet at 1 Ferry Wharf, Jamestown, RI Plat 9 Lot 791e. Received
  3. CRMC – Assent – John Madden, 1112 Park Ave, New York, NY; perform buffer zone management, establish a view corridor, shoreline access pathway, shoreline recreation area, and area of meadow within the view corridor. Located at plat 12, lot 214; Beavertail Rd. Jamestown. Received
  4. CRMC – Assent – Gloria Kurz, 400 East Shore Rd. Jamestown, RI 02835; construct a coastal bluff, walkover structure as shown on the proposed plans, located plat 4 Lot1. Received
  5. CRMC – Assent – Town of Jamestown Public Works; convert existing test well to production well to supplement the existing municipal water supply within the Town of Jamestown. The project includes installing electric service and a water line from the pump station building to the well and activating the well. Located at plat 6, Lot 1 North Main Rd. Received
  6. CRMC – Assent – Conanicut Yacht Club – 40 Bay St. Jamestown, RI 02835; reconstruct the existing 198’ long timber access pier and widen the pier from 7’ to 9’. Remove the 11’ wide by 20’ long "head section" and replace with 3 moored 14’ wide x 37.75 wide floats. Relocate and reattach 2 existing 10’ wide by 20’ long dinghy docks. Utilize existing aluminum ramp for access from fixed pier to floats. Reinstall utilities and miscellaneous work as indicated upon the submitted plans. Located Plat 8 Lot 267. Received
  7. CRMC – Notice of Violation – Thomas and Linda Pearson, 15 Seaside Dr., Jamestown, RI 02835; mowing within the required 25’ width buffer zone within 200 feet of a coastal feature from your property without benefit of a CRMC assent or in violation of a council order located at Plat 14, Lot 18. Received
  1. Citizen’s Non Agenda Item – nothing at this time
  2. Reports
    1. Town Planner’s Report
    2. Town Committees
    3. Commissioner Kallfelz reported that the Harbor Commission is still working on 5 or 6 issues relating to their Comprehensive Plan.

    4. Sub Committees
  1. Old Business
    1. Central Baptist Church – Development Plan Review- (continued)

Charles Morton Supervisor – New England Construction presented the Planning Commission with the renderings of the proposed addition to the building. Commissioner Kallfelz stated that the current building appears to have more moulding and trim that is not not shown on the renderings of the new addition. Mr. Morton stated that they are trying to blend with what is there now. Commissioner Kallfelz stated that since this is such a prominent building downtown and is the first building seen when coming into town it’s appearance is extremely important and attention should be paid to detail to make it as appealing as possible. Commissioner Kallfelz clarified that he is not asking them to recreate the historical appearance prior to the 1938 hurricane but feel that character was lost from the building at that point and that we do not want to see another slip in building character with this addition. It should at least match the character of what is there now and cited several architectural elements (listed below). Commissioner Hubbard questioned the width of the handicap access. Sterling Graham stated that he feels it is adequate, at 3 feet wide. Mr. Morton stated if there is enough room it will be wider. Commissioner Hubbard requested that the front roof line be altered.

Kevin Alverson said that aesthetically they would be enhancing the addition with shrubs that are equivalent to the existing landscape. It was suggested that Mr. Alverson coordinate with the town on placing a tree in the easement. Some of the roses will be moved out of harms way during construction and then will be returned. Commissioner Barker stated that there is a mens room and childrens and unisex restroom but no ladies room. Mr. Stacy commented that all of the restrooms are unisex.

Scott Price, Engineer from Northeast Engineers stated that he had just received the report from the Town Engineer Consultant Richard Pastore. Mr. Pastore would like to meet with Mr. Price to discuss the report. Commissioner Calabretta is very concerned about the runoff. He asked Mr. Price if he would be correct in assuming that the majority of the water east of the roof line would go to the back of the building and then on to the Lopes property that abuts the Church. The Town Engineer and Mr. Price will meet to discuss the drainage issues. Commissioner Calabretta stated that we need to be sure that runoff from this property is handled on site as much as possible


Peter Brockmann – Attorney from John Murphy’s office asked that the Planning Commission approve this tonight with conditions. The Planning Commission does not feel comfortable doing this given the outstanding issues. They committed that if everything is completed they will schedule this for the 2nd meeting in May. The following issues were asked for by the Planning Commission in addition to Mr. Price meeting with Mr. Pastore and addressing all the drainage issues:

    1. Discussion of Parking Workshop

Commissioner Girard asked the Planning Commission to take New Business 1. before Old Business 2. All Commissioners agreed.

  1. New Business
    1. House Minor Subdivision – Preliminary Review and Approval

Mr. House presented the plan to the Commission. A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Calabretta to Grant Preliminary Plan approval in accordance with the Town of Jamestown Subdivision Regulations, RIGL 45-23-37 and the plans entitled "Minor Subdivision for Owners of lot 663, William P. & Ellen E. House and Owners of Lot 772 Ellen E. House, Barbara Tanguy and Franklin J. Watson; Plat 9 Lots 663 and 772, Jamestown, RI; prepared by James P. Lawless, RLS, 60 Sunset View Blvd. Wakefield, RI 02879, 401-789-7073; dated revised April 10, 03 based on the following Findings of Fact and subject to the following Conditions of Approval:

A. Findings of Fact

The Planning Commission makes the following findings:

    1. The subdivision is consistent with the requirements of the Jamestown Comprehensive Plan and/or shall satisfactorily address the issues where there may be inconsistencies:
    2. Each lot in the subdivision conforms to the standards and provisions of the Jamestown Zoning Ordinance;
    3. No building lot is designed and located in such a manner as to require relief from Article 3, Section 308 of the Zoning Ordinance as both lots will be serviced by public water and sewer;
    4. There will be no significant negative environmental impacts from the proposed development as shown on the plans, with all required conditions for approval;
    5. The subdivision as proposed will not result in the creation of individual lots with such physical constraints to development that building on those lots according to pertinent regulations and buildings standards would be impracticable;
    6. All subdivision lots have adequate and permanent physical access to a public street, namely, Hamilton Avenue. Lot frontage on a public street without physical access shall not be considered compliant with this requirement;
    7. The subdivision provides for safe circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, for adequate surface water runoff, for suitable building sites and for preservation of natural, historical, or cultural features that contribute to the attractiveness of the community;
    8. The design and location of streets, building lots, utilities, drainage improvements, and other improvements in the subdivision minimize flooding and soil erosion;
    9. All lots in the subdivision have access to sufficient potable water for the intended use. Both lots will be serviced by public water and sewer.

B. Conditions of Approval

    1. The approval is for a total of 2 lots;
    2. That payment of a fee in-lieu-of land dedication shall be required for this subdivision for the new lot only in the amount required by Article IIID of the Jamestown Subdivision Regulations. This fee shall be determined at the time of filing of the final plat and paid prior to recording of the final plan.
    3. The final plan shall conform to a class one survey as adopted by the Rhode Island Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors. Granite monuments shall be placed at all corner points at the new property line;
    4. The final plan will remove the 16 foot administrative subdivision between Lot 663A and 772 per the request of the applicant. Any future relocation of lot lines will require subdivision approval;
    5. Prior to final approval, the applicant must provide a Physical Alteration Permit from the Department of Transportation for the new curb cut onto Hamilton Avenue;
    6. Prior to Final Approval, the applicant must provide a legal document, acceptable to the Town Solicitor, for Utility Easement over Lot B in favor of Lot A;
    7. The Planning Commission delegates Final Review to the Town Planner with the signature of the Planning Chair to appear on the Final Record Plan;
    8. This approval shall be recorded with the Town Clerk contemporaneously with the Final Plat; and,
    9. This approval shall expire one year from the date of approval by the Planning Commission.

So unanimously voted.

V. Old Business (continued)

2. Discussion of Parking Workshop

Commissioner Girard asked the Planning Commission how they want to approach this. Commissioner Girard agrees with the facilitator in getting all the groups together to do this.

The Commission reviewed all of the charts from the workshop and discussed some of the issues. Commissioner Kallfelz prepared an outline and has some ideas for an upcoming meeting regarding this issue and will get together with the Town Planner.

VI. New Business (continued)

    1. Tree Ordinance

A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner Barker to recommend that the Tree Committee eliminate the proposed new paragraph pg. 7 C-2 which reads:

All trees, both public and privately owned, along public roadways shall be maintained by the owners(s) of said trees to a minimum height of 14’ (fourteen feet) above the roadway in order to provide safe public passage.

So unanimously voted.

The Planning Commission did not feel that this is necessary and will place undue burden on the Town of Jamestown. The Public Works Department does a good job and addresses tree trimming on a regular basis and as best they can.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner Girard to recommend to the Tree Committee that they are in favor of the amendments to page 5 B 1.f Hazard Control, with the following change: remove have the authority. in the first sentence.

So unanimously voted.

A motion was made by Commissioner Kallfelz and seconded by Commissioner Barker to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 p.m. So unanimously voted.


Cinthia L. Reppe