March 21, 2001
7:30 PM
Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 and the following members were

Betty Hubbard       Gary Girard
Laura Aibel         Mary Brennan
Rob Lambert         Dennis Webster
Sue Barker       Michael Schnack

Also Present:

Lisa Bryer, AICP, Town Planner
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary
Rick & Jill Anderson
Michaela Kennedy - Jamestown Press

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from March 7, 2001
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Brennan to accept the minutes with the following amendments:

page 2 VI.
     Old Business, 2nd paragraph, last sentence strike black locust add
trees, strike plan 

add north parcel.

Page 2 VI.
     Old Business, 4th paragraph, add another sentence at the end to say;

 The plan should show the existing trees in Open Space adjacent to Lot 4
along Cedar Ave.

Page 3 VI.
     Old Business, 4th paragraph, strike the first two sentences and
replace with: Commissioner Webster stated that the Town should hire a
hydrologist to advise the Planning Commission on the evidence they should
require from the applicant in order to prove that there is adequate water
for the intended use.
      Commissioner Webster also stated that he was uncertain of the extent
of the applicant's legal responsibility for insuring that his wells do not
affect the water level in abutting wells, and the Planning Commission
should seek an opinion from the Town Solicitor on this issue.

Page 3 VI. Old Business, last paragraph strike silk  add silt.

So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye    Gary Girard - Aye
Laura Aibel - Aye         Mary Brennan - Aye
Rob Lambert - Aye      Dennis Webster - Aye
Sue Barker - Aye       Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion passes by a vote of 8-0

II.  Correspondence

1.  CRMC - Assent - Ronald and Mary Long, Sciafe Rd., Sewickley, PA.
15143; Construct & Maintain a recreational boating facility to consist of
a 4'x 146'+/- fixed pier with a 4'x20'(lower "L" shaped) access deck at
the seaward end.
      The terminus of the pier will extend to 50 feet beyond mean low
water (MLW) located at Plat 2, Lot 87, 850 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI.

2.  DEM - Insignificant Alteration - Permit - Geoffrey Turner, 229 East
79th St.
     Apt 4 E, New York, NY 10021; Freshwater Wetlands Request for
Preliminary Determination - Plat 1, Lot 531, Jamestown, RI. Received

Commissioner Calabretta arrives at 7:43 p.m.

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item - nothing at this time

IV.  Reports

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report -
Commissioner Hubbard would like more information on the lighting fixtures
that were submitted by McQuades Market and also the proposed guard rails.
      Town Planner Lisa Bryer suggested that we invite their engineer to
the first planning meeting in April to answer questions proposed by the
Planning Commissioners. 
b.  Town Committees - 

Waste Water Management - Lisa Bryer informed the Planning Commissioners
that a public hearing on the Waste Water Management Ordinance will be held
by the Town Council on Monday March 26,2001 at the library.

Quonset - Davisville - Commissioner Webster reported on the last meeting
stating that proposals will be going out for the airport.

Harbor Management - Commissioner Webster distributed a survey of Mooring
Holders parking.
      This information was taken off of the Mooring Applications from

  A survey will be done this year too.

c.  Sub Committees -

      Tree Committee - Commissioner Barker reported that the Tree Warden,
Dave Nickerson has been appointed and that he will be conducting a
training for the Public Works Department.
      The trees will be inventoried first as there are some rare and
exotic trees in Jamestown.

V.  New Business - nothing at this time

VI.  Old Business

1.  Comprehensive Community Plan -Preamble, Land Use, Population,
Circulation, Housing, Economic Development - Approval of Final Drafts
A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Barker to approve the final draft of the Preamble section.  All in Favor.

A motion was made by Commissioner Calabretta and seconded by Commissioner
Schnack to approve the final draft of the Land Use section.  All in Favor.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Aibel to approve the final draft of the Population section.  All in Favor.

A motion was made by Commissioner Barker and seconded by Commissioner
Schnack to have Commissioner Calabretta look into paragraph 1 on page 20
of the Circulation section and develop a sentence to be included. 
Commissioner Girard amended the motion to move  forward with approval of
this section with the exception of this one paragraph, and that only this
one paragraph will be revisited.  All in Favor.

A motion to adjourn at 10:20 p.m. was made by Commissioner Aibel and
seconded by Commissioner Barker.  All in Favor.


Cinthia Reppe