February 21, 2001
7:30 PM
Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. and the following members
were present:

Betty Hubbard    Gary Girard
Laura Aibel         Mary Brennan
Rob Lambert         Dennis Webster
Sue Barker       Michael Schnack

Also present:

Lisa Bryer, AICP, Town Planner
Pat Bolger
Michaela Kennedy 

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from February 7, 2001

      A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by
Commissioner Girard to accept the minutes with the following corrections,
All in Favor:

Page 3 First comments were Bud Head 1) no buffer to cemetery on west
boundary 2)  catch basins do not drain at entrance to cemetery 3) cemetery
needs power line that runs off the property to the north.

Question about DiGidio.
     - Commissioner Hubbard's comments say that there is a question about
full basements and whether the new homes would have them.

Page 2 OB 2 third paragraph "that drops from 86 feet to 10 feet".

II.  Correspondence

1.  CRMC - Assent - Ralph & Elisa Conte 18 Top O'Mark Drive; to construct
and maintain a recreational boating facility to consist of a 4' x 161'
fixed timber pier with a 4'x 20' lower "L" access landing at the seaward
end.  The terminus of the dock will extend to 94' +/- beyond mean low
water requiring a variance from Section 300.4 of the RICRMP. Located at
East Shore Road Plat 4, Lot 107. Received & Acknowledged

2.  CRMC - Assent - Aidan Petrie, 1005 Fort Getty Rd., Jamestown, RI;
Buffer Zone Management: establish a view corridor, shoreline access
pathway and managed meadow in accordance with the submitted plans; located
at plat 11, lot 55; 1005 Fort Getty Rd., Jamestown RI.. Received &

3.  CRMC - Residential Assent - Jeffrey Cammans, 199 Plain Rd., North
Kingstown, RI.02852;conduct buffer zone management: establish a 50' wide
view corridor through the removal of trees identified upon the approved
plan and by the pruning of shrubs and other undergrowth to a height of 5'.
     Portions of the 200' wide buffer zone beyond the limits of the
proposed view corridor shall be retained in an undisturbed condition,
located off North Main Rd, Jamestown, RI; Plat 3, Lot 483.
     Received & Acknowledged

4.  CRMC - Residential Assent - Leo & Shirley A. Damboise, 4911 - A. E.
Raccoon Valley Rd., Knoxville, TN. 37938; construct a 2 bedroom single
family dwelling, an ISDS which includes a single pass sand filter and an
individual well.
      The project includes an attached deck, permeable driveway and
associated landscaping of the property, located at Seaside Dr., Jamestown,
RI. Plat 14, Lot 18. Received & Acknowledged

5.  CRMC - Decision in case # 98-3-35 - Walter and Diane Wallace, 32
Orient Bay, Jamestown, RI. Plat 2, Lot 102. Received & Acknowledged

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item

IV.  Reports

Dennis Webster - Harbor Management Commission - Gave a memo to HMC
regarding the Planning Commission Comments on their comments on Open Space
and Recreation element.
      The Harbor Management Commission responded as follows:

1)  Town should not be restricting # of private moorings
2)  Who would determine number of parking spaces necessary

 III. Citizen's Non Agenda Item - continued

Pat Bolger in audience commented:  does not feel that number of mooring
should be limited.  Worked with Harbor Commission and CRMC to lift the ban
on more moorings in both east and west harbor.
      Less than 30 percent of boats in use at any one time in east harbor.
      Survey in July and August, Walcott Avenue parking never full and at
least 100 parking spaces free from high street to Knowles Court and from
Howland to Conanicus on residential streets.
      They are not time restricted.  Did not study West Ferry.  Found that
there was no parking problem there.
      Did look at busiest weekends all except Tall Ships weekend.  

Mary Brennan - disagrees with West Ferry conclusion.
      She lives there and parking has increased over the past 5 years and
goes further and further up Narragansett Avenue each year.

Pat Bolger - 75 spaces at west ferry including wharf.
      No parking provisions were made for new 20 moorings at West Ferry
last year.
      It is not required by ordinance.
      Just required to divulge where they park on mooring application.

150 private moorings at East Harbor.
      Betty - almost 1/2 may utilize Conanicut Marina parking options.

Ability to increase moorings is relatively small even with cap lifted by
      Most of East Harbor has been GPS.
      Not much room for many more boats.
      About 70% of commercial moorings are non-resident.

      Should look at Harbor Office data to see where people with moorings
      Very interesting.
      Also never more than 30 cars at Taylor Point.
      Knowles Court always full.   

Brennan - PC also stated that other facilities are needed before mooring
are added, not just parking.
       Pat - HC feels that landside facilities are adequate at both east
and west ferry.

Mr. Bolger left the meeting

Planning Commission continued to talk about parking.
       They agreed that parking for public should not be encouraged on
residential streets.
      Only Howland Avenue is wide enough for both side parking and cars to
       Girard brought up issue that although riparian moorings are assumed
to have no parking need, they are not required to access mooring from
their property.

IV.  Reports - Continued

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report 
Town Planner - reported about Jamestown Distributors building.
      A development plan for a duplex on the back lot was submitted as
well as administrative subdivision to add more land to the large lot.

       b.  Town Committees 

Tree Committee - Sue Barker - Interviewed Dave Nickerson as Tree Warden.
      Town Council did not appoint him at last meeting but want to
interview him.  He is the only candidate.

c.    Sub Committees

            Planner - Wastewater Management Subcommittee is having a joint
workshop with the Town Council on March 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Library.

V.  New Business

VI.  Old Business

1.  Comprehensive Community Plan - approval of Land Use, Population and
Natural Resources Population and Land Use are essentially done with the
editorial comments at this meeting who will be handled by the Planner and
Michaela Kennedy.

A motion to adjourn at 10:25 was made by  Commissioner Barker and seconded
by Commissioner Aibel. All in favor.


Lisa Bryer