January 3, 2001
7:30 PM
Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. and the following members
were present:

Betty Hubbard       Gary Girard
Victor Calabretta         Laura Aibel
Mary Brennan        Rob Lambert
Dennis Webster         Sue Barker
Michael Schnack

Also present:
Lisa Bryer, AICP, Town Planner
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from December 20, 2000

A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to accept the minutes with the following amendments:

page 2, 3rd line down, strike Commissioner Webster's question.

Page 2, Old Business, 5th line down add: to write a management plan for
town owned properties.  So voted:

Betty Hubbard - Aye    Gary Girard - Aye
Victor Calabretta - Aye      Laura Aibel - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye     Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye      Sue Barker- Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion passes by a vote of 9-0

II.  Correspondence
1.  CRMC - Assent - Daniel & Michol O'Leary, 31 Fountain St. Clinton, NY
13323; Raze and remove an existing dwelling and shed; Construct a
residential dwelling, detached garage, and permeable driveway.
      The dwelling will be serviced by a proposed well and a DEM approved
(four bedroom design) individual sewage disposal system; located at plat
2, lot 71; 578 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI. Received & Acknowledged

2.  CRMC - Assent Modification - Sandra Nardolillo, 566 Seaside Dr.,
Jamestown, RI. Received & Acknowledged

3.  CRMC- Application - Town of Jamestown, 44 Southwest Ave., Jamestown,
RI 02835; Assent to add 4 additional slips to an existing marina and
establish a marina perimeter limit (MPL) located at Fort Wetherill (Fort
Cove) Jamestown.
     The total boat/slip count will be 44. Received & Acknowledged

4.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - William Bucklin, 620 East
Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI  02835; replace existing cesspool with a new
approved septic system 9215-1146 in accordance to plan submitted and
approved located at 620 East Shore Rd. Jamestown, RI., Plat 2, Lot 36.
Received & Acknowledged

5.  CRMC - Certificate of Maintenance - Curt Richardson, 466 East Shore
Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835; construct maintenance repairs to an existing
greenhouse by replacing windows and the roof at 466 East Shore Rd.,
Jamestown, RI. Plat 4, lot 130. Received & Acknowledged

6.  FYI - Letter to Mr. Andrew Johnston, PE. - Re: Manning Major
Subdivision. Received & Acknowledged

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item - nothing at this time

IV.  Reports

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report  

b.  Town Committees 

Commissioner Webster reported that his 3 year term is expiring on the
Harbor Management Committee and this issue needs to be on the next agenda.
      Commissioner Hubbard asked Commissioner Webster if he would be
interested in continuing to be the Planning Commissions representative on
the Harbor Management Committee and he replied that if nobody else is
interested he would continue.

c.  Sub Committees

      Lisa Bryer, Town Planner reported that the Wastewater Management
Committee and the Town Council will be setting a date at the next Town
Council meeting on January 8, 2001 for a joint workshop.

V.  New Business - nothing at this time

VI.  Old Business

1.  Comprehensive Community Plan - Summary of Public Comments

A discussion ensued regarding the comments from the public and with
suggestions from the planning commission.
     Lisa Bryer, Town Planner will work on incorporating these suggestions
into the Comprehensive Community Plan.
The public comments from the Circulation and Sustainability sections will
be discussed at the next Planning Commission meeting on January 17, 2001.

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner informed the Commission that Attorney John
Murphy, representing Mr. Manning called to ask if the Manning Major
Subdivision could be put on the agenda for the next meeting in January.
      The Commission decided that providing everything is complete it will
be on the February 7, 2001 meeting.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 p.m.  All in Favor.


Cinthia Reppe