November 15, 2000
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Philomenian Library

I.    Public Hearing #3 - Proposed Jamestown Comprehensive Community Plan

Circulation - Housing - Public Services and Facilities

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner presented the audience with an update of the
significant changes made to the Circulation, Housing and Public Services
and Facilities Elements of the Comprehensive Community Plan.
      Commissioner Betty Hubbard asked for comments from members of the
Community after the presentation.  The following comments were made:


Tim Baker - Walcott Ave.
     - Parking problem is not addressed in the Action Plan.
      He also thinks it is a Town problem.

Lisa Bryer - Town Planner - stated that the parking problem is on page 12
of the text, it should be carried over to the Action Plan.

Bill Munger - Cole St.
     - Where do you want long term parking, if on west end of Narragansett
Ave. could be conflict with churches.

Betty Hubbard - Planning Commissioner - need signs directing cars to park.

Nick Robertson - Carr Lane - agrees with parking problem.

Craig Amerigan - Narragansett Ave.
     - questioned whether 2001 completion date for streetscape is
      Page 8, 4th paragraph unconnected.  Page 10 & 11 two statements re:
parking at odds with each other, also on these pages, survey needs
      " Why is the zoning denial included in here?" from October zoning
meeting application regarding CMS.

Victor Calabretta - Planning Commissioner - stated that the Zoning Boards
decision needs to be included because it should be made clear that private
industry tried to solve our parking problem and the Town said No.

Betty Hubbard - Planning Commissioner - said that this paragraph re:
Zoning Boards decision needs to be rewritten.

Craig Amerigan - con't.
     - graphs from survey indicate that the taxpayers don't want to pay
for parking but realize there is a problem.
      Re: Bicycle Paths - focus on what we really mean - to vague.
      Marine Transportation - 1st half of paragraph about ferry is O.K.
but last part sounds like an advertisement, it doesn't belong.

Bill Munger - Cole St.
     -  passed out a history of parking places from 1994 until now.
      Questioned where the 8 hour spaces were added?

Tim Baker - Walcott Ave.
     - address issue of Town turning funds down for ferry dock, and thinks
the possibility of a state commuter ferry system in Jamestown should be
addressed somehow.

Rob Lambert - Planning Commissioner - Asked Mr. Baker if he had any
suggestions on how he would address this issue? No Response.

Victor Calabretta - Planning Commissioner - suggested that information be
added re: turn down of DOT ferry discretionary funds. Significant Issue.

Craig Amerigan - Narragansett Ave.
     - suggested that the state commuter ferry landing in Jamestown is a
hypothetical issue at this point.


Tim Baker - Walcott Ave.
     - Assisted Living is not addressed in Comprehensive Plan, Are they
allowed in Zoning?

Lianne Nikitas - America Way - Affordable Housing Committee - Assisted
Living does need to be addressed. Natural progression after Pemberton

Nick Robertson - Carr Lane - Affordable Housing Committee - speaking on
behalf of the AHC please address the issue of Accessory Apartments for
family use only, this is a type of assisted living.

Gary Girard - Planning Commissioner - suggested that median prices on lots
and houses be used instead of average.
      Commissioner Dennis Webster agreed.  Commissioner Girard stated that
there are houses priced in the 125,000-175,000 range now.

Dick Allphin - Clarke St.
     - Accessory Apartments were looked at 5 years ago and he did some
research on it in Greenwich and Westport.
      We need a plan for this.
      Allow with restrictions. These two towns did not restrict.

Tot Wright - Fort Getty Rd. - supports Accessory Apartments, limit to
family members and caregivers.

Craig Amerigan - Narragansett Ave.
     - agrees with Tot Wright.
      Earlier concern was the impact of school age children from accessory
     Keep it to family.
      We need a survey re: Assisted Living. Graph on page 8 accuracy?

Harry Wright - Clarke St.
     - it should be in report the why's of things that were not done
because in 5 years people could be asking questions again and this
document is a way of providing history of issues.

Tot Wright - Fort Getty Rd. - List from the Building Official says that
8-9 Accessory Apartments have been changed back to single family.

Dick Allphin - Clarke St.
     - if something is put into writing and sent to the building official
regarding an illegal accessory apartment he will investigate.

Public Services and Facilities

Commissioner Rob Lambert recuses himself.

Gary Girard - Planning Commissioner - pleased to see the different charts
and text.

Harry Wright - Clarke St.
     - How did we get to consolidation of Town Offices into one building?

Lisa Bryer - Town Planner - This has been in the Capital Town Budget since
1979, and our consultant was given that direction.

Harry Wright - Clarke St. - we need priority for capital facilities.

Victor Calabretta - Planning Commissioner - it is not the Comprehensive
Plans job to prioritize capital projects, we just identify the need. It's
Town Councils job to prioritize.

Tot Wright - Fort Getty Rd. - agreed with Commissioner Calabretta

II.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from November 1, 2000
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Barker to accept the minutes as written.  All in Favor.

Commissioner Webster told the board that the November 27th Town Council
meeting will be a workshop with the Harbor Management Committee for the
first hour.

Commissioner Webster gave a brief report on the Quonset Davisville
Container Port meeting.
      The EDC is drafting a Vision Statement exploring the development of
a Container Port.
      There will be a Strategic Guiding Principals meeting on December 5
at 7:00 p.m. at North Kingstown High School.

A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by
Commissioner Hubbard at 9:45 p.m.  All in Favor.


Cinthia Reppe