November 1, 2000
7:30 PM
Jamestown Philomenian Library

I.    Public Hearing #2 - Proposed Jamestown Comprehensive Community Plan
Update - 
Economic Development Element

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner presented the audience with an update of the
significant changes made to the Economic Development Element of the
Comprehensive Community Plan.
      Commissioner Betty Hubbard asked for comments from members of the
Community after the presentation.  The following comments were made:

Arthur Milot - Walnut St.- stated that using the word finite in relation
to expanding boat usage is a great idea.
      We are close to the limit that is compatible to this Island.
      There are other places to put boats on the Island.
      Ambiguity in document, expansion or not?  Its exasperating that 41%
want to expand B&B's in residential areas.
      Mass tourism for Rhode Island is a catastrophe.
      Is signage on road to increase tourism?  Draw distinction between
public and private enterprise.

Craig Amerigan - Narragansett Ave.
     - commented that the text doesn't really reflect Lisa Bryers'
      Too much on Marine and boats in this section.
     Nothing about DEMs project at Fort Wetherill or the Downtown
Improvement Project.
      Suggested that statistics and land use should be in text.
      It doesn't speak to the needs of residents in the Town.
      The section on Taylor point sounds like testimony out of the last
Zoning hearing.
      The text is unbalanced.  Look at Action Plan make sure it says what
it is supposed to.

Harrison Wright - Clarke St.- commented on the vagueness of the text,
establish a ceiling when one already exists re: moorings.
      Conflicts with status quo and "any future expansion".
      What are landside activities?

Sterling Graham - stated that he felt this was a brochure for the state of
Rhode Islands tourism department.
      Finds it to be repetitive.
      It appears that we are trying to expand and retreat.

Dorsey Beard - Blueberry Lane - Questioned why the statistics from the
1970's were being cited and stated that it is not relevant to today.
      More recent statistics are not mentioned until paragraph 4.  It
gives an impression that the Islands Economy is constrained.  Ambiguity
between text and Action Plan.
      She stated that the survey done in 1998 should be clearly
referenced.  She liked the presentation that Lisa Bryer gave.  Endorsed
the things that Craig Amerigan and Harrison Wright said.

Jim Estes - Clinton Ave.
     - Report should give indication on what the town wants to do re:
      Policy 3 Action B of the Action Plan - Ensure that the number of
moorings, slips, both private and commercial, are supported by adequate
landside facilities - shouldn't be listing 1 businesses non conformance,
feels that its inappropriate.

Michael Swistak - Narragansett Ave.
     - stated that Policy 3 Action B is not specifically referred to as
      Don't assume that the economic health is healthy and prosperous.
      Based on the Chambers survey results there are some businesses that
are struggling.
      The business members that attended the Planning Commissions meeting
on this section were encouraged by the Commissions intelligent compromise.

Randy Tyson - Seaside Dr. - stated that the parking area in the towns
Commercial District is small and that the Town has functions and doesn't
provide parking.
      He feels that the town hasn't taken time to address this issue.

Harrison Wright - Clarke St.
     - Signage, is it to encourage tourism or direct the tourists now? 
Conflicted Goals.

Bill Munger - Cole St.
     - stated that the Marine Industry drives downtown Jamestown now.
      The town has to come to grips with where to put boats and cars.
      New Residents have 1-3 boats.
     This is not a tourist problem it is a residents problem.
      72% of the people responding to the survey stated that access to the
bay is very important to them.
      East Ferry is a multi purpose working water front.
      Marine District - Yes  Wal-mart - No.
     Nearly 50% of Families in Jamestown are boaters.

Dave Aibel - Walcott Ave - Questioned why this plan has not addressed the
issue of Technology for the future.  Facilities for home based businesses.

Craig Amerigan - Narragansett Ave.
     - are the results of the Chamber study from the tax rolls?

II.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from October 4, 2000
A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Aibel to accept the minutes with the following changes:

Page 2- 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, will revisit this the issue of filing
fees when the Comprehensive Plan......

Page 2-2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence, filing fee of $50.00 per acre for the
Willis subdivision. applied to the entire parcel being subdivided.

Page 4, 1st paragraph add this sentence, Commissioner Lambert recused

Page 4, 1st paragraph, add at the end of the paragraph a new sentence,
Commissioner Lambert returned to the table.
      All in Favor. Gary Girard - Abstain
Reading and Approval of Comments Public Hearing # 1 from October 18,2000
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Lambert to accept the minutes as written.
      All in Favor.  Victor Calabretta - Abstain

Commissioner Schnack commented that he felt this section of the
Comprehensive Plan was hard to read, there was not continuity or flow.

Commissioner Webster informed the board of some hearings that will be
taking place in the next few months regarding the Quonset Davisville
Container Port.

A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Aibel to adjourn the meeting at 9:24 p.m.  All in Favor.


Cinthia Reppe