Jamestown Comprehensive Community Plan

Hearing # 1
Natural and Cultural Resources
Open Space and Recreation
(including Agriculture)

October 18,2000

Jamestown Philomenian Library

The following comments were made by members of the community:

David Martin - How is Open Space defined? He suggested that more time be
spent on the definition.
     He suggested that the definition be more like the way the Farm,
Forest and Open Space Act defines it.
      Farm, Forest and Open Space should be included under Conservation
and Open Space in addition to the Agriculture Section.

Craig Amerigan - Cultural & Historical
Questioned sustaining a rate of growth.

Eleanor Kinney - Natural Resources and Open Space.
      She suggested that the Town of Jamestown put forth some funds to
maybe match the money received from state grants.
What is the criteria for sustainability? How is it determined?

Grace Mariorenzi - stated that Housing permits have been about the same
for the last few years but there have been more permits issued for
re-modeling and enlarging homes.

Bobby Schauss - stated that starting with the availability of water will
determine how the Island is going to grow.

Jim Estes - stated that more progressive zoning codes are needed.  Also
Land Area ratio should be used instead of building lot coverage in the
Zoning Ordinance.
      Suggested adding a policy on pg 9 Goal 2, Encourage strong Town
Center - Discourage creeping outside of Town Center.

Bill Murphy - Questioned Buildout #.  How many lots had been merged.

Andy Weicker - Short term cluster zoning and the town would have control
of developing the land.

Jack Hubbard - stated that the temporary protected land has gone down and
the permanently protected open space land is 1500 acres.
     He suggested that land use data presented last time and this time be
compared in a table.

David Swain - Sustainable Growth topic- # of students in school could be
used to determine this.  

Nick Schauss - Questioned Goal 2 from the Cultural and Historical section,
is it there from the survey?  Page 17 of Action Plan should say residents
instead of residential with respect to Fort Getty.

Walter Broaden - How many undeveloped lots are in the shores area?

Dennis Webster - Suggested a proposal for a policy under the Natural
Resources Section of the Action Plan on non-native invasive plant species.

Tot Wright - stated that the town should thank the Town Planner and the
Planning Commission for doing a wonderful job on the update.

Motion to adjourn at 9:18 p.m. All in Favor.