September 6, 2000
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Philomenian Library

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. and the following members
were present:

Betty Hubbard       Gary Girard
Victor Calabretta      Laura Aibel
Mary Brennan        Rob Lambert
Dennis Webster      Michael Schnack

Also present:
Lisa Bryer, AICP, Town Planner
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary
Mr. Larry Parks - Former Town Solicitor
Richard Allphin
Michaela Kennedy - Jamestown Press
Darcy Magratten

Commissioner Hubbard asked the board to move to Old Business

 1.Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  All in Favor.

Commissioner Calabretta recused and left the table.

VI.  Old Business

1. Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment related to Businesses that use
marina slips, dock space and/or moorings including ferries and related
parking requirements.

The Planning Commission with the advice of Mr. Parks suggested a few
changes to be added to the Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment as follows:

Under Article I Section 103, Definitions (71) Marina strike recreational
pleasure boats add or vessels after boats.

Under Article II Section 1103, Category A after layout, or addition of up
to 15 parking spaces,.

Under Article 12 Section 1202 - Location, second paragraph after uses in
strike commercial zoning districts (CD,CL, and CW). 

Section 1203 - 9c. strike marina.

Table 3-1 Permitted Uses VI.
     Commercial, Retail, renumber 11.
     Yacht Clubs and Beach Clubs ( no alcoholic beverages).
     Yacht Clubs and Beach Clubs ( alcoholic beverages).
     Beach Cabanas and Bath Houses.
      Eliminate 13 through 15 as follows; 13.
     Rental of small non-motorized boats.
     14.Sail/Power boat rental or charter and 15. Charter fishing boats.

VII.  Commercial Services B. Personal Services Eliminate 8. Service
oriented delivery boats (grocery, ice, water, etc.).

It was also recommended by Mr. Parks that the Definition of Seasonal Off
Site Marina Parking be put back in to the Zoning Ordinance because it was
inadvertently left out of the 1995 printing of the ordinance. 

These changes will be added and forwarded to the Town Council and Planning
Commission members for the workshop scheduled for September 14, 2000.
Commissioner Calabretta returned to the table.

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from August 16, 2000

A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Calabretta to accept the minutes with the following amendments; page 1,
Jamestown Town Hall should be Senior Center.
     Page 1 First paragraph, second sentence strike you after but.
      Page 3, under Old Business 1. Ocean State Scuba, second sentence
after lack of lines strike connecting parking spaces, gravel drive, fence,
add defining perimeter of gravel area, spacing of graphic symbols of
plants to create  screen across front of parking area.
     Strike and the building elevation.

 So voted:

Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Victor Calabretta - Aye         Laura Aibel - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye        Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye         Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion passes by a vote of 8-0

II.  Correspondence

1.  CRMC -Corrected Residential Assent - Harry F. Kurz and Gloria J.
Scott-Kurz, 388 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835; construct a
residential dwelling, driveway, install a well and individual sewage
disposal system (ISDS).
      The dwelling will be serviced by a DEM approved (4-bedroom design)
ISDS and well water, located at East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI., Plat 4,
Lot11. Received & Acknowledged

2.  CRMC - Assent - Vanessa F. Wurman, 450 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI.
02835; construct a residential boating facility to consist of a 3.3' x
206' +/- fixed timber pier with a fixed "T"  section(3.3' x24') at the
seaward end of the dock.
      The dock will extend to 120' beyond mean low water(mlw) requiring a
70' length variance from the 50 foot beyond (mlw) dock standards; located
at Plat 4, Lot 15; off 450 East Main Rd, into East Passage, Jamestown RI.
     Received & Acknowledged

3.  CRMC - Residential Assent - William Golini, 406 West Reach Rd.,
Jamestown, RI 02835; to construct a 16'x20' storage shed 10 feet landward
of the CRMC approved Buffer Zone, located at 406 West Reach Dr.,
Jamestown, RI. Plat 3, Lot 561. Received & Acknowledged

4.  CRMC - Residential Assent - Edward White, 5908 Nevada Ave.,
Washington, DC 20015; construct a 10'x30'(<50%) addition and install a DEM
approved (5-Bedroom) individual sewage disposal system (ISDS), located at
140 Highland Dr, Jamestown, RI; Plat 10, Lot 2. Received & Acknowledged

5.  CRMC - Residential Assent - Sandra Nardolillo, 566 Seaside Dr.,
Jamestown, RI.
     02835; raze and remove an existing residential dwelling and construct
a new 3-bedroom residential dwelling to flood zone standards.
      The dwelling will be serviced by the existing well water and new DEM
approved ISDS, located at 72 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, Plat 7, Lot 90.
Received & Acknowledged

6.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Basil and Anna Williams, 400
Highview Rd., Englewood, N.J. 07631; construct a 17' x 17' (Dining Room)
addition and (Roof Covered) deck per approved plans located at 30 Bayview
Dr. Jamestown, Plat 8, Lot 265. Received & Acknowledged

7.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Linda Allen Alexander
Anderson, 440 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835; construct repairs to an
existing septic pursuant to DEM - ISDS approved plan #9715-95, dated
2-3-00. Plat 4, Lot 30. Received & Acknowledged

8.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Dr. Robert Salk, 20 Seaview
Ave., Jamestown, RI. 02835; replace existing ISDS system with a single
pass sand filter system.
     New location is further from the coastal feature than existing system
approved by DEM at 20 Seaview Ave., Jamestown, Plat 7, Lot 88. Received &

9.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Town of Jamestown, 43
Conanicus Ave, Jamestown, RI; install 2 batter piles at an existing 
marina, Plat 8, Lot 530. Received & Acknowledged

10.  FYI - Zoning Board of Review Agenda - August 22, 2000. Received &

11.  FYI - Memo to Phil and Norma Willis from Jane Weidman- Re: Memo to
Planning Commission. Received & Acknowledged

12.  FYI - Memo to Planning Commission from Jane Weidman- Re: Planning
Issues. Received & Acknowledged

13.  FYI - Memo to Town Council from the Planning Commission Re: Zoning
Ordinance Amendment Workshop. Received & Acknowledged

14.  FYI - Meeting Notice to The Town Council and The Planning Commission
- Re: Workshop. Received & Acknowledged

15.  FYI - Memo to Maryanne Crawford and Betty Hubbard from Jane Weidman -
Re: Town Planning Work.
     A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by
Commissioner Webster to send a letter to Crystal Fonseca and Cinthia Reppe
commending them for the work they did this past summer.
      Commissioner Aibel will write the letter.  All in Favor.

16.  FYI - Jamestown Philomenian Library Meeting Room Policy and
Procedures. Received & Acknowledged

17.  FYI - APA Training Series. Commissioner Hubbard suggested that we
check with other local towns to see if we can share in expenses for this
Training Series.
      Commissioner Calabretta questioned whether this was Ethically right.

18.  FYI - Regulations. Received & Acknowledged

19.  FYI - Memo to Betty Hubbard Planning Commission Chair from the Deputy
Town Clerk Re: Newport Bridge Necklace Lights. Received & Acknowledged

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item- nothing at this time

IV.  Reports - nothing at this time

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report  
b.  Town Committees 
c.  Sub Committees

V.  New Business - nothing at this time

VI.  Old Business - cont'.

2.  Comprehensive Plan - Action Plan

Commissioner Hubbard suggested that the second meetings of the month in
October, November and December might be a good time to hold the public
workshops for the Comprehensive Plan.
      Commissioner Hubbard also asked Mr. Richard Allphin if the
Comprehensive Plan could be put on the internet for the public to view and
he stated that he could do that.
      A discussion regarding the Action Plan sections ensued and the
changes will be forwarded to Lisa Bryer.

A motion was made by Commissioner Lambert and seconded by Commissioner
Schnack to adjourn at 10:30 p.m.  All in Favor.

Cinthia Reppe